Where did your trust go?

  There is a survey in Shanghai where less than 2% of respondents in Shanghai say they will let strangers enter the house.

  What does it mean? It is a mistrust between people. “Strange people are bad guys.” Or just say a little bit, 98% of respondents tend to think that “strangers” are more likely to be “bad guys.”

  How did this idea of ​​treating a stranger as a “grey wolf” into the brains of everyone?

  Do adults have their own judgments? No. They were frightened by various reports from the media. The media reported a story of a “stranger” of the wolf, and they magnified 98% of the strangers were wolves.

  What about young people? They were instilled very scary.

  Years ago, I took the bus, the neighbor was a little boy, we were close to the same hour for an hour. I was curious about why he was sitting in an hour of school, and asked him, the first time he asked, he saw that I did not answer, Asked twice, he looked at me and got up and walked away. What happened to this little boy? Why can’t you drink a stranger and talk? Answering strangers’ questions in seriousness? Gossip about it? Why is he so afraid of strangers?

  Because they have been educated from such a small age: people who don’t believe in strangers.

  I don’t know what our country will look like in the future.

  What I saw was that we used to regard ourselves and our neighbors, friends, colleagues and all free people as good people. Therefore, we only put the bad guys in jail. We tend to think that they are good people outside the prison.

  In 1995, when I was a Ph.D. student in Nanjing, I went to the highway and took a ride back to Nantong. I also got a truck driver to let me ride for free. Now?

  Now, we keep ourselves in a cage, install insurance doors, install security gates, we arm our homes like prisons, we think that only the world is a good person, so we shut ourselves behind the insurance door and the security fence. And the outside are “bad guys.”

  We not only see this by ourselves, but also instill this idea in our children. Let them see it this way too.

  Hometown is like hometown

  I often remember the time in the UK. I traveled on a backpack. On the Isle of Wight, I often saw residents putting their own honey, desserts, and homemade vegetables on the side of the road. No one is on duty, only one bowl, if you need For those things, just put a pound or two pounds in the bowl and you can take things away.

  - Is this a kind of trust for passers-by?

  As a visiting scholar in Cambridge, I often forget to bring documents, but wherever I go, I just say that I am a visiting scholar, there is no distrust. Throughout the town of Cambridge, almost no security doors and security gates can be seen. Every household has a door facing the street. They are all floor-to-ceiling glass doors. The door is symbolic and the door is symbolic.

  I walked on the road and looked around the house number. Someone took the initiative to ask me if I was lost.

  When traveling on the Isle of Wight, I often waved on the ride. What I want to say is that most drivers will ask me where I am going and then send me around the road. I took a ride six times, almost the same time.

  For them, I am a stranger, and a stranger from a foreign country, but they do not have no trust, but give me trust!

  Trust – the best wealth in the world

  In contrast, when I am a “stranger” in my own country and a “stranger” in a foreign country, I really want to ask: Chinese, where did your trust go?

  I think we must not only learn to beware, but also learn to trust.

  I rode in Lijiang, a Naxi Mafu said that the horses met each other on the road, and some would say hello to each other. When two unidentified horses meet, they will greet each other, let alone people? When the same kind of animals meet each other, they will greet each other intimately. If they don’t, they will be wary of each other, and we are human beings? Isn’t people smarter than animals and can’t think of ways to trust each other?

  Trust is a kind of wealth. If you own it, you should distribute it to others and share it with others. Trust is such a kind of wealth. As long as you constantly give it to others and send it out constantly, how much more you will get?

  Where is there better property in the world than this? The more you send out, the more you get.

  Own and share this wealth, don’t let you be a poor man in a trusted bank.

  Trust a stranger, why not? Be aware that each of us is a “stranger.”

  Dear, strangers, we can’t trust each other, we are not really bad people, we don’t trust, but we don’t trust each other too much. Let’s cash out the checks in the trust bank and give each other gifts. Then, we will not only reduce the deposits in the trust bank, but will have more.