En is taller than the sky.

Lu Xiaofei is in his twenties, but he has been idle all day. In the early morning of this day, he went to play cards at the home of a man named Diao Zi in the neighboring village. He stayed until dark, then walked home one foot deep and one foot shallow under the dim starlight.

Walking to the edge of a cliff, Lu Xiaofei suddenly heard a loud noise in front of him. He saw a motorcycle hit a stone on the road and rolled to the ground. The people on the motorcycle were also shot up and rolled down the cliff. Lu Xiaofei was taken aback and rushed over to have a look. Under the dim starlight, he vaguely saw the man blocked by a tree. Lu Xiaofei knew that the trees in the seam of cliff were very small, which could bear the weight of a person? Sooner or later, this man will fall down, and maybe even his life will be lost. Seeing that there was a mountain vine with thick thumb beside it, Lu Xiaofei ground the vine on the stone edge and tried to pull the man up.

But at this moment, Lu Xiaofei accidentally discovered that the motorcycle was a little familiar. Only after looking at the license plate number did he know that the car belonged to the same village of Cheng Lee. Lu Xiaofei immediately threw inside’s cane aside. He hated this Cheng Lee very much! Every time he lost money and went home to quarrel with his mother aunt Lu, this Cheng Lee would rely on his older generation to come over and give him a good scolding. So Lu Xiaofei gave up the idea of saving lives and slipped away quietly.

He had just taken a few steps and stopped again. It was not his conscience that discovered it, but it suddenly occurred to him that Cheng Lee had contracted a large forest farm and was the richest man in inside. He was said to be worth tens of millions. Lu Xiaofei thought, as the saying goes, “A Little Help, Yongquan reports to each other”. If he saved Cheng Lee’s life, maybe he would give himself more than 100,000 to 200,000 in return … So Lu Xiaofei hurried back to the cliff and shouted at the following: “Is the person below Uncle Li? How are you now? ”

Cheng Lee’s voice soon came from below: “It’s me, aren’t you Xiao Fei? I’m fine for the time being, I’ll … ”

Lu Xiaofei hurriedly replied: “I know you will fall down later, don’t worry, I’ll come and save you.” With that, Lu Xiaofei took the cane, tied one end to a big tree nearby, and threw the other end down. He shouted to Cheng Lee, “Uncle Li, hold on tight, I’ll pull you up.”

Lu Xiaofei pulled out all his strength and finally pulled Cheng Lee up the cliff bit by bit. After Cheng Lee came up, he took Lu Xiaofei’s hand and said, “Xiao Fei, I am so strict with you at ordinary times. I didn’t expect you to rescue me at the critical moment. I really want to thank you!” Hearing this, Lu Xiaofei was elated.

Sure enough, the next day Cheng Lee came to Lu Xiaofei’s house with a black plastic bag. After entering the door, Cheng Lee said to Aunt Lu, “Sister-in-law, I came back from the forest farm yesterday and fell off the cliff in an accident. Thanks to Xiao Fei, I have brought some gifts to thank you today.”

Hearing this, aunt Lu motioned with her hand: “Xiao Fei should have saved you. how can she accept your gift?”

Hearing the news, Lu Xiaofei hurried over to pick up the bag and said, “mom, uncle Li sincerely thanks us for coming to our house. how can we refuse?” Holding the bag in his hand, inside felt a little heavy and couldn’t help rejoicing: What is this bag of inside? Is it bundles of bank notes or some valuables?

After Cheng Lee left, Lu Xiaofei couldn’t wait to open the bag. When he saw it, he was disappointed. It turned out that the bag was filled with crabs. Aunt Lu was quite happy. She said, “Hey, I’ve never seen crabs this big before, Xiao Fei. Do you think these crabs are steamed or braised?”

Seeing his mother’s face full of satisfaction, Lu Xiaofei felt angry and snorted into the room.

The next day, Lu Xiaofei wanted to play cards again, but he felt his pockets and only had a few pieces of steel left. He remembered that he had lost all his money the day before yesterday.

Lu Xiaofei stayed at home for a few days. Suddenly someone came to him. It turned out to be Diaozi, a card player. Diaozi asked him how he had been absent these days. Lu Xiaofei sighed and said he had no money. Diaozi looked at Lu Xiaofei and smiled: “I heard that you saved the life of a rich man. why, he didn’t repay you at all for this great kindness?”

This remark really reached Lu Xiaofei’s heart. He hated and said, “Don’t mention it, then Cheng Lee is a The Lost Kung Fu Secrets and has no money.”

