The Qi affects our lives all the time!

The human gas field is invisible, but this power is huge. Just like gravity, the gas field in each of us affects your life all the time.

So how is this gas field formed?

Your ideas, your beliefs, your environment, your friends, the food you eat, your desires, your rest and sleep, all affect your gas field.

These gas fields affect your temperament, your wealth, and your destiny.

What is affecting and acting on our gas field?

What impact will it have on our destiny?

Idea field: thought attracts reality

What is your idea, what do you believe, and what kind of life you will have. This is the law of attraction.

Your thoughts and thoughts are always attracting what you want in your subconscious mind.

Your thoughts are positive, your gas field is positive and positive; your thoughts are negative and negative, your gas field is negative and negative, and at the same time attract negative and negative people and things.

So if you want to change your positive energy field, you must have positive thoughts.

For example, people who are wealthy and profitable often attract money, while those who are poor are will continue to choose and create poverty.

Through your thoughts, language, and behavior, they will open the way for what you realize, whether rich or poor, just as you would like to meet you.

What is the heart of a person?

What is he like.

If your inner is always full:

Worried about fear and anxiety,

Then let you worry about fear and anxiety,

It will come from time to time.

This is not the outside world itself,

But you are attracted to yourself.

Thought is the cause, and the life and situation that is consistent with your thoughts is your fruit.

Knowing the principles of this law, you will use the enormous energy of thought to pursue everything you want.

There are many ways to change your inner feelings, such as healing and practicing. When you can really change your inner beliefs and make yourself truly confident and sunny, you will experience the world’s causal rules from a deeper dimension.

The secret of energy: It is important to be with whom!

At that time, you will also know how to use your thoughts correctly and positively. When the mind and the brain are open together, the vibration will become stronger and the information of the heavens and the earth will be smoother.

The human body is an information field full of mystery.

Information about the outside world, all the time,

Energy is exchanged.

And this information,

It constitutes the reality we see in our eyes.

Magnetic field of love: the largest magnetic field of the universe

Love is the most powerful gas field in the universe because it is consistent with the frequency of the universe.

Love is the positive atmosphere in your body. Only when you send out love, will you attract love. Some people feel that they have love, but that is just selfish self and greed.

True love is total, open-minded, to understand, tolerant, and love to love all the people around you , to love your friends, parents, loved ones, loved ones, colleagues, enemies, everything on earth, one flower and one grass.

The more love you send, the more you will accumulate in the universe, and the love you harvest will be love.

Love’s magnetic field will transcend time space

Love is a substance, a kind of gas field. When you make love, you will receive love.

The more a person’s accumulated love field, the more he will attract more love. When you have difficulties and dangers, the universe will send out various information to let you perceive, or let people of the same frequency help you.

It’s like inspiration, the inspiration comes in places of love, children and moms, twins, lovers and friends. Only the gas field of the ideology that two people love can make them resonate with each other.

Although it is far away in the world, but love makes these wonderful information connected to one, we will always hear stories of goodness, good news, good love and good harvest. The reason is also here.

One day, you think of a friend from afar. Suddenly, your friend called you. Although the two loved ones are far away, they sometimes feel the other’s love.

Compassionate people, the magnetic field of love will be bigger

When a person is doing good deeds, he will accumulate the magnetic field of love in the universe.

When he is in danger, his subconscious will have a perception, and there will be signs of discomfort in the body to let him know, and then avoid disaster. Even if there is a disaster, it will save you.

Do anything that you don’t think others don’t know. There are gods in the head. “Do not be evil, but don’t do it.” This is the same as the Buddha’s causal thoughts. Good and good, bad and bad, not not reported, time has not arrived.

In your daily life, you will find a large number of “low-energy” people, including you, and occasionally lucky to meet high-energy people.

They are always so happy, positive, and influential. You are envious and deeply attracted, and you want to be such a person.

What is high energy and low energy?

Negative low energy:

Resentment, regret, guilt, embarrassment, inferiority, despair, frustration, shame, jealousy, blame.

Negative high energy:

Anger, suspicion, frustration, worry, impatience, stress, negative challenges, all things are problems, relationships are challenges.

Positive low energy:

Quiet, calm, calm, quiet, relaxed, refreshed, harmonious, present, full rest, internal and external unity (static).

Positive high energy:

Compassion, love, gratitude, energy, energy, enthusiasm, full concentration, diversity, positive challenges, internal and external unity, self-improvement, and others.

A person who can’t swim, changing the pool can’t solve the problem;

A person who can’t do things can’t solve the problem by changing jobs;

A person who does not understand business love is not useful for men and women.

Because I: It is the root of everything. To change everything, you must first change your heart!

In fact, no matter who you are, what you love is that of yourself; what you like is also your own. What you love and hate is your own. When you change, everything changes.

Your world is created by you, and everything you create is created by you;

You are the sun, your world is full of sunshine, you are love, you live in the atmosphere of love; you are happy, you are in laughter.

Similarly, every day you complain, pick, blame, resent, you live in hell; people’s minds are so important, you are together, the whole world has changed. A heaven, a hell. The devil is between the thoughts.

Therefore, we must remember that what kind of life you want, you must first become a kind of person!