Determined courage and courage

  In the legendary life of Sun Jiadong, the “father of satellites” in China, people can’t forget his three “death” decisions.

  In July 1967, Qian Xuesen made the 38-year-old Sun Jiadong the chief designer of China’s first artificial earth satellite, Dongfanghong No.1. During the development of “Dongfanghong No.1”, at a meeting to report on the progress of Premier Zhou Enlai, Sun Jiadong said: “The Prime Minister, the initial test of the satellite has been basically completed, but many instruments of the satellite are inlaid. Chairman Mao’s metal badge, the installation of a compact satellite instrument may cause local heating due to Chairman Mao’s seal, and the weight distribution will affect the attitude of the satellite. In addition, it will increase the satellite’s overall star weight and enable the rocket to carry. The balance is getting smaller.” This is both a scientific issue and a major political issue. At that time, it was the climax of the “Cultural Revolution”. The personal worship of “three loyalty to four infinity” pushed people’s emotions to extremes. It is conceivable that there is much political risk in expressing different opinions on Chairman Mao’s seal. Zhou Enlai listened carefully to Sun Jiadong’s well-organized report and said with a serious statement: “We are all engaged in science. Science should first respect science. We should start from the scientific point of view and make the truth clear to the masses. Question. With the support of Premier Zhou, the Chairman Mao’s seal was decisively removed. On April 24, 1970, the “Dongfanghong-1” satellite was successfully launched.

  On November 5, 1974, the first returning remote sensing satellite was about to be launched. When the dispatching commander heard a loud password, “One minute is ready!” Just as the rocket held the satellite and the ignition was about to ignite. The developer suddenly found that the satellite did not transfer to the satellite’s internal self-power supply according to the set procedure. This means that if the launch vehicle is launched, it will be lifted off with a satellite that cannot be powered normally. The space that will be sent into space will be a useless shovel weighing two tons. At the beginning of the millennium, Sun Jiadong shouted in disapproval: “Stop launching!” Because it is impossible to report it step by step according to normal procedures. Although the launch procedure was terminated, Sun Jiadong was fainted because of nervousness. After the fault is resolved, the satellite and rocket re-enter the launch procedure. After 4 hours, the password for “systems to internal power” was issued again. With the release of the “Ignition” command, the rocket rushed out of the launch pad in the deafening whistling…

  On April 8, 1984, the “Long March 3” carrier rocket carried the “Dongfanghong 2” communication satellite and was successfully launched at the Xichang Satellite Launch Center. However, when the satellite is ignited into the quasi-synchronous orbit of the orbit and the azimuth is drifting to the predetermined working position, the Xi’an Satellite Monitoring Center uses telemetry data to find that the temperature of the cadmium-nickel battery installed on the satellite exceeds the upper limit of the design index. If the temperature continues to rise, satellites that have just launched successfully will be at stake. At this time, Sun Jiadong once again issued a command to break the routine: “Remove 5 degrees immediately!” Similarly, under normal circumstances, this instruction needs to be signed and approved before execution. However, the situation is urgent, and various approval procedures are too late. At the same time as the staff performed immediately, in order to be cautious, I temporarily took out a blank piece of paper and wrote down the words “Sun Jiadong asked to adjust 5 degrees” to sign the grandson. He resolutely picked up the pen and signed the word “Sun Jiadong”. After the satellites in the sky executed the ground command, the heat was out of control and was subdued, and finally the danger was saved, ensuring stable operation at a fixed point and long-term.

  These three decisions show that a master of science is in the chest, to turn the extraordinary courage and courage, but also to show his indifferent fame and fortune, not afraid of noble sentiment and character.