99th rose

  Zhao Fen, who has been in the flower shop for more than ten years, bought an “Audi” car last month. It opened a corner a few days ago and suddenly ran a bicycle. She panicked and mistakenly When the throttle was braked, the woman who was riding the bicycle was knocked down in an instant, and the little boy who was carrying the bicycle on the ground was still on the ground. Zhao Fen suddenly frightened, the woman fell in a pool of blood, the little boy squatting on the ground and trying to get up, the thin face twitching painfully, but still crying weakly: “Mom! Mom!” Zhao Fen of Tieqing hesitated, and finally started the car and ran away. Go back to the store. The miserable scene always appeared in her mind, so that she had nightmares every night, and a deep sense of guilt tortured her conscience.

  Zhao Fen’s flower shop opened next to the Municipal People’s Hospital. Nowadays people go to the hospital to visit patients who like to buy bunches of flowers. Her business is very hot. But for a few days, the roses placed at the door of the store will always be inexplicably one less, and the ones that are missing are always the ones that are waiting to be released. It must have been stolen by the sheep when passing the store door, Zhao Fen thought. Today, she stared at the store door and decided to catch this odious stealing thief.

  Staring for one morning, except for those who bought flowers, they did not find any suspicious people to touch the roses at the door. In the evening, she was sitting in the store, she was preparing to take over, and one hand trembled to the rose. Zhao Fen immediately stood up and stole a thin little boy who seemed to have seen it. The scene of the crash suddenly appeared in the brain: he was the child of the woman who was hit! Zhaofen, who wanted to chase out, was hit by a slamming look, and his face was ugly. When she woke up, the little boy had already pulled out. She chased the store door and saw him walking to the next People’s Hospital. She was going to visit her mother who was hospitalized. “How is she hurt?” Zhao Fen, who has been insomnia for a few days, couldn’t resist the condemnation of conscience, and couldn’t help but follow it.

  Standing outside the glass window of the ward, Zhao Fen saw the little boy carefully pull out the rose that had been inserted in the bottle on his mother’s bed, and then inserted the stick in his hand. Then he leaned down and talked to the mother with a layer of white gauze on her head, but the woman stayed in bed and motionless, her eyes closed tightly, only the voice of the little boy talking alone, could she become a vegetative person? Zhao Fen didn’t dare to think about it anymore!

  She pretended to be the woman’s relatives and found the doctor. The doctor said that she had a lot of blood, and the brain was seriously injured. After diagnosis, it was a deep concussion. After being sent to the hospital, she was unconscious and might have been sleeping for a long time. Will become a vegetative, I hope there is a miracle. The doctor also told Zhao Fen that the woman was poor at home and now only pays a thousand yuan. The doctor is considering her medication problem. Zhao Fen immediately paid her a fee of 10,000 yuan, and the doctor must cure her illness, and all medical expenses were paid by her.

  Zhao Fen’s guilty heart was slowly released, and she decided to take responsibility for the woman.

  There are still a lot of people who come to the store to buy flowers, and the roses that are placed at the door of the store are still habitually less. Every time Zhao Fen saw from the store that the little boy was scared to take a rose with his little hand, his heart would shoot a ray of sunshine, and his face would smile a little more. But what puzzles her is that his unconscious mother can’t open her eyes at all. How can he send her a rose every day? Ah, this is the filial piety of the little boy, it is too rare!

  On this day, Zhao Fen was setting up flowers in the store, and the postman gave him a letter and a money order. She opened the envelope with doubt, the words on the letter were very serious, but very naive:

  Auntie, I apologize to you! In the hospital where my mother was in a car accident, I stole a rose from the door of your store every day. Because my mother’s illness is very serious, the doctor said that it may take a long time to wake up unless there is a miracle. After my mother gave birth to me, my father left us. We both lived together. Although the family was poor, she put me in my heart. I swear to make the miracle appear on my mother!

  I asked a lot of people, they all said no way. On that day, I didn’t intend to see a small text from the book, saying that there will be a sound when the flowers bloom. This sound is the rhythm of life, the bloom of the soul, it will give the patient hope of survival… This approach may wake up Mom, but I don’t have the money to buy flowers. When I went to the hospital that day, I passed your flower shop and dared to steal your roses. For the first time, there will be a second time, the third time… every time Insert a rose, then gently ask the mother a few times: “Mom, did you hear the sound of flowers? That is the son’s call to you! When I inserted the 40th rose, I saw the mouth of my mother. Moved a bit; when I inserted the 50th branch, my mother’s eyes shed a tear; when she was inserted into the 60th, her mother’s eyelids beat; until the 99th branch was inserted, my mother’s eyes finally opened! I am happy I have to say tears, the doctor said to my mother, good people have their own good news, your relatives paid all medical expenses for you (my mother and I still don’t know which relatives secretly helped us), the most gratifying is your son. Make you a miracle. I said that roses made my mother a miracle. After the mother was awake, asked me where the money came to buy so many roses, I told her truthfully, my mother cried, crying very sad, told me to apologize to you, and also to take care of the tight nutrition The money that came out was given to me, let me give you the money of the 99 roses. Auntie, by the way, telling you that driving the car and my driver can be black, and immediately fled after the accident, compared with the driver. You are really a great benefactor, because your rose has saved my mother! My mother and I have thanked you for the rest of my life, but please forgive a child who is forced to steal flowers, I will kneel down to you!

  When Zhao Fen read the letter, the tears flowed off the line and wet the letter of roses. She decided to go to the public security department and put an end to her “escape”.