During Qianlong’s reign, Jinan House had a business of medicinal materials business. The head of the household was Hu Zelong, who had a son and called Hu Shubao. When Hu Celong was old, he gave the pharmacy to his son. Hu Shubao is a hairy boy. He is a little impetuous in doing things. Some people come to take medicine. He often takes a look at the prescription and measures the medicine. Hu Zelong reminded him more than once: “When the prescription is placed on the counter, it must be pressed with the ‘pressing side’. Otherwise, what should I do if the prescription is blown away?”

The so-called pressing side is the wooden block used in the pharmacy to hold down the prescription. Hu Shubao can not believe his father, how can the wind rise in the house? Besides, even if it is windy, you can reach out and grab the prescription. Why do you need to use that dirty and heavy pressure?

On this day, the pharmacy walked into a well-dressed post-mortem. He took out a prescription from his arms. Hu Shubao took a look and there were more than a dozen herbs on the counter. He put the prescription on the counter and turned to take the scale. Just turned around, I only felt a chill in my head, and suddenly there was a gust of wind blowing in the room. The wind was full of energy, and the people’s goose bumps were all up.

Hu Shubao looked back and couldn’t help but be surprised. The prescription on the counter was gone! After the angry anger: “The prescription was blown away! How do you take the medicine?”

Hu Shubao screamed badly, and he hurriedly handed a gift: “I can’t help you, can you write another one?” He gave him a look: “There is no reason for this! There are more than a dozen herbs on this prescription. How can I remember it?”

Although Hu Shubao is impetuous, his mind is thin, just now the wind is blowing in the house, the furnishings on the cabinet are blown in a mess, but the hair of the later generation is not chaotic. From the direction of the wind, the strong wind seems to be blowing from the sleeves of the next generation! Hu Shubao couldn’t help but think of the fact that when he gave birth to a prescription, his right hand was wide and thick, and it was obvious that he was a martial artist.

Thinking of this, Hu Shubao has counted in his heart, and he was deliberately looking for fraudulent wealth. Sure enough, after seeing Hu Shubao unable to take medicine, the lion opened his mouth and said that he had to pay ten or two silver.

In order to keep things quiet, Hu Shubao had to break the door and swallow and give the silver to his later life. After eating a dumb loss, Hu Shubao knows that the rules of the original pharmacy are set to make sense. If you listen to your father early, use the pressure on the side, and then the big strong wind will not scratch your face.

Since then, Hu Shubao has “pleased” the black and heavy pressure. With the pressure, there are no more moths in the pharmacy.

Word difference

The Hu family pharmacy has a tradition: the poor can take medicine, so the business is very hot. The manpower is not enough, Hu Shubao has hired a new man to help.

On this day, Hu Shubao called the new buddy platform. When the new buddy saw Hu Shubao sitting and snoring, he secretly took out a bag of things from his pocket and opened it, which was black and dark. He smacked Hu Shubao with his eyes and reached out to touch the pressure… A fragrant workman used to listen to a hysterical scream. A middle-aged man rushed into the pharmacy, and he took out a prescription and cried. : “Picking medicine, taking medicine, and catching life medicine!”

Hu Shubao was awakened by the shouts and went to the counter to ask questions. Hanzi hurriedly said: “I suddenly fainted when I was doing farm work yesterday. I asked a few of them to break the lang. I was fortunate that there was a doctor who took the pulse and opened the prescription. This is a life-saving medicine! Quickly take medicine, the doctor said This medicine is effective only when taken in time.”

Hu Shubao nodded and carefully took the prescription, took the pressure, pressed the corner of the prescription, and turned to take the medicine. Because it is a life-saving medicine, he does not dare to be a little bit sloppy. Every time he catches a drug, he has to look at the drug name three times and see the drug amount three times.

The first few drugs were finished, and only the last one was the “burdock”. The amount of burdock was just blocked by the pressure, and Hu Shubao took the pressure. Suddenly, he felt “squeaky” in his heart, only to see that it was a dark black under the pressure, and the amount of medicinal materials was completely covered! Hu Shubao was busy turning over the pressure to see it. He saw a layer of ink on the pressure side, and then found the newcomer, which had disappeared. Where did Hu Shubao know that because of his business pharmacy boom, he had already caused the enthusiasm of other pharmacy owners, and this new buddy was sent by them.

