Maternal companion

  He Yanfen’s pain originated from an early morning 15 years ago.

  At 6 o’clock in the morning on January 16, 1995, a tired and tired He Yanfen returned to the community on his bicycle. He Yanfen is a doctor at a hospital in Jiaozuo City, Henan Province. She was her night shift last night, but she had to get back again. Today is the 15th birthday of her daughter Liang Hua.

  When she got home, she was shocked by the scene: her daughter was lying on the bed, her husband was standing at the bed and shaking the child at a loss, shouting.

  Two hours later, in the hospital where he went to work, He Yanfen, who was in a hurry, got his daughter’s diagnosis: the cerebral aneurysm ruptured. Holding a medical certificate, He Yanfen instantly fell to the ground – she is a doctor, and is an expert in cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. She knows that the meaning behind the six words that seem to be unremarkable to outsiders is “death.” “. This is a terminal illness, and there is still no cure. Looking at the sick child who was unconscious and closed eyes, He Yanfen was cut off.

  Hope in despair

  The daughter stretched out three fingers that symbolize being alive

  In the afternoon, Liang Hua was promoted to the operating room. After the operation, Liang Hua, who had been in a deep coma, never left the dangerous period, and He Yanfen’s efforts began: dressing, infusion, scrubbing the wound, and keeping it for a moment.

  For the whole 23 days and nights, He Yanfen, who had never had one eye together, could not wait for her daughter to wake up. She was desperate: Did her daughter become a vegetative? A 15-year-old child, did it last the rest of her life?

  One morning, the sun was shining outside the window. Opening the curtains and opening the window, He Yanfen sat in front of the hospital bed, combed her daughter’s hair, washed her face, and put on her daughter’s favorite butterfly hairpin. He Yanfen said: “Children, if you can hear your mother, you Just move your finger three times?”

  Unbelievable things happened – Liang Hua, who had not responded to it for 23 days after the operation, slowly extended a finger. Is it an illusion? He Yanfen quickly wiped his eyes. That’s right, it was the daughter’s response, because she clearly saw her daughter sticking out her second finger, then the third.

  After waking up, Liang Hua was taken back to his home by He Yanfen, and Liang Hua, who was back home, was lying in bed for three months. Because of the loss of mobility, Liang Hua’s so-called awakening is just a small move of his hands, moving his head around, and then the language is vaguely shouting “Mother and Dad.” In the past three months, because of the incontinence of the incontinence, He Yanfen’s most repeated work every day is to constantly change her daughter’s clothes and bed sheets, then to dry, wash and wash…

  ”It doesn’t matter if you work hard, but for a 15-year-old girl, this is not the life she should have lived!” Three months later, Liang Hua, after the encouragement of He Yanfen, went through countless falls, climbed, and climbed. Up and down, finally trembled and stood in front of the bed without relying on any support.

  Therefore, from that day on, whether it is three feet frozen, or hot sun, as long as the weather allows, four or five days before the morning is still not bright, He Yanfen will help her daughter go out, until the evening to return home. The purpose of going out is to walk – the weak Liang Hua can only exercise from walking. When you are tired, just rest on the side of the road; when you are hungry, just find a place to eat some food. Even if you help, Liang Hua is not stable. Whenever Liang Hua was about to fall, He Yanfen quickly put his legs under her body and then lifted her arm hard, so Liang Hua would slowly land and not break the body. And every time Liang Hua fell, He Yanfen may have a broken leg or an arm dislocated. One year later, when Liang Hua could walk slowly and independently, He Yanfen had a toe fracture, a soft tissue contusion at the waist and an arm dislocation as many as 27 times.


  In order to find something to let her daughter do, to distract her attention, He Yanfen reported a computer training class to Liang Hua near the neighborhood. But half a month later, because Liang Hua was forgotten and could not complete the course, He Yanfen had to give up. Subsequently, He Yanfen took his daughter to the job market for the disabled to find a job, but Liang Hua’s physical condition could not adapt to the labor intensity of the work…

  Learning skills failed, and looking for a job to go back to the wall, Liang Hua seems to be aware of what, and then reluctant to go out. Looking at her daughter’s sullen look, He Yanfen was anxious: her daughter’s body is no longer healthy, and the soul should not have any more shadows. How can I make my daughter feel that she still has value?

