How to spend the low tide of life


When Li An first went to Hollywood to develop, he suffered a lot of setbacks. He had been squatting for six years as a “family cook” and relied on his doctor’s wife’s meager salary. During this period, two sons were born.

In order to alleviate the inner embarrassment, in addition to reading a lot of pictures at home, and writing a script, he also took all the housework, responsible for buying food, cooking, bringing children, and cleaning up the house.

In the face of the reality of embarrassment, Li An once wanted to give up the film to change the computer. The wife noticed his depression. After a night of silence, he left a sentence before he went to work: “Ang Lee, don’t forget your dreams.”

When I was interviewed, I remembered this difficult life. Li An is still very painful: “If I have the Japanese husband’s integrity, I should have done it myself.”

At the 85th Academy Awards, Li An won the Best Director Award for his “Fantasy Drifting”. It is no exaggeration to say that he has set up a bridge for cultural communication between the East and the West.


The people interviewed by Ang Lee were deeply impressed by his elegance and humility. Even though he had achieved great success, he did not have the habit of being able to become famous overnight.

Behind these, what kind of suffering has Li An experienced in the end, no one knows, even if you understand one or two, you can’t feel the same. Perhaps he has learned a lot of filming techniques and has bettered his ability to analyze his scripts. Maybe he can’t help feeling depressed, feel that he is failing, and he can’t see hope in the future.

It is precisely because of these negative emotions that he is able to understand the inner heart of every little person deeply and make a work that makes people stunned.

The success of many people is the result of various resources such as hard work, relationship, and birth. The gap between the unknown people and theirs may be just a lack of opportunities.

In the low tide of Ang Lee’s life, he was able to look at everyone in this world with a more tolerant heart. Successful people are not great, and people who have failed temporarily have the opportunity to turn over.

Therefore, Ang Lee’s film is more humane. He is well-deserved, recognized, and well-known.


Low tides are like insomnia, regardless of the subject, not watching the opportunity, everyone may experience. Some people are stunned, others are quietly crouching.

Hong Kong, China, heavy physical activity let air-conditioning installer Aaron Kwok live very tired; in rural Shaanxi, Chen Zhongshi received the news that “White Lu Yuan” can be published, laughing and said that finally can not raise chicken; Cui Yongyuan hosted the show for the first time, There was a snoring behind him, “Who is this grandson?” Before he became famous, Guo Degang was so hungry that he didn’t take any trouble. He used a BB machine to change two hoes. Iverson stepped into the professional basketball court and the people around him told him. You can set the goal to be 10 points and 5 assists per game because you are too short…

As Martin said, every powerful person has bitten his teeth and spent a period of no help, no support, no one to ask for help. In the past, this is your adult ceremony, you can’t get through, this is your bottomless pit. Sometimes, if you are willing to change the perspective of the problem, the low tide will be the best time for self-enhancement.

On the road to life, what we need to be alert is not failure, but smooth sailing. Once a person is full of enthusiasm, prematurely possessing money, reputation, and fame and fortune, he may not continue to temper his skills and improve his abilities, but he will let himself sit on the mountain. Or in order to hold everything you have, you are overwhelmed.

At a low tide, you will have more motivation and opportunity to learn to improve and adjust yourself. When your opportunity costs are reduced, you can do nothing. Because you have nothing to lose, bite your teeth, wipe the sweat, and after a hard fight, you may bottom out.


My college classmate Li Kai has also experienced a period of low life.

With a halo and various award-winning certificates, he got the offer of a top 500 company as soon as he graduated. When he was eager to prepare for his ambitions, he was always suppressed and squeezed by his superiors.

He was so depressed and difficult to resign. He wanted to resign and leave others to seek another job. However, he always had a voice to ask himself. The work in front of him was not good. Will someone want to find a job again?

In the time when he was marginalized, he first made good work and quality, and then repositioned himself to discover his own strengths and expertise, and use his time outside the work to charge himself. After summing up the gains and losses, he found that he loved the job very much, especially for product research and development, but lacked work experience and systematic knowledge.

After looking for the right direction, he began to read a lot of political and economic history, industry reports and excellent papers. Not only is the knowledge updated, but the problem is becoming more and more objective, and it is also possible to pass the blame when others are unlucky. In the process, the boss slowly accepted him, and he also truly understood the employer’s standard of employment – strength can determine everything.

No one can predict how long each low tide of life is. The only thing we can do is not to get too far and let ourselves fall into depression and be unable to extricate ourselves. Learn something useful, try your best to do things at hand, and everything will vanish.

People admire and endorse those who are self-improving because they will not give up because of the change of status, nor will they be depressed because of the reduction of wealth, and they will not doubt themselves because of the embarrassment or misunderstanding of others. They can maintain an optimistic attitude in adversity, hold the bottom line and do things, and wait for the next turn.

The poorest is not to ask for food, not to die will eventually come out.


Liu Liangcheng wrote in “One Man’s Village”: The snow that falls in one’s life, we can’t see it all. Everyone lives alone in their own lives.

Generally speaking, everyone will encounter many setbacks and tribulations in their lifetime, and others cannot fully understand them. Everyone in these difficult times can only be warm and self-sufficient.

If you are in the low tide of life, don’t try to dig out your emotions, don’t over-indulge in the past. Try to get yourself busy, read books, exercise, and travel, trying to fill your life. Dress yourself up a little more fine every day, and wear good-looking clothes to go out, and the mood will be much better. If it is really difficult to find a friend, talk to your heart, if you can, crying is no problem.

Remember to love yourself more and never do self-destruction. You must be like the seeds of the winter, accumulate strength, grow up silently, and wait for the time to arrive, it will bloom in spring.

When the newborn is sleeping, it is holding a fist. This is a kind of alert and self-defense. That’s because they know that if they want to grow up, they have to struggle and work hard.