At this point, the man saw Hu Shubao did not move for a long time, he urged: “Get the medicine!”

Hu Shubao set his mind, picked up the prescription, went to the street, lifted the prescription against the sun, and wanted to see the handwriting covered by ink stains. Can turn over and over, for a long time, a word can not be discerned, and his heart burst into a cold.

At this point the man was anxious: “Isn’t it too fast to catch the medicine? You can’t help it!”

Hu Shubao bit his teeth and asked: “Can you remember the amount of burdock in the prescription?”

The man was anxious to swear: “How can I remember this? To say the amount of medicine, I am afraid that only the god doctor knows it.”

Hu Shubao’s eyes lit up: “What about the doctor?”

“The god doctor left early!”

Hu Shubao was panicked and had to ask his father Hu Celong to take his idea. Hu Zelong saw the prescription and shook his head: “This is not a common prescription, and the technique is magical.” Hu Celong invited a famous Langzhong nearby to ask them to guess the amount of the calf in the prescription. All the people in the lang have seen the prescription, and their heads are like a rattle. No one has ever seen a similar prescription. Hu Zelong bit his teeth: “Take it once and try it out!”

The Hu family mainly sells medicines. It is not a strong point to treat the disease. However, it is important to save lives. Hu Celong has only used the scalp to open the amount of burdock. The prescription was taken out and the medicine was taken. The man was born at the foot and ran home.

The next day, Hu Shubao just opened the store door and took a breath of air. He saw the man carrying a coffin in front of the door. The man cried for the day: “I died last night, all because of you, the prescription of the god doctor was broken by you, I want to go to the government to sue you!”

As a result, Hu and his son lost the man’s big money, but fortunately, some people said good things for them in the county magistrate, the father and son were not locked into the cell. The Hujia pharmacy was forced to close because of insufficient funds.

Unexpectedly, a few days later, Hu Shubao went to the countryside to work, and actually saw the man and his father farming in the field. Hu Shubao hated his chest: “The man is obviously framing us, I have to go to the door to make it clear.” Unexpectedly, Hu Zhanlong stopped: “We have offended other pharmacies, will be framed, think about it, the county must have been opened by them. “”

Hu Shubao can’t swallow this breath: “Don’t we let anyone kill?”

Hu Celong sighed: “Of course not. There will always be a day when we will make a comeback. We are not harmful, but we can’t leave a hole for the monks to drill.”

Town store treasure

Relying on the reputation of the Hu family pharmacy, the father and son slowly earned back the money, Hu Shubao eager to reopen, Hu Zelong is not in a hurry. He said that one must do something before opening.

On this day, Hu Celong took Hu Shubao to a hill in the suburbs. The two climbed to the top of the mountain. Hu Zelong pointed at a big tree and said to his son, “Climb to the top of the tree and cut the branches above!”

Hu Shubao was so strange that his father’s life was hard to break. He still kept the axe at his waist and climbed to the tree. Unexpectedly, this unknown tree, the wood is exceptionally hard, Hu Shubao used three days and two nights to cut a branch.

When he got home, Hu Celong put the branch into a large water tank, and put a variety of herbs in the water tank. Finally, he found a squid weighing ten kilograms and took out the fish rod and put it into the water tank. Then he lifted the water tank, added firewood underneath, and simmered the fire for two hours. Then he took out the wood and dried it in the room. A few days later, after the wood was dry, Hu Celong found a carpenter, went to the rough and refined, and made a pressure.

The color of this press is gray and extremely heavy. It is more than twice as common as common wood. When it is picked up, it has a burst of fragrance. Hu Shubao asked his father: “Why do you have to work hard for a pressure?”

Hu Zelong licked his beard: “The last time we were destroyed on the pressure side, if we don’t learn the lesson, we will fall into the same pit. This pressure is unusually thick and the wind can’t be blown; the surface is tight and strong, and the ink is soaked. It also gives off fragrance and insect bites.”

