Those big cities that decided to stay

  Compare big cities and small cities

  Advantages of big cities:
  1. Good urban planning and construction, public facilities are perfect and convenient.
  2. Material culture life is more colorful. There is no money, no money, no flowers.
  3. More employment opportunities, personal development space is also relatively large.
  4. government agencies with high-end, high-level school \ hospitals \ enterprises, enhance the overall level of city services and to meet the various needs.
  the traffic developed, whether the city or the country and the gateway to the world All over the place.

  6. Inclusive, will not be amazed by different lifestyles / life attitudes.
  7. Information is developed, changing with each passing day, more opportunities to contact new things, more open vision.

  Advantages of small cities:
  1. Relatively low house prices, relatively stable, and low cost of living.
  2. There are many industries in small cities that need to be developed, and there are more opportunities for entrepreneurship.
  3. No major cities are fiercely competitive, and occupational pressure is less. .
  less 4 people, per capita resources are relatively abundant, transportation \ medical \ schooling environment is more relaxed than the big cities.
  5. around friends and family, a sense of belonging, is conducive to the exchange of feelings, care for each other, higher individual psychological well-being index .
  6. relatively quiet \ greener and more livable.
  7. slower pace of life, to have more time to spend with parents and children.

  How wanderers face the struggle of the mind

  1. Read a book: “Which city do you belong to?” The
  city ​​is like a human being, showing different temperament and character. We have chosen a city that not only chooses the opportunities it offers, but also its temperament and the services it provides. We can only be happy if we find a city that matches our needs and temperament.
  Richard Florida is known as the “most outstanding and wise intellectual in the United States”. In the book “Which city do you belong to?”, he answered “Why are some people particularly suitable to live in certain cities?” Important but often overlooked issues present the context and rules of wealth and wisdom in the world, providing a new perspective for people to understand the world and make choices.
  2. List a list to understand your fit with the city.
  The “like” should be your “like” from the heart, not the “like” that comes with the wind. For example, if you never love to watch dramas and movies, then there is no need to write “The city has a rich spiritual and cultural life” on the “like” one. If you like the feeling of being alive in this city and being looked at by people, you should also write it truthfully.
  Looking at what you “like” is the unique trait of the city? And “disgusting” is the fact that it is difficult to change? See which one is listed later.
  3. Give yourself two plans and conceive a two-step move.
  Maybe you have never thought of giving yourself a plan to “go” in a big city. Because you have been avoiding that possibility. Then let’s do it once and see what you can do if you can leave and return to a small city. Go back and buy a big house, rent a big store, and find out what kind of work. Also make a plan to continue to stay in the big city.
  Perhaps you will be pleasantly surprised to find that you have been struggling, and there is actually a better way to go. Don’t just be confused, just like the chess, to think about the next few moves, you can find a better move.
  4. Find a friend who is in a similar situation and do an in-depth conversation. What you
  need to remember is that all methods are just to help you recognize yourself and reality, and decide to do it by you.

  ”Go and stay” small survey

  Wang Rui, 28-year-old Anhui self-employed
  I chose to go back to my hometown, where the pace of life is slower and easier to enjoy life. Life is so many decades. As for buying a house in a big city for a few decades? After graduation, my husband and I chose to go back to my hometown. We worked hard for two years and bought our own house. My small business is doing well, now at home. With the help of people, I bought a small store, and even the loans were useless. And I got my mom here, and now I can go home to eat rice every day. I can go to my mother-in-law’s party on weekends. It’s really good.

  Xu Huize, 25-year-old Shandong clerk
  I chose a small city, and the psychological pressure of the big city is too great. When I got there, the vanity was broken, the house was small, the car was smashed, the partner couldn’t do it, and I couldn’t find my real needs. Because vanity makes you feel worse than others, then you fall into crazy fantasies, unrealistically desperate, closer to success, but farther away from happiness.

  Gege 30-year-old Jiangxi white-collar
  I chose to leave because I can’t afford a house. Although I have worked hard to earn 5,000 blocks per month from 800 pieces per month, the money still seems to be a drop in the city. I don’t settle myself, and I have no way to bring my parents to Beijing. If you must look for a man to make up for my lack of ability to earn money, I am afraid that I will sacrifice my feelings and choose that kind of cooperative marriage.

  Yanfeng, 27-year-old Beijing student
  I chose to stay in Beijing because I am studying here and I am used to the cultural atmosphere and convenient life here. The majors I have learned will be wasted after I go home, and I still can’t use the technology I have learned. What it looks like after a lifetime, I can see it now, but there are countless possibilities to stay here.

  Luo Yan, 27-year-old Beijing manager
  I came to Beijing to realize my dreams, do what I want to accomplish, and accumulate my capital. After that, I want to go to a second-tier city with my own experience and assets to enjoy life there. To put it bluntly, I came to the gold rush. The big city is like a mountain. When you walk there, you will see the mountains and small businesses, and your career and life will be more convenient.

  Xu Lei, 26-year-old Beijing civil servant
  I chose to stay in Beijing as a grassroots civil servant. Even with a good career, I still can’t match the current house price, but staying in Beijing can give me a sense of satisfaction. It seems that living in Beijing is a success and victory.

  Happiness is a more important thing. At the
  end of the year, the wanderers in the big cities began to make another choice: this time to go home for the New Year, come back? When we did the investigation, we found that even if the high price of housing rushed, the house and love would become distant. There are still a large number of respondents saying that they want to go, but they can’t go.
  Just as it takes courage to abandon the convenience of hometown to the big city to fight hard, it takes a courage to leave at the right time.
  This kind of courage is based on the understanding of this huge city, based on the mastery of the road ahead, based on knowing how far you can fly, rather than continuing to entangle yourself with the word dream.
  Don’t force yourself, leave or stay in the big city, but it’s a word: do what you can. Courageously recognize yourself, admit your incompetence, give up the hard struggle, and return to the other side of happiness. The vision given to the big cities helps you find a career and entrepreneurial opportunity in a small city; the assets accumulated in a big city may not be able to afford a bathroom there, but you can become the first bucket of gold in your small city. More importantly, you can finally find your inner warmth when you drift. You can exchange your parents’ peace of mind and your child’s smile.
  Perhaps for many people, being able to stay in a big city is a success, a proof of survival and competitiveness, and leaving means some kind of failure. However, according to the data, the happiness index of big cities is low, and the drifters there are so vivid that they are fascinating, but they know themselves. After all, this is the simplest question: Will you sacrifice your inner happiness for the envied success and for the extraordinary ability?

  Seriously calculate the cost of living and income and expenditure in this big city, and see what step your ideals have pursued for many years of wandering, speculate on your rising space and psychological endurance, and ask yourself how far you are from success. Ask yourself how much you need to be happy, give yourself a goal and plan that is not difficult to achieve, and give yourself an answer on the issue of going and staying at the beginning of the new year.
  Spiderman said: The greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. But we are not Spider-Man, we don’t have to prove our ability with a hard life. For ordinary you and me to come this time, happiness may be more important.