Trekking in the cycle of life

  She is a squid. Autumn is coming, she is going back to her hometown.

  On the Glacier Bay in southeast Alaska, it is now alive and well. There is a slow flowing stream in the forest, that is her hometown, that is where she was born.

  Now, she feels that there is a mission in her body that cannot be delayed. It is a strong desire to go home. In this craving, she often recalls her childhood in the creek. Now she will go back and go back to pass on her life to the next generation.

  The road to go home is long and dangerous. However, she is not alone. There are countless companions with her. Everyone is sailing from the sea to the Gulf of Glacier. At this moment, like everyone else, she is scrambling to go upstream. In the sky is a white-headed sea eagle that circling constantly, watching the squid in the water. On both sides of the strait, there are often a few hungry brown bears, and they are moving closer to the ever-rolling squid.

  She saw that the tragedy of death is constantly being staged. There are always some companions who want to be a beautiful meal of sea eagle or brown bear. She needs to keep on the road. Along the way, how many murders she escaped, I am afraid that she will not even count. There are already several wounds on her body. She knows that her time is very urgent and she must race against time.

  She vaguely remembers that when she first came out of the sea, she was still healthy and bright silver. However, after hundreds of kilometers of trek, she was surprised to find that her body had become red like a flame. Now, she is a red squid, and her mother’s desire is stirred up in her body.

  After a long journey, she and many survivors encountered the same dilemma. In front of it is a barrier, a shallow water area with a depth of only about 10 centimeters. A red carp that weighs 10 pounds like her, it is very difficult to cross the past. However, she also knows clearly that if she does not cross this hurdle, then all her previous efforts are meaningless.

  She was anxiously anxious, until the maternal desires grew more and more intense, and eventually turned into a force that did not care for her, prompting her to go forward. On the clear water, she violently swings her tail, revealing her flaming back, like a burning flame, passing through the shallow water. Then there was the spectacular countless flames that smashed past her.

  Finally, she and her countless companions returned to their birthplace. The slow flowing stream, like the same year, is clear and translucent. However, there will be many uninvited guests here, watching the underwater world with ill will. They are small black-headed gulls, waiting exclusively for the eggs that swallow red salmon.

  But sometimes, the more dangerous enemies may not be them, but from their own camp. Many red squids like her, when they dig their own nests, will shoot the eggs of other squid and become the food of the little black-headed gull. This is why these uninvited guests are flying around.

  After a sly male squid defeated many competitors and became her open lover, he stayed with him all the time. She feels that her life is dying, and her physical strength and energy are slowly declining. She noticed that the red color of her life began to fade, showing more and more death pale. However, she told herself that she could not die, that the cycle of her life had not been completed, and she must persevere.

  With her little strength, she desperately patted the sand and stones at the bottom of the water in order to dig up a place for her own spawning. She tried her best to bury the eggs that had been placed in her life under the gravel. Now she can die with peace of mind.

  She finally completed the hard trek of her life cycle, flowing along the leaves of Litchi, and like all the red mullet that came here, became the food of the white-headed sea eagle for winter. She seems to be staring blankly at the slowly pale world in the winter, but who knows, perhaps more of this look is gratifying. Because, until the spring of the next year, there will be more small lives to continue the cycle of her life, which will certainly be a never-ending life trek.