Seeing people

  It’s really hard to see the scenery of people on the street.

  The villagers who first entered the city looked at the intersection and did not know where to go; the police pointed fingers and thieves made crowds; what was leisurely, what was rush; blind people walked, staying up late; drunkards spoke, only to wake up. You have been guilty for a moment: What are these people doing on the streets, where will they go when they are dark? Why did you go back to your own home without going to the wrong place? If there is someone at this time, everything stops, what kind of posture and what kind of expression will it be solidified? Sudden earthquakes, how can they each escape?

  Everyone has a father and a mother. How many years ago were the parents of these people who also walked the streets? After a few decades, have you been the children of these people? If this is not the case, people will become ghosts when they die, ghosts still live in this world, then generations are still alive, and living and continuing to reproduce, the street is so unstoppable!

  What is more abundant in the world than the streets, and what is more likely to trigger your whimsy than the streets?

  At the entrance of the subway, at the head of the overpass, the blisters of the human head, such as the boiling water pot, rushed up and down, squatting down, looking at the street, and all kinds of shoes and feet were up and down. The emergence of the human head, you doubt the mystery of another world from which they came from; the feet of the shoes rise and fall, you horrify what kind of squares they have to come out of to come to this world. All beings, all beings, how many great men, scientists, philosophers, artists, writers, which one is, which one is in the future? You are afraid of everyone, so you naturally think of the Famen in Buddhism, recognizing that the generals are good, the secrets are good, the thieves are good, the philosophers are good, they are experiencing life in their own way of life, you For a moment, the level difference and the ugly beauty limit were eliminated, and Jing Wei treated everything with peace.

  When you enter such a realm, you suddenly laughed: Why do I see people here, isn’t the street people looking at me? So, when you look at the person who is looking at you, you will nod your head, or even be ashamed, look up at the sky and see that there is a God in the sky who looks at you and me. God is speechless, cold-eyed to see the world busy. At this point, your realm is sublimated again. You are God, and watching everything, you realize how boring and meaningful people are, how simple and complicated the world is.

  In this way, looking at the scenery of a person on the street is like reading a history and a philosophy. When you look at problems and do things, your mind is not so narrow, your eyes are not so shallow, you won’t be arrogant for the small profits, and you won’t be mad and depressed because of the glory. Since people have come to the world like ants, they suddenly live and die, suddenly gather together, and in a few short decades, they are free to be free, and they should be chic, and they will complete their own lives. This is the survival. All the meaning.