If you are alive, please look at this tree

  Roddick was sent to the concentration camp before being a British soldier. The Nazis lacked a transportman here. He was assigned as a truck driver to transport British prisoners who were starved to death or killed every day. In fact, there are many transporters in prisoners of war, but no one is willing to sell for the Nazis. Only Roddick was very happy with this work, and he was a blessing to other prisoners of war, shouting loudly, punching and kicking… What is even more frustrating is that some prisoners of war are still not dead, he has to put them on the car, Roddick They were smashed into “scoring thieves” and “running dogs” by prisoners of war. Although the prisoners of war hated him, he was increasingly trusted by the Nazis. At the beginning of the transportation, there were Nazi soldiers, and he was alone. Because Roddick was hated by prisoners of war, he was almost killed by other prisoners of war on several occasions. After being beaten again, he lost a hand forever. Because he could not drive, he was ruthlessly abandoned by the Nazis and retaliated by other prisoners of war. He died alone in the near future.

  Not long ago, a British newspaper published an article entitled “The person who saved me, the person I hate the most.” The author of the article said that at the concentration camp, there was a traitor named Roddick who sold his life for the Nazis. Without death, he forced other comrades to put me on the car and prepare to bury it. But just halfway through the day, Roddick put me under a big tree, put a few pieces of black bread and a bottle of water, and said to me: “If you can live, please look at this tree. Tree.” Then it’s gone… After the story was published, the newspaper received a call from twelve British veterans within a month. The strange thing is that they were all in a concentration camp. They were all Roddick’s under the tree. Roddick also said to them: If you can live, please come to this village.

  Sensitive editors judged that the tree must have a lot of articles, and organized thirteen veterans to find the tree. For decades, the valley was still there and the trees were there. When a veteran contemplates the big tree, he suddenly finds a tree hole and looks inside. There is a big iron box that has already been rusted. They took out the box and opened it, and a diary and some photos came into view. The reporters carefully looked at the diary: “Today, I rescued a comrade-in-arms. I hope he can survive. This is the twenty-eighth… Today, 20 more comrades died… Last night, The comrades have beaten me again, but I have to keep on going, I can’t say the truth, I can save more people…” At the moment, Roddick’s truth is in the world. Thirteen veterans burst into tears, and the most hated person in the concentration camp was a big hero. According to the statistics in Roddick’s diary, he released a total of 36 prisoners of war. Thirteen of them have survived. His diaries and photographs of Nazis who tortured prisoners of war have become the evidence of Nazi crimes. The newspaper published Roddick’s deeds in the first place. Roddick became a great hero. Many people spontaneously came to the valley to pay homage to him.

  Everyone wants a perfect life. But if he can persist in his creed to complete his historical mission in the cast of the people, his life will be brilliant, although the past life is dull, but later generations can shine.