Which industry is the most profitable in the next decade?

I have a friend who lives in beautiful Victoria. It can be said that it is Hawaii in Canada. On an island, it is not cold in winter and not hot in summer.

According to him, Victoria has a good climate and a beautiful environment. Many Canadian elderly people come to Victoria to retire after retirement.

It’s good that I invested in the project of living and living, so I talked with him for a long time. He told me that in recent weeks he went to the nursing home to volunteer, and simply observed the operation of the Canadian nursing home, and felt a lot.

The elderly living in nursing homes are well cared for, and their bodies are clean. Everyday activities are regular and the food is healthy. Many elderly people live longer, and there are many elderly people in their 90s and even 100s.

I feel that the operation of nursing homes in Canada is very good, that is, I don’t know how to make a profit . I am more curious, so I searched the Internet and found that pension is a very profitable business in Canada. Extendicare, a Canadian pension chain, achieved a profit of $1.09 billion in 2017 and has approximately 23,700 employees, with very high profits.

I must be excited. What is the concept? Canada has more than 33 million people and can create more than one billion dollars in profits. What about China?

Since China entered the aging population in 1999, China’s aging population has reached 240 million by 2018. By 2050, the elderly population will reach 400 million. At present, the elderly population in Chongqing has reached 7.05 million. It took only 20 years for China to move from aging to deep aging. The speed is fast and the group is big and horrible.

Perhaps China’s aging is still not particularly serious now. The old people and children may still be more traditional. I feel that going to the old-age institutions is not filial.

But after ten years?

Ten years later, the 50s were old people aged 70 to 80. After 60, they were all 60 to 70 old people, and their children were only children.

Every couple of only children has four old people and even eight old people. How do you let them care for so many old people?

Ten years later, it will be an irreversible trend for the elderly to go to the old-age care institutions. It is also the most common thing.

Ten years later, the pension industry may be the most profitable industry.

If you can layout now, you can not only make money, but also contribute to China’s pension industry.

How to layout?

I briefly mention a few ideas:

1. Be a self-supporting media group, public number, website, video, etc. Anyway, use a variety of self-media tools to circle a group of users. With the user, it is convenient to do it later.

2. If you have a child who intends to study abroad, consider studying a major related to old-age care.

The foreign pension industry is very mature, let the children learn some advanced management experience, it is better to work in the nursing home for a few years.

With these experiences, returning to the country is a top-notch pensioner. You can be an executive or you can start your own business.

Of course, if you don’t want to go abroad, you can also study at home. Recently, the Ministry of Education announced that it encourages the conditional and efficient application for the establishment of the aged service management profession, so in the near future, you can learn about the elderly service without going abroad.

3. If you have the conditions, you can find a company that has strong pension and strong development prospects, such as Xingyue Travel Home, small cost, and big gain.

3. Study more about which listed companies are related to pensions. You can buy their stocks. Don’t just buy one. After studying it, buy a few more. You may be happy in the future.

4. If you have research and development capabilities, you can develop some products related to the elderly now, or micro-innovate some products. The products polished in ten years will not be too bad.

For example, I think of a product now. It is easy for an elderly person to fall at home, and no one knows it. It is easy to make a big deal.

Can you do something like a millet sports wrist, you can always monitor whether the old man falls, of course, to distinguish it from the ordinary lying down.

If the old man is detected to have fallen, an ambulance can be rushed to the scene for rescue. Things like this can be thought of a lot, every old man needs it, and the market is huge.

5. Be a training institution specializing in training professional elderly nursing staff. This demand is huge. Maybe you will make more money in the future than Yu Minhong’s New Oriental.

6. When we have more children, we will all be old, there will be too few children, and there are not many people going to the old people’s homes to see. There are many children. Every week, children come to see you. It feels completely different.

7. Make more money. In the future, the fees for high-quality nursing homes will be very high. If you don’t have money, you can only go to a very poor old people’s home. Maybe the treatment is worse than the red, yellow and blue kindergartens.