The highest realm of Chinese medicine is to maintain health, and the highest state of health is to raise the heart!

With the explosion of information, more and more people have discovered the secret of “ideas”. Unfortunately, there is a clear understanding of the meaning of “ideas”. The only common point is that people know the super power of “ideas”.

From the point of view of written description , the idea is equivalent to the state of mind that is made up of consciousness (including explicit consciousness, subconsciousness). It is the sub-polarized state of mind that self-discipline regulates the natural accumulation of the original god after the slight calming of the subject. It “discards” all intermediate links and has “penetration”. The idea is the mild activity of the potential function of the human brain without the process of thinking about God.

The basic description of the mind : the idea can not be seen, can not be touched, very abstract, for the “seeing is believing” humans how to understand is lacking, can only be described slightly. Here we compare our metaphysical metaphors to innate qi, natural beings, and ubiquitous roads, such as the grass that “the wildfire is not burned, the spring breeze spring is born” and the creatures of all things, this “dao” encounters Spring breeze lives, grows, and produces hair. That is to say, only the original god may have a direct relationship with “qi”. This spring breeze is that the holographic encounter between the individual’s “Tao” and the code of the object will constitute the so-called metaphysical “qi”, which has similarities in coding, program and air-machine information, so they can communicate with each other. Knowing this layer is crucial.

“I want to get angry”, “to take the lead”, its “meaning” is the gas field system of life field and life information fluid . It communicates through the information inherent in the human brain, direct steering and processing of the gas-material process and its “five elements” variability. Therefore, it is possible to give information to the movement of the gas through the mind, and to generate gasification.

The ancients said in detail: human virtues evolved into emotions, emotions can produce meanings, intentions are constantly working, that is, consciousness, consciousness has a sense of stimulating great meaning, and there is a small sense of stimulating small meaning. In consciousness, consciously Consciously, the big consciousness of choosing meaning is transformed into an idea, and other consciousness is abandoned. This idea translates into motivation and can dominate the body to act. That is to say, the “Simple Classics” is called: “Dehua’s love, love business, and intentional movement.”, “Italian constant movement, knowledge of choice, motivation to go out.”

From a more general point of view , the idea is both qi, power, and energy. The greatness of modern physics lies in the proof that everything is energy. “Color is empty, empty is color.” In modern physics, all matter can decompose elements and atoms; the inside of an atom is empty, and the subatoms in these spaces are lightning-fast. The energy wave of a bunch of vibrations is actually a string.

There is a case: A study by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte shows that in just a few days, meditation for a short period of time can enhance our cognitive ability. According to the bulletin issued by the school, a total of 63 students participated in the study as research subjects, and 49 of them completed the prescribed projects.

One group of students, 20 days of specific meditation on the day, and another group of students read books during this time. Four days later, a group of students who participated in the meditation meditation achieved significant improvement in some key cognitive abilities, and the test score was significantly higher than that of another group of students who did not participate in meditation.

The training results show that the former is ten times more capable of processing information within the specified time. Evidence shows that after four days of meditation, students’ visual spatial processing ability, memory and executive ability at work have been significantly improved.

The idea is both qi, power, and energy.

The mind is also virtual . However, it is not false, because “virtual” can become “real” and “nothing” can become “having”.

Consciousness is a substance that is not restricted by our body. It is a well-organized energy capable of changing material events. Therefore, it is possible to “control the object” , and the ability to exceed the limits of time and space. A simple idea seems to have the power to change our world.

“Controlling by heart”, ideas can affect physical reality . Ideas can affect anything and have the amazing ability to change the world. Matter is not solid and stable, not even anything. Our world is like a huge quantum information network.

“Real” is not fixed, but flows or changes. If you want to influence the substance with your mind, you must be very focused and have a strong motivation. The mind is obviously inextricably linked to matter in some way. Groups of minds may reverse the trend and bring about the repair and renewal of the planet. To change the world, we only need to be able to do it together.

The structure of the human body has some similarities with the antenna. Is it the receiver that does not see the information, or the sender of the signal? The mind is a kind of frequency . The treatment of mind is a highly ordered light, and the mind is also highly harmonious.

Human ideas can affect plants . The organism can understand the mind and heart of human beings and will respond. Protein egg yolks communicate with eggshells. Even if the organism is cut into several pieces, communication continues. Sending every strong emotion (love, hate, anger, etc.) of the mind will lead to a strong release of the mind. The organism can communicate with the environment in both directions. The idea is a photon flow, and it is not surprising that the plant receives the signal and is affected by it.

The effect of the mind is the complete manifestation of love , which will make the two bodies one. Whether it is good news or a bad news, it will be received by the heart and brain. The most surprising thing is that the heart receives the hunch faster than the brain. Motivation is a key element of success in mind. Positive thoughts (with love or altruistic minds) often lead to a coordinated heartbeat.

