Absolute limited edition

Luo Lili loves fashion. On weekdays, non-branded clothing is not bought, and non-branded bags are not backed up.

On this day, she followed her husband to the mother-in-law’s house in the country. The children in the village met her and happily gathered around, pulling her little bag and sweetly yelling: “Little scorpion, little scorpion, giving sugar.” Luo Lili I have to lose my color and scream: “Don’t mess, my bag is a limited edition. There are only a thousand in the world. I spent a lot of money to buy it.” A circle of children are stunned. Spit the tongue and ran away.

The mother-in-law greeted the house and took the two into the house. The mother-in-law took Luo Lili and set off her home. Luo Lili left to look at her right, and she was not seated. My mother-in-law said strangely: “Lili, standing and doing it? You sit.” Luo Lili tweaked for a long time before she said: “I am a new limited edition dress. There are only six hundred in Asia, so don’t give it a break. “I was talking, Luo Lili’s cell phone rang, it was a text message. Luo Lili looked and exclaimed: “Today’s car show in the city, there are only ten limited edition cars in the world. Husband, let’s go and see.” “My husband advised: “It’s hard to come back, how do you go and leave?”

The mother-in-law couldn’t help but ask: “How long is the screaming limited edition?” Luo Lili took out the lipstick she brought with her while she said that she said: “If you don’t see it, then this lipstick will be issued five thousand in the world. Not everyone can buy it. “My mother-in-law listened thoughtfully: “The limited edition is a limited number of things that are not necessarily bought with money?” Luo Lili said: “Yes, precious, is a symbol of identity and status.” Take the husband and grow up.

After seeing the auto show in the city, Luo Lili wanted to go back to her home. At this time, her husband received a call. Hanging up the phone, her husband said to Luo Lili mysteriously: “Mom told us to go back to the auto show and go back. She remembered it. There is a ‘limited edition’ in the old house!”

When Luo Lili listened to the “limited edition”, her eyes were bright, and she could change her mind. How could the rural mother-in-law have any “limited edition”? Thinking about it, she slammed her head and said: “Mom listens to me saying that the limited edition is something that you can’t afford and you can’t buy anything. You must remember what antiques are hidden in your home and you will pass it to you.”

Luo Lili listened to her husband and said that his family used to have a lot of money. When he was “land reform,” he was also classified as a landlord. He searched for a lot of gold and silver jewelry. Luo Lili wanted to be more and more like, and urged the old public car to return to the country.

As soon as I entered the hospital, my mother-in-law enthusiastically said: “Is it back? Let’s cook first.” Luo Lili looked at her husband, she could never cook, but she thought of her mother’s “limited edition” and had to I swallowed back when I spoke. The husband and wife followed the mother-in-law into the kitchen.

The mother-in-law pointed to the pork on the chopping board and said to Luo Lili: “You broke it up, so you can make dumplings.” Where did Luo Lili do this? Can she think of a “limited edition”, how dare she say no? I had to smash my scalp and smashed the pork. I only felt the palms hurt.

Then, the mother-in-law ordered the son to pick the leeks in the vegetable garden, chopped the pork and mix it with dumplings. After mixing the stuffing, the mother-in-law wrapped up the dumplings. After packing for a while, Luo Lili couldn’t help it. She pushed her husband, and her husband coughed and asked: “Mom, you told us to come back and say that there is a limited edition at home. What is it?”

While the mother-in-law made dumplings, she said slowly: “I know that you are coming back this time. I planted the leek early. On this ridge, I counted the days, watered every day, and the insects were caught by hand; this pig is also I have only one one to feed myself. There are so many people who spend a lot of money to collect it. I am reluctant to sell it. I asked someone to kill it early in the morning. I am waiting for you to go home to eat. According to you, this is what you have done. Dumplings are limited edition dumplings.”

Luo Lili listened to the dumbfounded eyes: “This, this is also called a limited edition?” Husband could not help but blame: “Mom, you are too confusing.”

The mother-in-law sighed and put down the dumplings and said: “Actually, there is a layer of meaning in this dumpling – Mom is a lot older. This dumpling is less once in the future. Isn’t this a limited edition? Hey, you can always get it. Go home!”

Luo Lili and her husband looked at each other and couldn’t speak for a while. I saw her husband’s eyes gradually reddening…