Anecdotal anecdotes of the odd battle.

Cartridge that cannot be opened

In Central Africa in the middle of World War II, more than 500 Italian troops were ordered to defend a field airport. They have strong concrete permanent fortifications, sufficient ammunition, and even got two powerful 88 guns and sufficient ammunition supported by the Germans. On the other hand, the British army on the offensive side had only over 400 people and did not even have any decent heavy weapons. The British commander did not have any hope for the attack and even made plans to withdraw. However, it is strange that the Italians gave up their resistance and put up a white flag just after the attack started. When asked why the Italian officer surrendered, the other side said angrily, ” We have no crowbar, and we cannot open those damn ammunition boxes!”

Tens of thousands of people attack unmanned island.

On one occasion, 150,000 US and Australian troops attacked a Japanese-occupied island. After two hours of shelling, the U.S.-Australian coalition landed and took full control of the island after losing 25 soldiers in the battle. Of course, if there are Japanese defenders on the island, the number of casualties will be expanded.

The submarine was sunk by tanks.

In the famous ” wolf pack” operation, a german u-submarine hit an allied carrier. after the carrier loaded with military supplies and explosives was hit, there was a big explosion and everything was blown up all over the sky. The excited captain of the German U-shaped submarine ordered the submarine to go up to watch its own success. Unfortunately, an M4 Sherman tank that was blown up into the sky just fell down and sank the submarine, which became the only submarine in the world to be sunk by a tank so far.

Was set by their own thunder sank

In a port where the two sides are locked, German mine-laying ships mine on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, while British mine-sweeping ships mine on Fridays, Fridays and Fridays. This lasted for a long time. Until one day, the British commander was unable to attend to routine mine clearance operations due to other reasons. The German minesweeper that came to lay mines the next day was sunk by the mine he laid the day before yesterday. When the British rescued the officer who fell into the water, the other side angrily questioned the British officer: ” as a demining unit, how can you be so irresponsible! This is absolutely not allowed in our army! ” The English, who are gentlemen, have also been very sorry for this, so they have been treated well until the end of the war to send them back home.

The Miracle of Dropping Guns

During the Anti-Japanese War, one of Li Zongren’s troops had a newly recruited Shandong soldier. While the Shandong soldier was sleeping, his companion put away his gun. When he woke up, he found the gun missing (it was necessary to kill the head when throwing the gun). He was scared in a cold sweat and did not dare to tell anyone. He took three grenades and touched the Japanese positions in the dark. At the right moment, a group of devils got together to warm themselves up, so the three grenades ” crackled” directly to greet the past, knocking down a large area. Then he took up three rifles and a crooked gun and ran back, carrying a box of bullets. In the process of running back, he returned fire and killed eight Japanese devils who came to pursue him. According to later statistics, he killed and wounded 23 Japanese devils in this private operation, which was a miracle when the morale of the national army was low.