The bottom of the organism is composed of particles such as electrons, so any drastic change in the magnetic direction should deeply affect their physiological processes. The earth’s micro-magnetic oscillations deeply affect the body, heart, and brain. Subtle changes in the Earth’s magnetic field have the most pronounced effects on the heart and brain.

The mind’s mind also brings about the actual physiological changes . Using thoughts to think about it can make people change certain parts of the body. Imagine that the skin there has returned to normal. Confidence is a powerful treatment tool. Placebo can exert a power effect.

The terminal illness is not a medicine, but it is also a manifestation of the power of mind. Prove that the idea is enough for the body to correct itself, and many suffer from severe or terminal illness “auto-healing.” Imagination can almost control any physiological process, even treating life-threatening diseases. Other people’s good thoughts about you are as powerful as your own good thoughts. Human minds can profoundly affect many plants, seeds, single-celled organisms (bacteria, yeast), insects and small animals.

“There are evils, and all are good.”

Implications are like seeds, and they are very powerful. The logic of “planting melons and melons, and growing beans” is to “can’t get the beans” or “the beans can’t get melons”, which is the general rule of crop growth.

So, is this law effective for crops, and is it equally effective for people? Although this is a somewhat ridiculous question, the answer is quite thought-provoking. We may be able to see some examples from everyday life:

1. Observe whether you are always in a very friendly environment? If so, it is because you have been very friendly to everyone around you at any time, that is, you have planted a lot of “friendly” seeds . Therefore, when you need it, you will feel the fruit of “friendlyness”; on the other hand, if you often encounter people with arrogance or suspicion, then you have to look at yourself, whether you used to be arrogant to others. Or suspicion, planted the seeds of “arrogance” or “suspicion”?

2. If there is always someone to help you when you have difficulties, it may be because you used to help others when you have difficulties, and planted the seeds of “help .” On the other hand, if you are always lacking “extraordinary people” to help you, then you must reflect on yourself and often help others when they need it.

3, first look at yourself, what has the most, such as caring, knowledge of a certain aspect, etc., you may find that it is exactly what you have paid the most , then look at yourself, what has the least, Usually that is what you want most, but the least.

Consciousness determines the energy vibration frequency of body particles

“Good and good, bad and evil” has always been to let people believe in the law of cause and effect, and the famous American psychiatrist and psychologist Dr. David R. Hawkins in “Power vs. Force” : The positive energy and negative energy of the mind) In the book, the existence of “good and evil retribution” is truly confirmed by scientific experiments : different levels of consciousness of human beings correspond to different body energy vibration frequencies. The more positive the emotion, the more energy frequency High, otherwise the lower…

Using ideas to cure diseases , we use our minds to control our physical and mental health. Where did the disease come from? The disease is caused by bad thoughts. We know the Buddha better and know better than science. Scientists didn’t find it. There is a lot of work in this disease. This scientist did not see it. The scientist only knows that the mind can be controlled. He did not expect to be a debtor. This is what he did not see.

Off the human subconscious and disease department, the human subconscious is very great, no matter what you want, whether it is right or wrong, he has to accept all, if it is positive, positive, positive will bring positive Change, but if it is negative, negative, the subconscious will also accept.

Many people don’t understand this rule and often attract negative things that he doesn’t want. The same is true for people’s diseases. Many serious diseases have a good mentality, a medical miracle, a miraculous cure of incurable diseases, but there are also many people. The disease is caused by disease-awareness.

When human beings accept the wrong medical and disease views, they will inevitably directly affect human consciousness. Once human consciousness has deviated, it will inevitably lead to deviations in behaviors toward health and disease.

Human consciousness is omnipotent . It can not only create civilization, create matter, but also create a large number of symptoms – diseases, and even the ultimate disease – death. Especially when the fear of a certain disease is continuously strengthened and forms a group consciousness of human beings, the subconscious mind can easily create death! The “endiac awareness” caused by the “terrorist” effect of human beings is one of the important reasons for the high mortality rate of cancer today.

There are only four sentences in the ancient Hawaiian therapy . “I love you, sorry, please forgive me, thank you.” These four sentences. These four sentences can cure your disease, and it really works, including all debtors.

In the return, you may wish to use this heart, use these words to kiss the debtor, I am sorry, I love you, please forgive, thank you. You keep thinking like this, and constantly returning like this will have a role, and your body and mind will be healthy, and the other’s shackles will be resolved. If the body and mind are not healthy, the other party’s knots cannot be resolved. To be sincere!

The famous Taoist doctor Sun Sizhen in the Tang Dynasty said in his “Preparation of the Pillows in the Pillows”: “The disease of the Taoist people, closing the eyes and making internal fires, making the heart burn, burning with the fire, burning the body to make it happen, so that the spirit is like, the disease is getting worse, If there is a pain, it will be burned, the secret test.” The ancient doctor’s words, can you believe it?

