Why do the richer people work harder

In my circle of friends, there are many post-90s tycoons earning hundreds of thousands of yuan per month. However, if you think that such a high salary matches luxury and leisure, I can only tell you: young man, you are too naive.

Indeed, their standard of living = luxury+first class+five stars+economic freedom. However, unlike what we imagined, their work standard ≠ sleep to nature wake up+follow one’s inclinations+travel around the world. They are all much more committed to their work than we are.

Maybe some people will say: it is better to be poor than so tired. But I tell you, you are wrong again: for them, hard work is not the reason why they are rich, but the result of their wealth.


In 2010, a study conducted by Barclay’s Wealth found that 60% of those with net assets of more than 15 million yuan said they would work all the time no matter how old they were, as did 54% of millionaires.

For example, David.H. Murdock, general manager of dolefold, is now 90 years old. Viacom’s general manager Sumner Redstone is also 90 years old. Casino tycoon Steve Wynn is 71 years old now. They don’t plan to retire, because the stimulation, happiness and sense of accomplishment given by work are far beyond comparison with leisure. The working environment is top-level, the service is top-level, the resources are top-level, the working partners are not low or stupid, they have top-level intelligence, thinking and execution, the information is forward-looking, a small decision may cause butterfly effect …

In contrast, the poor and the middle class believe that the sooner you retire, the better. Because, to them, work is more like hard labor than an interesting adventure.


I once asked a rich friend A: If you were allowed to rest for a few days and do nothing, would you like to live a life completely unrelated to your work? She thought for a long time, but still answered: No ..

I continued to ask: Is there no rest?

A: In fact, the success of my work and the growth of my knowledge will give me a real spiritual rest. As for the body, do yoga and fitness.

Yes, unlike the chicken soup we have been drinking, the real reality is the opposite:

The more excellent people work harder, the more intelligent people are, the more humble they are, and the more wealthy people are, the more diligent they are.

The root of this phenomenon lies in the fact that excellent people can always see a wider world, higher goals, more fun and greater significance from a height.


Professor Aguilar and Professor Hurst have counted several large-scale surveys and found that the working hours of high-income professionals have increased compared with 1965. However, the total annual working hours of low-skilled and low-income workers have been shortened. Shortening working hours will definitely lead to an increase in leisure time. For those earning less than $ 20,000 a year, more than 1/3 of their time is spent on passive recreation, such as relaxing and watching TV. However, those earning more than $ 100,000 a year spend less than one-fifth of their passive leisure time. Labor × Capital = Return The shorter the working hours, the lower the income.

As a result, the Matthew effect, like a seal, is attached to the lives of the poor, making the poor poorer and poorer.

In other words, when we poor people are relaxing, the rich people’s efficient efforts and greater poverty are taking place. No wonder richard davis said: In developed economies, leisure is no longer a symbol of wealth, but a symbol of uselessness and unemployment.