Diao Zi looked at Lu Xiaofei’s face and came up with a small voice: “He doesn’t give it voluntarily, you can get it yourself. Isn’t he the owner of a forest farm? I heard that the price of wood is rising now, so we’ll just steal some of his trees and sell them. ”

Lu Xiaofei hesitated at first, but at the thought of Cheng Lee being ungrateful, he made up his mind. The two men discussed and decided. In the middle of the night, Lu Xiaofei slipped out of the house. Diaozi was already waiting outside. The two men came to the forest farm in the dark and selected some expensive maple trees. They were about to start work when suddenly a bright light shot up in front of them. A loud voice shouted, “Who dares to steal my tree?”

Lu Xiaofei got a fright. The bearer was Cheng Lee. Unexpectedly, he was still wandering on the mountain so late. At this moment, Cheng Lee saw them and was surprised to ask: “Xiao Fei, why are you and how can you do such a thing?” He glanced at Diaozi again and snapped, “I urge you to leave quickly or I will call the police.”

Diao Zi heard this, and said fiercely, “Since we are here, there is no reason for us to go back empty-handed.” Said from the pocket a bright knife.

Lu Xiaofei was taken aback. He knew Diaozi, be extremely cruel and merciless, could do anything. He said to Cheng Lee, “Uncle Li, you can just scatter your money and save your life.”

Hearing this, Cheng Lee said angrily, “What is this? My forest farms are all planned for cultivation. Can they be felled indiscriminately? ” Then take out your mobile phone and prepare to call the police.

DiaoZi said, suddenly raised his hand inside’s sharp knife, stab to Cheng Lee, the knife stabbed Cheng Lee’s thigh, immediately bleeding, Cheng Lee fell to the ground. Diao Zi was preparing to continue cutting down trees when suddenly he heard footsteps at the foot of the mountain. He had a guilty conscience and hurried away. Lu Xiaofei was stunned by the scene just now and stood there motionless.

Cheng Lee looked at him and scolded, “Have you let the dog eat your conscience? I treat you like a close nephew, and you have conspired with criminals to harm me. ”

Only then did Lu Xiaofei return to absolute being. He said plausibly, “It’s all your fault that you are too stingy. Don’t you know the grace of saving your life is higher than the sky? I saved your life, I stole a few trees from you to count What?. ”

Cheng Lee listened to Lu Xiaofei’s words and said in surprise: “So you think so. It seems that I can’t do without telling the truth.” He paused and said, “In fact, I fell off the cliff that day and there was no danger to my life, because the tree blocking me was only two or three meters high from the ground. I would have no problem jumping down, but you can’t see it clearly in the dark.”

Hearing this, Lu Xiaofei felt incredible. He asked doubtfully, “Then, why did you let me save you?”

Lu Xiaofei just heard a voice behind him saying, “I know what’s going on!”

Lu Xiaofei looked back. It turned out to be his mother aunt Lu! Why is she here? Aunt Lu shook her head and sighed, “You are muttering to others. I heard a few words. I didn’t see you in bed in the middle of the night. I guess you must have stolen a tree from the mountain.” As she said this, she saw Cheng Lee lying on the ground. Suddenly she raised her hand and gave Lu Xiaofei two slap in the face. She scolded, “What are you doing, you son of a bitch? Send your uncle Li to the hospital quickly. ”

Lu Xiaofei just came back to absolute being, busy carrying Cheng Lee walked down the mountain. At the hospital, Cheng Lee entered the ward. Aunt Lu was relieved. She said to Xiao Fei, “You are not surprised. Uncle Li is clearly not in danger. Why did you let you save him? Mom knows that he actually wants to take advantage of this to get rid of my heart disease. ”

Aunt Lu told her son that he was playing at the entrance of the village once when he was more than two years old. A poisonous snake crawled up and Cheng Lee passed by and drove the snake away. Lu Xiaofei was unharmed, but Cheng Lee was bitten by a snake and was in a coma for two days before waking up. Since then, Aunt Lu has had a heart attack. Rural people all pay attention to Gratitude, but what can they do to repay their widows and orphans? Speaking of which, aunt Lu choked up a little: “I think your uncle Li deliberately asked you to save him, just to offset his saving his life to you, so that I can put down my burden and live at ease …”

Lu Xiaofei was shocked after hearing this. It turned out that Uncle Li was really more generous to himself than the sky.