Where does the driving “qi” come from?

  Speeding, rear-end collision, right-hand overtaking, red light, loud whistling, using insulting gestures, insulting others, even making a big hit… Sitting in the driver’s seat, a gentle, polite person transforms into a “monster” on the road. Why is the steering wheel full of anger? Psychologists have given many answers.

  Everything is the fault of others

  Dr. James of the United States believes that “everything is the fault of others”, this automatic thinking of finding reasons from others is the number one cause of “road anger”.

  James began researching aggressive driving more than 20 years ago. However, what is interesting is that he himself was a typical driver who was blamed on others.

  When James first drove, his wife always complained that he had a bad temper when driving, but he changed himself, but James thought that he had nothing to change. He recorded the words and deeds when he drove and found out that he was driving. It became a very aggressive person. He investigated countless drivers and found that almost everyone has the same attitude: think that you are a good driver, that you have no problem, everything is wrong. Moreover, this kind of thinking was produced in the first place, just like the loss of one’s self-reflection ability when driving.

  Have to break personal records

  Dr. Defen Bach, a professor of American psychologists, is also an expert in aggressive driving. He found that the vast majority of people who sat on the driver’s seat immediately experienced a significant decline in their tolerance for grievances. Although these people can endure being sweared by their wives at home, they are scorned by their bosses, but they can’t stand the “grievances” that they encounter when driving. If there is any dissatisfaction, they will immediately have a strong urge to retaliate back.

  Defenbacher also believes that aggressive driving is very common. One of the key reasons is that drivers have an incorrect expectation: they subconsciously think that they can drive from A to B in exactly the way and time they set. This kind of expectation is undoubtedly the pressure that the driver himself sets for himself, allowing him to speed, red light, change lanes, chaos overtaking… and its purpose may be to save himself two minutes.

  For those drivers who run a fixed route, this mentality is even more terrible. For example, long-distance drivers and bus drivers are very familiar with their driving routes. Even if there is no company’s mandatory regulations, they will set their own time to arrive at each station. Moreover, they are also prone to a competitive mentality. “Today must be a little faster than yesterday.” It’s like a child who has nothing to do when playing video games, he has to create a personal record, just to score a point more than the previous record, he will sit in front of the computer day after day, and make great efforts and sacrifices. .

  Really annoyed, the world is not working as I expected.

  An adult toy like a car that is completely powerful and completely obeys you, it is easy to make you hallucinating. I feel that the world is really centered on itself. The world really works according to its own ideas. Unfortunately, any accident on the road will break your illusion, and the accident will naturally be resentful.

  A study by the American Automobile Association found that motorists are often irritated by innocuous or unintentional behavior, for example, others are not slowing down as he imagined, turning corners where he thinks should not turn, stopping the car The place he thinks should not be parked, etc.

  Psychologists believe that doing so by others is equivalent to reminding the attacker that he is just driving. The world did not work according to the rhythm he envisioned.

  No one knows what I did

  Anonymity (that is, identity is hidden) is also an important factor in promoting road violence. Many studies have found that if a driver feels that his identity will not be exposed, then his temper will be particularly large and more likely to produce aggressive driving behavior.

  American scholar Ellison did a field experiment. In the case of public or anonymous, the driver was blocked by the car that was not activated before the green light was on. The results show that aggressive driving behavior in an anonymous situation is much higher than the public.

  In real life, undocumented “black cars” and unregulated cars are more likely to cause accidents. This is the truth. From a psychological point of view, name is not only an object of social system supervision, but also an object regulated by inner rules. If a person feels that their name will not be known, his impulsive behavior will increase significantly, and a mature vehicle registration and supervision system is essential to reduce road violence.

  Car: Take orders from your “dream lover”

  These traditional studies give relatively convincing answers, but they are hard to answer a question: Why is the same person, when driving and when not driving, have such a big difference in temper? To answer this question, you need to think carefully about a simple question: What is a car?

  When it comes to cars, such words abound: “Dream lovers – 9 imported luxury cars coming to China.” “BMW has launched a ‘dream lover’ to the world!” A fan simply asserted: “In all fairness, the car is indeed a thing that represents both identity and taste for most people who own it for the first time, just like the first time in a period of ignorance to see a stranger who makes himself feel at ease—a The feeling of first love, so it must make people’s heart beat faster and must be perfect.”

  It will completely obey you, let you control, let you command. If your car skills are good enough, it will bring you happiness as much as sex. More critically, this dream lover never defies your will, it will let you freely command, and will lead you to tasks that people can’t do independently, such as 200 kilometers per hour, such as a day of madness 1000 kilometers… In short, It fascinates you with the perfect feeling of the unity of the car. So, a car, even a perfect dream lover.

  However, the perfect feeling of the unity of the car is often challenged, such as traffic jams, such as another car, a person or something that blocks you. This kind of challenge undermines the perfection of our car and people’s unity. In that moment, we will be as angry as children.

  People are really sensitive and fickle animals, and a car is enough to make their imaginations come together, resulting in such complex psychological activities. When the science of mankind allows us to go up to the sky and through time and space, the most unpredictable thing is that we are still human beings.