Ridiculous doomsday prophecy

  With the release of the 2009 disaster film “2012” in the United States, the Maya prophecy of the end of the world, December 21, 2012 is the end of the world. Will humans really encounter the Mayan prophecy and the catastrophe described in the American blockbuster? Can the Mayans really predict the future?

  In fact, many people know that it is only a kind of superstition and scam, but there are still different levels of doubts in their hearts. The main reason is people’s fear of unknown disasters. NASA’s graduate students in astrobiology have also received many people’s questioning letters or online messages about the matter. Recently, the Institute’s senior scientist David Morrison and others directed the mysterious Mayan prophecy, scientific interpretation of the general public, and refuted some absurd remarks.

  One of mysterious prophecies: the end of the world

  Scientists first used the Mayan calendar to expose the so-called “end of the world” prophecy. The Mayan calendar did not end in 2012, so the Mayans themselves did not regard this year as the end of the world. However, December 21, 2012 (Winter Solstice) is definitely an important day in the Mayan calendar. Anthony Avigny, an archaeological astronomer at Colgate University in the United States, is a Mayan cultural research expert. Avigny said: “In the Mayan calendar, 1872,000 days is a reincarnation, that is, 5125.37.”

  The Maya’s calculation of time is more elaborate than many other cultures. Avigny said that the Maya had invented the so-called “long calendar”, which dates the initial calculation time back to the origin of the Mayan culture, August 11, 3114 BC. According to the long calendar method, by the winter solstice of 2012, it means that the time of the current era is over, that is, a cycle of 5125.37 years is completed. The long calendar method began to recalculate from “zero day” and began a new cycle. Avini believes: “This is just a re-timed idea, exactly the same as our annual New Year’s Day or Monday restarts for a year or a week.”

  Avini seems to be a misunderstanding of December 21, 2012 in the Mayan prophecy as the end of the world. That day was the “zero day” of the re-timed in the Mayan calendar, indicating the end of a cycle, the beginning of a new era, not the end of the world.

  Mystery prophecy 2: two poles reverse

  Some prophecies about the end of the world claim that by 2012, the earth will be reversed at two poles, the earth’s outer shell and surface will suddenly separate, and the magma inside the center of the earth will spew out. Separated continents will fill the entire human race into the sea, with earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and other disasters.

  Scientists have refuted these so-called prophecies. Adam Smith Malluf, a geologist at Princeton University in the United States, has in-depth research on “two-pole reversal” and Mayan prophecy. Malluf believes that some magnetic signs in the rock indicate that such a dramatic magnetic field change may have occurred on the earth, but this is a slow process that lasts for millions of years, which is slow to be felt by humans.

  Mystery prophecy three: celestial overlap

  Some astrologers believe that there will be “celestial overlap” in 2012. This phenomenon of “celestial body overlap” occurs once every 26,000 years. According to the prediction of “overlap of the celestial body”, the sun will pass through the center of the Milky Way. Many people worry that this celestial dislocation will cause the Earth to be under the traction of a more powerful unknown cosmic force, which will accelerate the destruction of the Earth, either causing the Earth’s poles to be interchanged or forming a huge black hole in the center of the Milky Way.

  Morrison firmly denied this statement. He explained: “This terrible ‘celestial overlap’ phenomenon will never occur in 2012. Only normal celestial phenomena will appear. For example, every winter solstice, the sun is seen from the earth, and the sun is like the center of the Milky Way. Astrologers may be excited about this phenomenon, but for scientists, this phenomenon has nothing special. It does not change the gravity of the earth, solar radiation, orbits of the planet, or the earth. There is nothing strange about the impact of life. It is only those who think that the world is about to end the day will see these ordinary astronomical phenomena as a threat.”

  Regarding the issue of “celestial celestial overlap”, David Stuart, a Maya cultural expert at the University of Texas, said: “There is no such thing as Maya ancient books or works of art.” Avini also believes that the Mayan calendar will treat the 2012 winter solstice as a The end of the cycle reflects the astronomical achievements of the Mayan culture. Many people have learned how to accurately predict eclipses and other astronomical phenomena by observing the celestial phenomena. They also grasp the relationship between the agricultural seasonal cycle and some astronomical phenomena, and the Mayan calendar is closely related to the agricultural seasonal cycle.

  Mysterious Prophecy 4: Unknown Planet Hits the Earth

  Some people predict that a mysterious X planet is flying in the direction of the Earth. It is said that if the front of the planet hits the Earth, the Earth will disappear. Even if the two are only gently rubbed, it will cause changes in the gravity of the Earth, causing a large number of asteroids to hit the Earth. Will this unknown planet really appear in 2012?

  For this question, Morrison gave a negative answer: “Impossible. It can be said most directly that there is no such a celestial body.”

  This prophecy about the impact of an unknown planet on Earth first appeared in 2003, when a woman claimed that she had received information from a certain planet in the universe. Morrison emphasized: “It has been several years since 2003. If such a planet does exist in the solar system, astronomers must have studied it in the past few years, and we should be able to see it with the naked eye. So, this so-called unknown planet does not exist.”

  Mysterious Prophecy 5: Solar Storm Attacks the Earth

  In many disaster predictions about 2012, the sun is the most important enemy of the earth. Legend has it that it will produce deadly solar flares in 2012, scorching humans on Earth.

  In fact, solar flares are regularly ruled, with an explosion period of about 11 years. Strong solar flares can damage the Earth’s communications facilities and other ground things, but scientists have never said that the sun will release a powerful solar storm to burn the entire planet, at least not in the short term.

  Morrison said: “Unless the sun has clearly not followed its active cycle. We expect that the peak of the solar flare cycle is not in 2012, but in the next year or two.”

  Mystery Prediction 6: Maya really predicted that 2012 is the end of the world?

  Has the Maya predicted that 2012 is the end of the world? If not, then what year did they predict exactly? Many scholars have conducted in-depth research on some evidence in the Mayan culture and found that the Maya did not leave any clear records about what would happen in 2012.

  However, the Maya did leave a hand scroll, the famous “Dresden Transcript.” On the last page of the Dresden Manuscript, there is a description of the doomsday scene, which envisions a flood that will destroy the entire world. However, this doomsday imaginary exists in many cultures and is not just a prophecy of Maya talent. Avini believes that this idea cannot be seen as evidence, nor can it be seen as a kind of prophecy.

  On the contrary, Avigny believes that the Maya are actually not good at prophecy. He said: “Their understanding of time is mostly directed at the past, not the future. When you understand the records of the long calendar, you will find that most of them are about the relationship between the Mayan rulers and their ancestors. The rulers put themselves The longer the source is said, the more it can explain the legitimacy and correctness of the dominant position. I think this is why the Mayan rulers use the long calendar method. Therefore, the long calendar is not for prophecy of the future, but to prove past.”