Love in Berlin

  At that time, the Second World War had just ended. A German blonde named Usu is a volunteer care worker in a hospital on the outskirts of Berlin. On a weekend, the British military base opposite the hospital held a party, and Usul followed his friends. At the party she met a British soldier. The two fell in love at first sight. Regardless of family opposition, Usul married himself. Wusul’s husband is from a small village in the northwest of England, about 100 kilometers from an ancient town called Chester. When the British soldiers served in service, Usul followed her husband to the British village. She lived there for nearly sixty years. Now my husband has passed away. The daughter also became a grandmother. She is old, and continues to live alone in silence.

  Usul is the aunt of his family. When the family was young, they rode to the UK many times. When they were in the mountains, they went to the aunt, where they slept in the sea and cultivated themselves. Wusul is not the kind old lady in the traditional concept. She speaks very cleverly and even sharply, but she is very decent. For example, when a classmate is young, she often receives a Christmas card from her, with a banknote in it. This tiny gift makes my mother and son feel a heavy feeling.

  We took a train from London to Chester. We rented a car in Chester. When the family signed up with the beauty of the car rental office, I entered the address of Usur into the navigator. Who knows that the navigator does not accept the address I entered. I saw a handsome guy sitting idle and asked him for help. The British address for the UK should be better than me. Who knows that the handsome guy can’t lose. At this time, family members and beautiful women all came in, and everyone worked together to solve this problem. The beauty conducted an online search and said that the address was wrong. There is no Lin Bo Road in this village. We said in unison, it is impossible, for so many years, our letters have been sent, and there have never been mistakes. After the beauty called several inquiries, he clicked on the navigator and then ordered to open it at this address. Don’t mess!

  Looking at the street name that was unheard of, we were skeptical but did not dare to move, and left the heart to follow the guidance of the navigator. The result was very smooth and opened to the small village of Usul.

  This is a beautiful place for tourists. There are silent castles, ruins and forests around, as well as a peaceful sea. There is a grocery store in Murakami that supplies some necessities. The only bar, only men go in. No net, no cell phone signal. Wusul, who is in his eighties, is no longer able to drive and is inconvenient to walk. Every other day, a service agency will send her two meals to the door. A meal is hot and you can eat it right away. One meal was frozen and the next day it was hot in a microwave oven. She booked a newspaper, read the newspaper every day, went out to exchange newspapers with her neighbors, then went on to read the neighbor’s newspaper, then ate, then watched TV, and then one day passed.

  Let’s take a look at the photos of the old days. Young and beautiful Usur, dressed in a long skirt, holding flowers, happily walks with the British soldiers on the streets of Berlin, they are on the way to register marriage. This daughter of Berlin, the darling of this wealthy family, at that moment, she thought, she would spend her life in an obscure village in the UK.

  She said that women have many choices in their lives. Really for love, only once. She chose this time. not regret. However, how can you regret it? In such a small village, even the story of “The Bridges of Madison County” is hard to happen.

  When I left, I saw at the door the number of the house that I was already familiar with in the letter: Lin Bo. I said that the navigator can’t enter this address, and people say it is wrong.

  Wusul smiled and said, this is my private address, you take a closer look, how to spell this word?

  At this time we only read that the word is reversed, that is, Berlin.

  It turned out that in the past sixty years, this embarrassing postman has accepted such an address tacitly. Because there is a woman from Berlin living here. The heart of this Berlin woman did not leave Berlin for a moment.