The most beautiful welcome

  His name is Matthew, a young American soldier. In 2008, he was sent to the turbulent Iraq. Like everyone else, he traveled to Iraq with the dream of serving the motherland and defending peace. But shortly after he was sent to Iraq, he received a phone call from his home. His wife, Sudi, was pregnant and he was about to become a father. The news made him ecstatic. He began to miss his family. He hoped that the war would end soon and he would go home soon.

  From that day on, whenever he had the opportunity, he would call home and share his happiness with a small life.

  His days in Iraq were not going well. They fought in the horror of Iraq’s guns and rains, and the places where his troops were supervised were repeatedly bombed. His classes were also criticized for failing to perform tasks. In those painful days, his heart was full of family members, and he was quickly punished for calling his family in a situation where he was not allowed. He accepted the punishment calmly, but he only thought about ending it all early and going home early.

  However, the situation was worse than he had imagined. The worst thing was that the scheduled return days when they set off were suddenly cancelled by the military and there was no accurate return schedule, which made the comrades disappointed, and he even I couldn’t help but scream, and he has been waiting to go home for a long time. This time, he found a bigger punishment for himself and was criticized by his superiors as a “coward.”

  Fortunately, the final result came down and their return date was only two months behind. This may be because many people like him are fighting for the danger of being punished. After 59 days, he can finally go home.

  Since the start of the Iraq war, the United States has continuously sent a large number of troops to Iraq, and has also continuously returned a batch of soldiers who have completed the mission. Of course, some people have forever stayed in the land of the raging horses. Every time the troops set off, the troops and their families will hold a grand farewell ceremony for the soldiers. Similarly, every time the troops return, the troops and their families will also hold a grand welcoming ceremony.

  When the soldiers are welcome to triumph, the troops will call on their families to hold a ceremony, send a lot of American flags, hang or issue a lot of banners, which read “Welcome Heroes Triumph”, “You are the pride of the United States” and “Long live the United States”. The family members will also rack their brains to write similar banners to welcome the return of their heroes, such as “Honour Soldier × × ×, you are the pride of our family” “My son is a hero” or something. They will create the scene very warm and make everyone boil.

  Of course, these glory seem to belong only to those who are worthy of pride, and those who have been disciplined are destined to be left out, even out of the airport passage are deliberately arranged behind. Those who walk in front are always heroes with medals. He didn’t expect much. He only hoped that he would go home early, and hug his wife with a big belly as soon as he entered the door.

  But when he walked out of the long passage of the military airport, he saw the woman in the front row of the mighty crowd standing in the square with a big belly. It was the wife Sud who missed day and night. Once, the words that have been drafted in the mind for thousands of times are ready to go at this moment. He took a deep breath and walked quickly.

  As he walked closer and closer, he saw that Sudi didn’t take the banner and the flag on his hand, only holding a coat. She was wearing a short T-shirt, and the raised belly was pulled out from under the clothes. The big belly is bare in the sun, with a shredded and soft light. He fixed his eyes and saw a word on the bare belly—“Dad, welcome you home!”

  His footsteps suddenly stopped, and then hurriedly ran over, clutching his already tearful wife, tears screaming, all the hardships, grievances and loss suddenly vanished, all missed And expectation is so worth it.

  He was shaking all over but still smiling with tears and said: “Dear, this is the most beautiful welcome I have seen. It makes me know, maybe, my father is the greatest honor in my life.”