Addicted to the small circle

  I was accompanying the children on the Zuma beach in Malibu, the night had come, and there was only one family on the beach. The Pacific Ocean has risen to a full moon, the sea mist is like a weave, the lights are a little bit, the sight is exhausted, and the layers of waves push the silver waves onto the beach. Under the vast night sky, it was quiet, only the sound of the waves echoed in the ear. I feel like I am immersed in a quietness from ancient times, which is the tranquility that should not exist in Southern California. It sometimes sneaks close to you, hugs you, makes you feel blood rushing, and the skin suddenly becomes cool. Bathing in the moonlight, I turned back to my son and daughter and wanted to share this unexpected surprise with them.

  When I turned around, I saw the light shining on their little face – it was the light flashing from the open cell phone, and they were pressing the keyboard with their thumbs. They are texting.

  I don’t know what text messages they write. Or prepare to send information to one of their tens of thousands of acquaintances. They shared the magical feelings of the moment at this moment with time and space with friends in the distance. They are in their own small circle, and they are free to make endless contacts. More and more of us spend our time in small circles, but we don’t pay attention to what is happening in front of us.

  I first realized that the small circle was on a carnival a few years ago. Like all the carnivals, there are lanterns all over the United States, the sound of the accordion from the ear, and the smell of something unknown. I always feel that such a carnival will not make anyone feel bored. Suddenly, I saw four girls who were ten years old in the middle of the road. They talked and talked loudly while walking. However, they were yelling at the phone. Four people walked side by side on the road, but they were trapped in their own weaving circles. They only talked to someone who was far away from the distance, but ignored friends who were intentionally or accidentally together. Not only did they not feel each other, but they were also unaware of the lively sounds around them.

  Since then, I have found that more and more things are being used to build small circles, and the functions are becoming more and more complicated. Walking on any city street, you will see people holding this or that kind of gadget, “blowing” a big bubble to set themselves up, and the heart is far away and ignores the surroundings. Watching a child come over, talking about what is excited about the phone; followed by a business person, is opening a web page from his Apple phone; followed by an office clerk, is viewing the text message on his Treo phone. At the same time, life is undergoing various changes, but no one cares. If the world is normal, I can at least see one or two such busy people hitting the poles, or falling into the overhauled repair wells, as they often did in the silent films. But they never encountered such a thing, at least when I was watching. This world must not be normal.

  This is a world of serious distraction. In the face of the real world, we wrap ourselves up in small circles, just like wearing a coat to keep out the cold.

  As my friend said, I am an optimistic person. In any case, I will try to find out the good side. Therefore, I will talk about one of the advantages of the small circle: when everyone enters the small circle of silkworm cocoons At the time, it was once again proved that “technical Utopia believers” were wrong. From the advent of the Internet to the advent of the wireless age, those believers have been telling us that technology will bring us closer and re-energize the culture that is falling apart.

  We can now see how wrong they are. Think of those who are addicted to the small circle, those who are on the table, on the bus, in the elevator, on the phone, or on the BlackBerry. If the technology closes the distance between him and his distant friends, it also makes it easier for him to get out of the world around him. His world is expanding, but at the same time it is shrinking one—shrinking to the size of his busy, excited but incomparably lonely self.