Passed love

  She stood on the platform waiting for the arrival of the train he was riding. She has been waiting for an hour. It was winter, she was already frozen. She came an hour earlier. She waited for him to return for four years, and now he is finally coming back, her excited heart is about to jump out of the chest. When he left home to serve, he was like a child. I don’t know what he is now. People say that war will destroy people, but he is very strong and he has come over. She is convinced that he is all good. The most important thing is that now he is finally back, everything will be fine.

  He walked outside the carriage and carefully looked at the platform. He will see her soon, they will not reunite for a long time. He only remembers how she looked at the photos, and the photos were sent to the troops. Most of the photos were lost in the battle, and only one photo he had been in the jacket pocket of the military uniform. He is sure she will bless him. Every time the battle stopped, he took out her photo and looked at it. It was her love that gave him the courage to live in the flames of war. He must live back to her. She is waiting for him, he has to keep his promise. Now he is finally back. He didn’t know what she was like now, maybe it was a naughty little girl when she was a child.


  ”Hello! You are finally back!” He just turned and she rushed over and grabbed his neck. She kept kissing him and firmly grasped him without letting go. She waited for him to wait too long, lest he lose him again. He smelled the familiar smell of her hair and saw her eyes again. He finally returned to her side. “Come on! If you are, you will be frozen!” She took him to the subway. She clutched his hand tightly and refused to let go. She was particularly afraid of silence and kept saying: “Do you know? I still have a lot of envelopes and stationery that I have not used up. I will throw it away when I go back today, I will never need it again…” Frontline communication is not Convenient, but from the date of the letter, she writes two letters to him every day, sometimes even three. These letters warmed his heart and were especially precious on the front line.


  ”Look, roses!” She interrupted his thoughts with excitement. She likes roses very much. When I was in high school, he heard that she liked roses and bought her a branch. Later, he looked for various reasons to ask for money from her mother and bought roses for her. Although she did not have many times, she was very happy. “You wait a moment, I will be back soon!” He asked her to wait on the side of the road and ran into the flower shop. She saw him standing through the glass window of the flower shop and carefully selected roses for her. Her hands were on her chest and she couldn’t believe the happiness in front of her eyes. He is finally back! He is still alive! He has no choice but to lose! He is now picking her favorite rose for her! She looked at him intently and was ready to jump up to meet him. Her entire attention was focused on him, and even the screams of the people coming from the side were not heard. Only when the harsh brakes sounded, she turned her head and did not even have time to move, she fell down. . .


  He was only two steps away from her, watching her fall on the asphalt road. He has seen this scene countless times, it is on the front line, in the war. But it’s all gone! This is not a battlefield! Maybe all of this is an illusion, maybe he is still lying in the battlefield hospital. He was awake, but the “illusion” did not disappear. She was still lying on the cold asphalt road with her motionless face facing down, and there was a trace of blood around her head. “No! This is not her!” He yelled and fell to her side. He turned her body over. Blood flowed out of her mouth and nostrils. He wants to pick her up, but her head hangs down. He carefully held her head and leaned it against her shoulder. She had stopped breathing.


  On the battlefield, he is also like this, holding his comrades in his arms, tears in his eyes. That is how much he hopes the war will end soon, he can go home early. In this way, you will no longer see so many lives dying. But now he is back, still the whole body is blood, the blood of his most beloved person. If he doesn’t come back, then today she won’t go to the train station, she won’t stand in that damn place, and it won’t happen. This thought tears him, he really wants to open his throat and yell, if he didn’t come back, how good! He really hopes that time can go back and let him save it all. He would rather return to the rain of bullets, even if he was captured, even if he was killed like an animal, he would not hesitate, as long as she was alive.


  The biting cold wind blows through his thin cotton jacket, but he doesn’t feel cold at all. He looked at the funeral from a distance, waiting silently, waiting to see her last side, waiting to say goodbye to her forever. The relatives and friends who had been buried were scattered in twos and threes, and an old couple walked past him. “This girl is still so young, everything hasn’t started yet. Poor children,” the old lady said as she wiped her tears. “This is all God’s arrangement. Is there any way?” The old man wanted to comfort his wife, but when he spoke, his tears flowed down.


  The father stood in front of the tomb and looked at the daughter’s flowery smile on the photo of the tombstone. He refused to leave for a long time. At this time, there was a footstep behind him. Someone came over and stood beside him. “I know who you are. You are the one who has been waiting for, deeply loved.” Father whispered, but his eyes did not leave the tombstone. “She really loves you too much.” The young man did not say anything. He doesn’t know how to answer “I still let you be alone with her. I know that the person she wants to see most is you.” Father turned and walked toward the cemetery exit. “You come to my house at night.” Let’s talk about it… Now you are my son. Don’t blame yourself, her death is not your fault.”


  He had been standing in front of the tomb for a few hours, staring at the dark tombstone. The tombstone is like a big cross that blocks his way and blocks all the dreams he has ever had. Life now has no meaning for him. The sky gradually darkened. He didn’t know when he was lying on the ground and talking to her. He thinks she has been talking to him. His feet have lost consciousness, his hands are numb, and the tears on his face have become ice. He kept talking because he was afraid that once he stopped, she disappeared and disappeared forever. So he kept saying, carefully telling her about his experiences in the war in recent years.

  The sky is completely dark. . .


  The little nurse Anne just did a quick first aid job. She loves her work very much and likes to help those who need help, but today she can’t help much, because the young man who is squatting at the tomb has already stopped breathing. “Looking out, he loves her too much. Now they can finally be together!” Annie couldn’t stop crying.