Feeling of happiness

The sense of well-being is self-experience, like old shoes, and the five toes stretch freely.

The concept of happiness is a new shoe, and it is too crowded. The northern dialect is called “squatting”, but it has the publicity to please others: tide, very tide! More suitable for WeChat: “Hyun”. This view of happiness is being visited.

The concept of happiness belongs to ophthalmology, and happiness belongs to dermatology. The former is a fur coat, worn for others to see, is equal to the street to show the public; the latter is broken and wrapped in skin, outside the plain, warm inside.

New shoes, filtered by statistics, have a higher happiness index than old shoes, and the index is linked to money. The happiness index of old shoes is very low, the feeling of happiness is very high, higher than the new shoes, comfortable to wear, and the summer is also breathable and windy, Xu Wei in the letter ridicule: “The wind is wearing the old man’s house for the summer, winter in my house.” When I was, I was wearing Dai, not Xu Wei. Wearing old shoes, broken shoes, warm and self-aware, blending with happiness. Happiness and happiness: Well water and river water, “forget about rivers and lakes”, are water, but they are irrelevant.

The concept of happiness is a recipe, equivalent to a textbook, one-on-one, more like dogmatism; happiness is a dish, a experience of stealing music, a bit of empiricism.

Wearing new shoes with crappy feet, it is like swaying through the market, like losing weight, liposuction, facelifting, pleasing the strangers on the street, “dedicating one to the onlookers”, leaving the knife to yourself and leaving the beauty to others.

In fact, happiness does not cost, in the early morning of spring, get up in the birds, sit on the terrace, drink new tea, read old books. If a woman is like tea, the more tender it is, the better the books are like wine. From generation to generation, the millennium often sells books, is not a boutique, is the best, like the aging in a hundred years, all sticky, water is gone. Looking through the time for my screening of the book, a sentence of ten thousand sentences, I am not happy! New teas that are earlier than Qingming do not drink, and old books that have not been deposited for centuries are not read. The same is tea: after the Ming is cheaper than before; the same is the book: the old is cheaper than the new one. Happiness is related to feelings and has nothing to do with wealth.

Happiness is everywhere, at your fingertips. In the fall, I like to travel in the middle of the night: walking! Surrounded by the golf course, the meridian hour, the silence, the osmanthus fragrance began to evaporate, permeated in the night. At this point, the air is dyed with ink, contains oxygen, and is also stained with fragrant, full of sorrow, some heavy, some thick, so late, “happy to go”, quietly alone, suddenly remembered “a ghost wandering in Europe” The famous saying, I became one of them. Taking advantage of the stadium and walking under the guild, it seems to be immersed in an empty silence in the millennium: “There is empty water in the court, the algae in the water is cross, and the bamboo and cypress shadows are also covered.” This night, it is not human. Compared with Su Shi, my happiness doubles: outside the visual, there is also the sense of smell, and the happiness is three-dimensional, without spending a little bit of money, it is not fast!

Millions are their own, they are hospitals, and hundreds of millions are everyone’s. Economic development, there will always be inflation, but if there is a little money, there is always some uneasiness, and there will always be some asset allocation. Beyond the food, clothing, housing and transportation, besides social charity, should there be a hobby asset besides the family trust? After the eight regulations, high-end wines could not be sold. There was a traditional wine-making enterprise in Maotai Town, which changed the dividends without paying dividends–the age of 50 years. The price of a food store in Nanjing East Road is 6,800 yuan a bottle. As a shareholder, my friend is complaining: Where are so many wines placed? As a friend of mine, I was duty-bound to buy him a batch of wine; as my friend, he sold me a high-priced wine at the floor price. This not only solves his cash flow, but also hoards the hobby assets of the half house. The two sides of the knife cut the tofu: the son and daughter have a wedding banquet, and the wines under the winter night light have been given, and the friends of visiting relatives and friends have a gift. The wine of a banquet for a lifetime also has, “There are tea and wine brothers in the”, and the assets of the old age are available. In the “Four Freedoms” that Roosevelt preached, “freedom from want”, I did it. This kind of spiritual satisfaction and carefree feeling is the highest state of happiness.

Compared with thirty years ago, the white-collar workers are really in the sky, and the monthly salary is more than 10,000 yuan, but it is always tangled, because there are two “ghosts” in the heart: comparison, care. If there is a comparison, the difference between the accounting and the comparison will be the difference between “the length of the inch and the length of the ruler”. When the sunshine is full of happiness, it will disappear and it will breed anxiety. I have to review the education they have received: these twenty years of education are not self-cultivation education, but a life-building education; not life education, but arena education. “I don’t want to be a marshal’s soldier is not a good soldier.” A marshal’s quota attracted millions of soldiers to fight the beast. The probability of one in a million is higher than the hit rate of the lottery and lower than the probability of going to heaven. Because this is the law of the jungle, not a win-win situation, but you live and die, so tangled. Students who grow up in this environment become white-collar workers. As a result, most people are not marshals. According to logic, it is very painful.

Not being a marshal is not happy? Good soldier, isn’t it also very happy? No fear, only funny.

In fact, happiness is not a comparison, but a feeling. The sense of well-being is self: no comparison, no care. The happiness of others is not a benchmark and has nothing to do with you.

The greatest happiness in life is often at your fingertips, such as family, friendship, such as the winter sun and summer wind. If you pursue a distant cloud and give up the summer wind at your fingertips, don’t feel it, just give up, basically it is a spiritual stroke: cerebral palsy.