  Liang Hua, accompanied by her mother, went to an authoritative hospital in Zhengzhou, Henan Province to undergo a comprehensive inspection. The results of the inspection made He Yanfen cry again: the condition worsened and life was at risk. The last hope was shattered. Originally, He Yanfen thought that her daughter’s performance from a coma to awakening, from awakening to walking is a manifestation of recovery. Now it seems that everything is just her mother’s assumption.

  ”In this case, do I still have to let my daughter study skills, find a job, and receive regular treatment? The daughter’s life may end at any time. Why should I let her accept a lot of poorly-treated treatments and suffer some unnecessary pain? Why? Don’t let her be happy in a limited time, do more things she wants to do?” For the first time, He Yanfen had the idea of ​​”abandoning treatment” in his mind.

  One night in early August 1996, He Yanfen, who came home from work, found that her daughter was sitting on the sofa watching TV. On the screen are beautiful scenery, there are mountains and water, green trees and red flowers, birds and bursts. Seeing that my mother is back, Liang Hua asked tentatively: “Mom, take me to travel here? Zhuhai, a beautiful place.”

  “Travel?” He Yanfen’s heart glimpsed. Yes, the scenery, the spirit show, in such an environment, how happy the child will be? Isn’t that what I want to find for my child?

  ”Well, as long as you want to go, my mother will take you there! After that, my mother will no longer let you learn technology and find a job. Mom will accompany you to any place you want to go?” He took his daughter, He Yanfen. The corners of the eyes are moist – the poor daughter still doesn’t know what it means to be. Since my doctor mother is powerless to the child’s condition, she will accompany her to the last part of her life and watch her daughter smile all the way to the end of her life.

  Early the next morning, He Yanfen rushed to the hospital to resign. After a night of thinking, after a night of communication with her husband, He Yanfen made a meaningful decision: give up treatment. Starting today, she is leaving, with a mother’s unspeakable sorrow and grief, with a heartbreaking pain, starting at the end of her daughter’s life.

  Mom goes with you all the way to heaven

  Knowing that the child is ill, the doctor’s mother is helpless. What kind of pain is it? I can only force the smile to accompany the child a little bit, step by step, and approach death every day. What kind of cruelness is it? I saw my daughter clearly. More and more happy, my mother has been dreaming for a dream in the dreams of the end of the night. This is how to torture… Many times, He Yanfen feels unable to hold back. At that time, she told herself: I can’t fall, my daughter needs me, as long as her daughter doesn’t stop, I don’t allow myself to fall.

  ”Abandoning treatment does not mean giving up everything. I want to make my child happy!” In this way, one day in October 1996, He Yanfen took the urinal and carried the weak daughter to the train station and set foot on her. The first stop of the daughter’s longevity – Zhuhai. Everyone thought that this was a mother who was seeking medical treatment with her terminally ill daughter. No one ever thought that, in fact, this is a mother who is using an extraordinary method to make up for the incompleteness of her daughter’s life.

  During the 7-day period in Zhuhai, Liang Hua was very excited. She didn’t know what her condition meant, because she didn’t find a trace of fear from her mother’s expression and eyes from beginning to end.

  There is a second time for the first time. In April 1997, the mother and daughter went out again, this time they chose Huangshan. A question from Huangshan from Liangshan: Mom, all said that Wuyue returned to not see the mountain, Huangshan returned to not see Yue, Huangshan really so good? Can you go to Huangshan? Can you let me take a look at the famous Huangshan Welcome Song

  Go to Huangshan! Go see Yingkesong! He Yanfen did not hesitate to agree.

  This is a trip accompanied by countless moves.