Hu Shubao nodded again and again, the last time the buddy was painted black ink under the pressure side, now the pressure ink does not invade, even if it falls into the water, it does not touch half a drop of water.

After a lot of good things, after the preparation, the pharmacy finally reopened. Soon, the business is better than one day. Hu Shubao knows that many of his peers are afraid of red eye disease.

On this day, a unkempt brawny came to the pharmacy. He took the prescription and talked madly: “Give the medicine to the uncle, and take the medicine to the uncle!”

Hu Shubao glanced at the man and recognized that it was a famous gangster in the city. He heard that he had been fighting with people a few days ago, his legs were discounted, and then he saw the prescription, which was really the rule of the leg. Hu Shubao took the pressure to suppress the corner of the prescription, and weighed the medicine on the square. When he saw the “He Shouwu”, he couldn’t help but look at it. A few days ago, someone came to the Hujia pharmacy to buy medicine and put all the flowers in Heshouwu. Bought it. Hu Shubao said to the gangster: “This strong man, the shop in the store is sold out, or you go elsewhere to buy?”

Mix a beat counter: “Dare to tease me? I went to your store to take medicine, but you sent me to go elsewhere?”

Hu Shubao knew that this person was not easy to provoke, and he was to be comforted. Suddenly, the shop broke into several men who were knives, followed by a few well-dressed people. When Hu Shubao saw it, he couldn’t help but be angry. Isn’t this the treasurer of several pharmacies in the city? Needless to say, the matter of Polygonum is planned by them. Maybe, the legs of the mix are also they are looking for someone to hurt.

Leading the person is the Xue shopkeeper. He walked over to Hu Shubao and squinted and said: “The pharmacy is the place to take medicine to save people. Then you don’t have ordinary medicine, what store is it?”

Hu Shubao pressed his anger: “What exactly does Xue’s treasurer mean?”

Xue shopkeeper sneered: “It’s very simple. If the pharmacy can’t save people, you have to close the door. If your medicine can cure the warrior’s disease, the store can go on. I won’t bother you; if you rule If you don’t get sick, you have to roll out and leave, never open a store!”

The shopkeepers of several other pharmacies also sighed: “Yes, if you get the medicine in your store, we won’t bother you.”

Hu Shubao was at a loss, and Hu Celong came out from the back room. He frowned and looked at Xue’s treasurer and said, “Is this true?”

“Absolute arithmetic.”

Hu Zelong nodded and turned and left. After a while, he saw Hu Celong carrying a kitchen knife and walked over. Xue’s treasurer was shocked and stepped back a few steps: “You…what are you doing?”

Look at Hu Celong again, picking up the knife and coming to the counter, the lower abdomen is collected, the air is transported to Dantian, the wrist is raised, the hand is falling, and only the “squeaky” sound is heard. The pressure on the counter is split into two halves!

Everyone was shocked, I don’t know what kind of trick Hu Zelong played. Hu Celong said: “Put half of the pressed square into fine powder, you can replace the Polygonum multiflorum medicine!”

Xue Zhang counter waved his hand: “Slow! The prescription is made of Polygonum multiflorum, but you replace it with block wood. Do you want to delay the treatment of this strong man?”

Hu Celong sneered aloud: “If the cure is not a strong man’s disease, I would like to change my life, but also told me that I will never open a shop in Jinan to sell medicine!”

After all, Hu Celong and Xue Zhang counter swear. The punk took the medicine made by the pressure. After two days, the leg pain was greatly relieved, and it was cured later. Since then, Hu’s pharmacy has become famous, and other pharmacies are no longer afraid to find trouble.

Later, Hu Celong told his son that the pressure side itself was a good medicine. When it was first made, it added a variety of herbs and soaked in it. One of them was just Polygonum multiflorum. After being made, the pressed side becomes a “medicine”, which contains the effects of various herbs.

That piece of pressure was smashed into two pieces by the kitchen knife, one piece of medicine was put into the medicine, and the remaining piece became the treasure of the town shop of Hujia Pharmacy, and it was passed down from generation to generation…