Some clinical medical experts in the West have found that the number of immune cells in patients can be improved by imagination, and it has different effects on various patients ranging from cancer to cold.

In the United States, there is a female patient with a malignant tumor on her neck. The doctor concluded that she can only live for three months. After she heard the news, she did not have pessimistic disappointment. Instead, she was guided by a psychologist and used meditation therapy to sit in bed every day. No distracting thoughts, concentrate on imagining that the tumor on the neck is a demon, and the white blood cells in his body are knights who are brave and warlike, and gradually eliminate the demon.

In this way, two to three times a day, after a year, the patient has magically recovered . It can be seen that a person, as long as you often send righteous thoughts, always thinks about the benefits, and is convinced that there will be unexpected miracles!

A woman, suffering from optic atrophy in 1954, was ineffective in treatment at major hospitals in Beijing. Instead , she gradually developed into a bad aspect, and finally had to stop working and rest at home for a long time. Later, after she stood for a period of time, after some effects, she closed her eyes for half an hour every morning, then opened her eyes and relaxed her eyes to look at the big sap in front, to refine her eyes and trees. The atmosphere on the cap is connected (that is, the oxygen that is spit out from the tree, which is generally invisible to the average person, so it is easy to misunderstand).

A few months later, she closed her eyes and practiced in the north. After half an hour, she slowly opened her eyes and looked at the tree cap. She saw a thick layer of gas on the tree cap; so, slowly use the eyes. Pull the atmosphere on the tree cap and put it back.

In this way, after a period of refining, the eyes really connected with the atmosphere of the tree hat. Between the pull and the release, the eyes have a real sense of touch (the idea of ​​preventing and treating myopia is, before going to sleep, Lightly close your eyes, your mind is focused on your eyes, first think of yourself climbing up the mountain, overlooking the distant white clouds and mountains, etc., about two to three minutes; immediately after reading your reading or writing at the desk, and seems to have many away from yourself The eyes are very close, and you should try to see the strokes of each word as much as possible. This should be about a minute; then you are thinking about looking up the lightning rod on the top of the big chimney in the distance, trying to look clear, so look at the second In three minutes, I will immediately look at the things in the vicinity. This will be repeated several times. The last time must be to look at the distance, and it should be three to five minutes. If you obviously feel the contraction of the lens is contracting and Relax, then there is an effect).

This is the result of changing from “virtual” to “real” and from “nothing” to “having”.

The power of conviction is infinite, and we can change our own life by thinking of good thoughts and trusting our own beliefs .

When the weather is bad, we can think of ourselves running in the room, rowing, playing in the mountains, riding or riding horses, throwing blues in the dribble, kicking the net into the net, hitting the sandbags, etc. This imaginary movement, although not shaped, has a very good fitness effect.

In his “Temple of the Eight Chambers”, Wu Yuanzi said: “The congenital qi is self-defeating and there is nothing in the middle.”

It is precisely because the human body is in harmony with the cosmic atmosphere that it enhances the body’s function of absorbing nutrients from the virtual universe, stimulates the body’s metabolism, and converts it into heat and electricity, and unblocks the body’s meridians accordingly, and adjusts the human body. Balance, only has a significant effect on treatment and fitness.

In a survey, medical experts found that 81.2% of cancer patients had been affected and attacked by bad ideas before they became ill.

For example, the pressure of work and study is too great, the couple’s feelings are not harmonious, family members are seriously ill, can not effectively discipline their children, love spouses suddenly die, life is difficult day by day and so on.

Researchers at the Beijing Cancer Institute and the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences have shown that carcinogens are not the only carcinogenic risk factors, and psychosocial factors are one of the high risk factors for cancer.

They found that in 398 patients with gastric cancer, the two factors of “getting angry and eating” and “good sulking” are important causes of gastric cancer.

In addition, cervical cancer patients are significantly associated with disappointment; lung cancer is associated with suppression of emotional release; liver cancer is associated with irritability in sexual temper; breast cancer is associated with low anxiety.

It can be seen that the negative energy of bad ideas can destroy a person’s health and lead to one’s death!

It should be noted that thoughts are energetic, and language has a strong vibration. Therefore, in our life, we should try not to say no words, no auspicious words, because this is the negative energy that hurts people, especially in anger and The words made when resentment are very strong. “Good words, three winters, warm words, a word of September frost.” This statement is not awkward!

The optimistic and open-minded, calm mind is the positive energy of benign thoughts, which is an important reason for a person to move from being weak to healthy and from death to new life .

The highest state of Chinese medicine is to maintain health, and the highest state of health is to raise the heart .

The person who raises the heart, the good thoughts, the good deeds, the diligence, the mentality and the also. In this way, the disease can be more, weaker and stronger, foolish and wise, and cannot be counted.