  The bumps on the road were second, and he came to the foot of Huangshan Mountain. He Yanfen, who was preparing to climb the mountain, made a difficult battle: the stone steps of the dragonfly could not see the end, the slope of nearly 60 degrees, the self of less than 50 kilograms, the daughter of nearly 70 kilograms… What kind of hard journey is it? Liang Hua sees her mother’s hesitation: Mom, if we don’t go up, I’ve seen it in Huangshan anyway…

  ”Climbing, Huahua, climb to the top anyway, even if it is climbing, my mother will take you to see the welcoming pine on the mountain!” He Yanfen clenched his daughter’s hand confidently.

  Mother took her daughter to start climbing, and some moving scenes appeared: three steps, sit down and gasp; take three more steps, sit down and gasp, the mother and the daughter cuddle each other, then go on Go on. If you can’t walk, you can’t move anymore. He Yanfen took up his daughter and stepped up and down on the side of the mountain. In the place where the slope was nearly 90 degrees, in order to maintain balance, He Yanfen even used his hands and feet. Climb up on the stone steps…

  One of the tourists stopped and another tourist stopped. The third visitor stopped… I learned that this is a mother who wants to complete a seriously ill daughter to climb Huangshan and see with her own eyes. After the pines’ wishes, 22 strangers joined the difficult summit.

  A special team composed of these tourists, who are unfamiliar with each other, spontaneously three people, carrying them left and right, holding behind them, rotating the mother and daughter of He Yanfen all the way to the mountain, and sent it to the famous welcome. In front of Kesong… Down the mountain, 22 tourists who have been accompanying the reluctance to leave have once again set up Liang Hua: Girl, we will help you.

  After Huangshan is Yan’an, Yan’an is followed by Shanghai, then Tianchi, Xishuangbanna, Mongolian grassland, Jinggangshan, Jiayuguan… All the way to laughter, all the way to tears, and the grief of He Yanfen accompanied his daughter to walk in happiness and pain, hope and despair the edge of. When she did not know, the joy of which daughter would stop her, she did not know, she knew that her daughter was getting closer and closer to death, and her pain was getting worse.

  ”Mom, are we going to Tibet?” In September 2007, when the mother and daughter traveled to Dunhuang, Liang Hua inadvertently saw a car from Tibet at the Dunhuang Bus Station and excitedly asked her mother another request. .

  He Yanfen, who has always listened to his daughter, has hesitated this time: Tibet is a holy place, but for a daughter, it is also equivalent to a place of death! Extremely hypoxic, high altitude, even many healthy people can not adapt, How can a daughter go? Can look back at the daughter who looked forward to her, He Yanfen could not bear to refuse: Ok! The hospital diagnosed that her daughter’s condition lasted for two years, and now more than ten years have passed, what are the concerns? Go to Tibet! If you really can’t come back, I will accompany my children forever with the snowy mountains.

  He Yanfen, who made up his mind, found a public telephone and called the husband who was far away from Jiaozuo’s hometown and reported his whereabouts. Rather than reporting the whereabouts, it is better to say the last words: I want to take my daughter to Tibet, if you can’t come back, remember to take care of yourself…

  ”Don’t go, your physical condition can’t stand it.” The station staff saw He Yanfen holding the Lianghua, who could not walk normally, when he stood at the ticket gate, and tried to persuade He Yanfen to give up. Eventually, the station staff reluctantly sold the tickets to them and repeatedly took care of the girls on the driver’s road.

  According to the driver’s request, He Yanfen bought two large bags of oxygen, and then boarded the car to set off. At first, the mother and daughter were as usual, but when they arrived at the front of the river in Lhasa, a suffocating feeling suddenly came. Almost instantaneously, Liang Hua and He Yanfen also experienced violent reactions such as vomiting and headache.

  ”Oxygen is taken right away!” The driver yelled at them while driving.

  He Yanfen struggled to insert a bag of oxygen into his daughter’s nostrils, but he was reluctant to open another bag of oxygen. She didn’t know how far the road was, and the oxygen was not enough. He Yanfen kept vomiting, Liang Hua kept pleading: “Mom, take a sip!” “Stupid child, oxygen is not enough for you alone! You suck, my mother is fine.” He Yanfen in pain is comforting her daughter.

