Is not the same

  After graduating from high school, I followed my parents’ choices for me to study in Australia. Unfamiliar environment, strange crowd, is completely a strange world. Fortunately, I met an excellent class teacher – Ginny. Ginny is a mulatto female teacher, in her forties, and amiable. With her help, within a few months, I was integrated into the new environment.

  In the blink of an eye, it was Christmas. I have been looking forward to this holiday that Australians value very much, because I really want to send Ginny a gift. Usually no excuses can be found, but at Christmas, no one can refuse a gift.

  In the end, I selected a scarf from the Internet, a typical Chinese silk texture with batik flowers. My parents were very pleased to know my heart and immediately sent me a home-ordered shipment. In Australia, such items are several times more expensive than those bought in the country. I found Gini’s home address from the school address book and sent the scarf directly through the post office.

  After Christmas, everyone returned to school. On the first day of school, the ICAC’s car suddenly stopped at the school gate. What are they doing here? Who are you investigating? There is a lot of discussion. Soon, well-informed students said they came to Ginny, who was investigated for accepting bribes.

  This news surprised me. What a good teacher is Ginny, how can I accept bribes? When I was puzzled, the headmaster called me out of the face and I went to the principal’s room uncomfortably, and saw two policemen sitting there waiting for me. I finally figured out that Ginny’s bribery case was related to me! I am already a “bribery suspect” of the Independent Commission Against Corruption. It turns out that the Australian government has stipulated that in order to prevent students from being unfairly treated, teachers should accept gifts for students not exceeding AUD 5 and should return gifts of corresponding value. Ginny not only accepted the Chinese scarf equivalent to 50 Australian dollars, but did not give me any rebates. This is obviously an act of suspected bribery and bribery!

  After listening to the police, I was anxious to die. I repeatedly explained to them that the scarf sold only 40 yuan in China, which is equivalent to only 7 Australian dollars! Moreover, I sent it without knowing Ginny, she did not know beforehand.

  Fortunately, after a detailed investigation, Ginny had just received this gift because she had returned to the South to spend Christmas with her family. She did not know the specific value of the gift. She is planning to communicate with me after class.

  After the clarification, Ginny did not blame me, but expressed my gratitude to her, saying that she liked the scarf very much. And she firmly believes that I gave her a Christmas present for selfless purposes. However, she must pay me $50. I couldn’t take it. I originally sent a teacher’s gift, but I earned her dozens of Australian dollars.

  It took me a long time after this incident that I knew that Australians are fair and honest, and every citizen has the responsibility to supervise and protect this social system. As for the gift I send to the teacher, there are many links that may reveal the news.

  In the school I attended, I had a special “social practice” class. This course is very user-friendly. What is your ideal career in the future? The school will try to get you to practice in that industry. I have just arrived in Australia for a year and a half, and I don’t know what I want to do in the future. However, I thought that the last time I was investigated by the ICAC, I was overwhelmed and simply filled in the “police.”

  Teacher Gini looked at my form and said with a smile: “The police is a ruler of society, representing fairness and justice. You must remember.”

  It didn’t take long for me to be assigned to the police station. At that time, police officers were carrying out a “no forward” blitz. According to the survey, most of the car accidents in Melbourne City are from pedestrians’ red lights. This event is a ticket for pedestrians who are running red lights. Standing in the street in uniform, I am full of pride. But this pride did not last long, because I stood still for a whole day, I did not catch a pedestrian with a red light.

  The next day, I was still standing on the street, staring at the crowd coming and going, and I was eager to hope that someone would smash a red light even because of negligence. However, I am very unlucky and disappointed again. On the third day, I walked around the street quite boring, watching closely whether there were pedestrians smashing red lights, and I was already hopeless. When it was dark, I found nothing. I was about to take over, and I suddenly saw a figure wearing a fat trench coat hurried forward. Just as the yellow light flashed, she took a step early. I was overjoyed and did not hesitate to step forward and immediately issued a ticket. However, when I was about to hand over the ticket, I was shocked and stunned—it was Ginny’s teacher standing in front of me.

  Ginny looked at me, her face was slightly red, and she was still stunned. We are looking forward to it, and it’s timeless. My heart is very contradictory. If it is at home, I will definitely let her go without hesitation, but now it is in Australia. I had a “Christmas gift” in the past, I bite my teeth and handed the ticket to Ginny.

  Looking at the back of Ginny, my heart is very uncomfortable. You know, I love Ginny like my mother. But now, I have a $50 ticket in my hand, which comes from my favorite and most respected teacher, Ginny.

  After the social practice of the past, I returned to school. Because of the punishment of Ginny, I no longer have any pride. On the contrary, I barely dared to look up at her. However, just in the class that day, Ginny put a homemade medal on my chest. Like me, I got the medal, and there are 19 other people in the class.

  Ginny looked at us and said with emotion: “When you leave school, I go to visit one by one. I went to shops, supermarkets, banks, courts, factories… You are already a member of your favorite industry, I want to know Do you have good professional ethics? The 20 students standing on the stage, you have done it, I am proud of you!”