Admission notice

  Bartby unfortunately encountered “Black July”, he applied for eight universities in succession, but the whole army was annihilated and the particles were not collected. Near the graduated middle school campus, like the city on the eve of the war, suddenly the soldiers are in chaos, and there is no peace in the past. A paper university admission notice, divided the students in a classroom into two camps, the exhilaration of the admission, and the downfall was dejected. A few happy couples, Bartby, who is empty and empty, don’t know how to talk to their parents.

  The reality is cruel, but it cannot be avoided. Bartby has to tell the parents about this result. The father was disappointed, the mother sighed again and again, and even her sister began to look down on him. Due to the poor results of Bartby, the whole family felt that there was no light on the face, especially the father, who could not lift his head in front of colleagues and relatives. Bartby was frustrated and under tremendous pressure to stay alone at home. A few days later, Bartby suddenly received an e-mail and opened it. He jumped up from the sofa and yelled wildly: “I was accepted!” It was a coveted college admission notice. The book, he was accidentally admitted to the South Hammond Institute of Technology.

  This scene is too familiar. Every year until August, countless Chinese families will perform this scene as usual, but the scene has changed to the United States, which makes me very uncomfortable. Some people say that globalization is Chinese, which is a bit of an imagination, because what happened later in the film is a youth comedy for Americans and a documentary for Chinese people. If this is globalization, globalization is too tragic.

  Bartby’s offer letter made the family happy. Although the South Harmon Institute of Technology has no fame, the whole family has never heard of it before, but after all, it is a university, and parents have a smile on their faces. On the day of school, my father personally drove Barbie to school and met the principal. Although the campus is small, it looks a little worn out, and there are not many students, but all of them are full of vigor and vitality, and the father returns with satisfaction. He couldn’t think of dreaming, and all of this was actually a scam.

  The university is a fake, the college students are fake, and even the principal is a fake. The so-called “South Harmon Institute of Technology” is purely fictitious. This Leishan’s Shanzhai University is the masterpiece of Bartby. He couldn’t stand the face of his parents, so he found several other classmates in the class to discuss countermeasures. A group of friends of the same fate gathered together and suddenly burst out of this idea – since no university wants us, we are self-reliant and founded a university. , accept yourself. They carefully forged college admission notices, established an admissions website, and successfully convinced a classmate’s uncle temporary guest principal. Unbelievably, they actually found a newly abandoned unit compound, and they were completely repainted. The “South Harmon Institute of Technology” was born. On the day of school, Bartby convened a large number of students on the Internet to help out and successfully deceived his father.

  The film “Admission Notice” reminds me of the story of Han Han. When the child was in high school, he was forced to suspend school because he failed the seven-course homework. When the school was closed, the teacher asked him with concern. If you don’t go to college, how can you support yourself in the future? Han Hanyu lively and answered the manuscript fee. All the teachers in the office laughed and smiled meaningfully. Perhaps in the eyes of the teachers, only the university is the only way to success.

  Regarding whether or not to go to college, Bartby had a heated debate with his father: “University’s annual tuition is 20,000 US dollars. According to the statistics I found online, a person with only a high school education can earn 20,000 a year. The dollar, that is to say, in the next 4 years, you can choose to let me spend 80,000 dollars, or let me go out and earn 80,000 dollars.” Bartby tried to convince his father, do not be obsessed with college, the university is just a legend. The father was angry and said: “This society has its own guidelines. The first criterion is to go to college. If you want to integrate into society, if you have a happy and successful life, you must go to college.”

  The father stubbornly believes that the university is the only way out of life, but unfortunately, the road to the university of Bartby is always under construction. There was no way to go, he finally broke out and vented his dissatisfaction in a spoof manner. The father personally went to the field to inspect, but did not see the slightest flaw, see you here, do you still laugh?

  The film was recommended to me by relatives’ children. He said, “I watched it three times and cried three times.” He suffered the same fate of Bartby. Because of the defeat of the college entrance examination, the originally very active child suddenly became Reticent, sentimental. As a relative, I can only encourage him to continue to work hard, don’t give up easily, but I also want to say that life is more like a marathon. At the beginning of the race, it is often not a champion.