  He Yanfen’s altitude sickness lasted for four hours. Four hours later, the car arrived at the Lhasa station. He Yanfen was very dizzy and took his daughter off the car, and then walked to the Potala Palace step by step.

  Your majesty, kneel down.

  I am still the happiest daughter in heaven.

  After returning from Tibet, Liang Hua’s condition has once again appeared repeatedly. He Yanfen wrote in the diary of March 11, 2008: Huahua’s left groin infection has been more than 20 days, and it has not improved. The catheter was inserted for 4 days, which solved the problem of the urine being soaked in the infected area. I change the medicine 23 times a day, and there is always a purulent discharge… The god of death is really coming.

  The god of death is coming, but the mother who has been brave and persevered for more than ten years still has not given up the pace of looking for happiness with her daughter: In June 2008, the mother and daughter went all the way to Lushun. The Lushun 203 Heights was an important site for the Japanese and Russian troops to compete on the Western Front during the Japanese-Japanese War in 1904. The terrain was very steep. There are passenger vans in the scenic area, but in order to save money, the mother and daughter decided to go down the road. When going down the mountain, due to the large inertia, Liang Hua’s body suddenly leaned forward and almost rolled down the hillside. Seeing that the momentum is wrong, He Yanfen hurriedly put a leg on it first, then his arm pulled back Lianghua. Liang Hua stood firm, but He Yanfen fell, and his arms and legs were severely contused. The pain is unbearable, and there is no medicine to stop bleeding and stop pain. The mother and daughter sit on the hillside and sing together “There is only a mother in the world.” Sing it over and over again until the mother loves the slopes.

  In September 2008, He Yanfen took Liang Hua to the seaside in Penglai, Shandong. They intend to cross the sea to the mouth of the Yellow River, and the boat fee is 300 yuan per person, which is too expensive. When the mother and daughter were frowning, they met a visiting tour team. “Sit in our boat, we will take you over.” The team of tourists politely waved to them. He Yanfen was also polite, carrying the urinal and taking his daughter on the boat. In the process of crossing the river, Liang Hua was in a coma. However, 20 minutes later, when the ship was docked and a group of enthusiastic people were busy preparing to send their mother and daughter to the hospital, Liang Hua miraculously awoke.

  After waking up, Liang Hua’s first sentence was, where is the mother? He Yanfen took the daughter’s hand and said: Don’t be afraid, my mother is around. Liang Hua cried: Mom, I thought I was dead.

  On May 16, 2009, after another trip to feel uncomfortable, Liang Hua, who had miraculously spent 15 happy years in the support of maternal love, wrote such a passage to her mother. This passage is still the same. Death is related, the difference is that the lines are full of calm: Mom, I would rather die on the road than to travel, not to lie on the bed. After I die, please donate my cornea to those who need light.

  This time, He Yanfen did not avoid the topic of death. She knew that it was time to explain everything to her daughter.

  So, the mother calmly told her that her daughter listened calmly, her father was silent, and a heavy topic about death was so easily spread out. When my mother finished, her daughter cried: Sorry mother, you have suffered so much for me for so many years. Thank you mother, this 15 years of happiness is another life course you gave me. Even in heaven, I am the happiest daughter in the world.

  Mom cried: Huahua, although it turns out that giving up treatment for you is correct, but now I still have to say sorry to you, please forgive a mother’s powerlessness.

  The father cried: In fact, his inner pain is no less than his wife. The difference is that he is a man, he can’t show cowardice; the difference is that he has to play a number of temporary workers every day after work, so that his wife and daughter can have enough expenses to travel.

  ”Children, don’t be afraid, if you don’t die one day, you have to be happy. We will support you in the decision to donate the cornea, and you will donate the cornea like you.” The tearful eyed He Yanfen and his wife finished. After a simple paragraph of text, the name was solemnly signed. This is a life’s commitment to another life. This is the meaning of a mother, a father and a daughter who are calmly examining life. At this point, the fear of death has disappeared.