Love note

  One day a year ago, a hospital in the plain town of Georgia, USA, lived in an old man who was over 70 years old. He is a spirited, cheerful and talkative person. He is very popular with medical staff and patients. People respectfully call him Mr. Cabin. Mr. Carbine is not seriously ill, but his blood pressure is not stable. What is strange is that no matter where he goes, he always carries a broken notebook. No one knows what is written in the notebook, except for one person. That is the old lady in the next ward who is similar to Mr. Cabin. Everyone calls her No. 58.

  The old lady was hospitalized on the same day as Mr. Cabin, beautiful and temperamental. It’s just that she is very unsociable, and every day she is bored in the room and looking at the window with a confused look at the window, without saying a word.

  Mr. Carbine was obviously very interested in the old lady. After consulting the doctor, he began to take the initiative to approach the old lady. The old lady was very scared at first. Mr. Kabin was not discouraged at all. He went to accompany the old lady when he had free time. The old lady gradually relaxed her vigilance and spoke with him occasionally. Still, Mr. Cabin is very happy.

  A few days later, the old lady went to the building with Mr. Carbine and went to the sun. In the warm sunshine, Mr. Carbine opened the notebook and he wanted to give the old lady a story he liked. The old lady did not refuse or agree. Carbine just started talking about it.

  The story is very cliché, nothing more than a poor boy named Wells fell in love with the beautiful rich woman Aria who returned to the township for the summer vacation. Mr. Carbine read very slowly and was deeply affectionate. All the love affair was so beautiful when the love sin was first opened, and the romantic details made the old lady feel good.

  The time passed quickly. Just after reading two pages, the nurse informed them to check the body, then eat and rest. I can’t read much in one day, but it seems to be a good agreement. The next day they continue to read the story of yesterday. The old lady is immersed in a beautiful story, and her face is also a rare smile.

  The beauty of the first love can not be compared to the pressure of reality. Wells’s poor birth made Aria’s mother very dissatisfied. In the love of two young people, the mother had to bring Eliya to the holiday in New York to finish her education. Thus, the conflict between mother and daughter is inevitable. When I heard this, the old lady asked worriedly, would they be separated? Mr. Carbine closed the notebook and smiled and sold it: It’s time to check the body and read it tomorrow!

  In this way, this story led the nerves of the old lady. The development of the story is always so unsatisfactory. Due to the stimulation of Aria’s mother, Wells impulsively proposed to break up. Eliya walked away in pain, and Wells regretted it. So he began to write to Aria, one day, and has been writing 365 for a whole year. But these letters were intercepted by Aria’s mother halfway, and Eliya did not receive one.

  That day, the old lady looked very sad. She stopped Mr. Cabin’s reading ahead of time, and one walked quietly back to the ward. She told Carbin that the story was too sad.

  As the days passed, the old lady became more and more rich. Carbine continued to read the story: seeing the stone sinking into the sea, Wells was completely desperate. In this state, he went to join the army, and he fought for four years in a war. During this period, Eliya met another man, Rogan, through her parents’ arrangements. Rogan’s fun and kindness is vaguely the shadow of Wells. The most important thing is that Rogan’s family is rich and full of mother’s heart. So, Alicia agreed with Rogan’s proposal.

  For Rogan, who suddenly appeared in the story, the old lady was very embarrassed. She asked Carbin, who would Eliya choose? Cocabin did not reveal the answer. That day, Mr. Cabin introduced her to a group of people, Mr. Cabin’s family – son and daughter, and grandchildren. The old lady saw so many people and went back to the ward with a panic. Mr. Carbine looked at the old lady who was leaving and looked down.

  But the story is not over yet. Wells, who came back from the army, still misses Alicia. So he sold the house left by his father and bought a set of abandoned old houses by the town. It was the first time he and Aria had dated. He had promised that Eliya would buy this old house and make a new look for their new house. White walls, wooden floors, large balconies, and a studio. After unremitting efforts, Wells made the ideal house. At this time, Aria is trying to marry a wedding dress with Rogan.

  Is this the tragic ending of the story? The old lady muttered to herself. Carbine shook his head and said that God would let the loved ones meet again.

  Wells received attention because of the beautiful house. Many people have taken a fancy to this house, but Wells always refuses for various reasons. Finally, the newspaper published this matter. And the newspaper that day happened to be Eliya’s inadvertently seeing photos of Wells and the white house behind him. Eliya couldn’t stop the sudden eruption and found Wells. Wells was so excited that she went crazy. They spent two days and two nights together. On the third morning, Rogan found it.

  After reading this, Carbine found that the old lady’s eyes were filled with tears, and then the dyke was broken, and the drops fell. Looking at the look of Carbine’s attention, the old lady said embarrassedly, I am too invested, but I seem to have heard this story? What is the ending?

  After the wind, Carbine didn’t talk any more, just helped her back to the ward. That day, the old lady did not have a very morning bed. She sat at the table and fell into meditation.

  The thick notebook reads the last few pages and the story ends. That day, there were many people in the old lady’s ward, including Mr. Cabin and his family, as well as hospital doctors and nurses. When Mr. Carbine opened the notebook, the old lady suddenly handed a picture from the bed. The painting is very beautiful, the white house, the quiet lake, and two young people who love each other. The men and women are vaguely young Mr. Cabin and the old lady.

  Mr. Carbine smiled happily. The old lady shouted at his hand: Wells, Wells. The children have gathered together to say that Mom and Dad are coming to the hospital to accompany you. He believes that you will wake up and re-recognize us. The old lady’s eyes were not confused and burst into tears. Everyone present was shed tears.

  After half an hour, Alicia suddenly yelled, and she retreated to the corner. Her eyes were full of confusion and panic. She shouted, who are you, who are you? After the nurse pressed her doctor to inject the tranquilizer, everything returned to the original point. Looking at it all, Mr. Cabin was tearful.

  This is the ending that has not been recorded in the notebook, but Wells Cabin still has not given up. If you have the opportunity to come to this hospital, you will definitely see an old man reading the same story with a notebook, and his opposite is an old lady with Alzheimer’s illness – and he forgot I am called Aria’s lover.

  Mr. Wells Cabin is reluctant to leave the hospital, although there are few opportunities for Aria to be awake and short-lived. But he believes that she has been there. Because at the end of that dilapidated notebook, there is such a sentence: If one day I forgot you and everything we have, you read the story of our love to me, I will come back.