Sorrowful General

Zhang Zizhong is a famous anti-Japanese general and national hero. The lieutenant general of the Republic of China was conferred the rank of second-class general after sacrifice, and was also the highest-level general sacrificed by the Allies in the Second World War.

That was a few years ago, when I interviewed 29 army veterans for the purpose of writing General Zhao Dengyu, I mentioned 29 army’s main leaders, including Song Zheyuan, the commander of the army, Qin Dechun, Lu Xiuwen, the deputy commander of the army, Zhao Dengyu and Zhang Zizhong. In front of the Japanese, there are all kinds of men with iron bones and bronze voices. The veteran said: Zhang Zizhong was a traitor and later became a martyr. Say that finish, shook his head.

I was taken aback. The general has been martyred for many years, but the traitor’s words still ferment in some people’s hearts, which makes my heart tremble.

Zhang Zizhong took office as mayor of Tianjin in June 1936. At that time, the Japanese, in order to rein in Song Zheyuan and draw North China away from China, invited Song Zheyuan to visit the same kind of Japan at the end of March 1937 by Tian Dai, commander of Japan’s North China garrison army, citing the emperor’s birthday. All expenses were paid by the Japanese. Song Zheyuan’s face is difficult to see. If he goes as head of the army, the Japanese army will talk about various rights and interests such as railway construction, longlu salt farm and coal mine. So Song Zheyuan appointed Zhang Zizhong as his representative to Japan.

While in Japan, Japan coerced Zhang Zizhong to sign the Sino-Japanese Economic Support Treaty. Zhang Zizhong flew into a rage and flatly refused. He left and returned home early. After the ” July 7th” incident, with the blood of Tong Linge and Zhao Dengyu spilling over the battlefield, Song Zheyuan led 29 army to retreat to Baoding on July 28 and decided to leave Zhang Zizhong to deal with the Japanese. Zhang Zizhong was in charge of the chairman of Jicha Administrative Committee, the director of Peiping Appeasement Office and the mayor of Peiping.

At 9 o’clock that night, the gunfire stopped. Song Zheyuan, Qin Dechun and others left Xizhimen in Peiping and moved to Baoding. After parting, Zhang Zizhong said to Qin Dechun sadly, ” You and Mr. Song have become national heroes. I am afraid I will become a traitor.” The language was painful, but there was a sense of responsibility in it. The general made people go back to the martyrdom of ancient China. This kind of tolerance of ” although there are tens of millions of people, I am past” made my heart gyrate mournfully with those sentences of Li Ling 2,000 years ago-the son was honored and I stayed humiliated.

In order to avoid the untold sufferings of people under fire, this grievance is so sad.

Although General Zhang Zizhong once pointed out that he did not want to be a traitor in the Japanese-occupied Peiping, but ” hoped to open up a situation and maintain it for a longer period of time so as to make the country more fully prepared” and said that he did not care about reputation or reputation for this, the ” traitor” hat and the widespread disdain and spit made him depressed and miserable.

Feng Yuxiang, the old superior of General Zhang Zizhong, clarified this history in his article Mourning General Zhang Zizhong. Feng said: ” In the twenty-five or six years of the Republic of China, North China created a special situation in which he endured hardships. Although many people misunderstood him and even abused him, he had a solid foundation in his heart and waited for the future facts to be cleared up in the spirit of humiliation. …… In Peiping bitter support, some people think that he really want to fish in troubled waters. At that time, I said that he had worked with me since he was a child. I knew that he hated evil as well as hatred and would never surrender to the enemy. Later, I did not expect it. ”
Patriotism is not a kind of feeling. Zhang Zizhong chose thorns. His behavior has been a bitter love for the nation at a different level and a tearful beauty.

In the nationalist army, Zhang Zizhong is famous for his strict troops and his brave men. The popular phrase in the nationalist army is: ” Shi Yousan’s whip, Han Fuju’s rope, Liang Guanying’s pole is like a dragon, Zhang Zizhong’s skinning is ruthless.”

Zhang Zizhong resigned from all posts after only eight days as mayor of Peiping. Two days later, he left Peiping in disguise and headed south. Public opinion continued to criticize him. At that moment, the Nanjing National Government issued an order to dismiss Zhang Zizhong from his post and investigate the case by ” abandoning his responsibility and repeatedly losing the land”.

Zhang Zizhong was disappointed.
When the Sino-Japanese war broke out in full swing, Zhang Zizhong was laid off. He was stranded in Nanjing alone, with nothing to do all day long and the days were like years. It is not difficult for us to imagine that General Zhang Zizhong died and returned to the country to show his determination to be innocent, even when he was extremely depressed.

On December 7, 1992, Zhang Zizhong returned to the 59th Military Department of Liyuantun at Henan Crossing. When meeting with everyone, Zhang Zizhong only said one sentence: ” To return to the army today is to take everyone to find a dead end and see where they will die for the country in the future!” Everyone cried when they heard this sentence.

Just as they were picking up the enemy, the marching troops heard the messenger galloping to the front of the troops and announcing the commander’s order: halt the advance! Stand by! Then came the shrill bugle, and everyone felt a kind of pressure and uncertainty.
The burly general Zhang Zizhong, who rode on a high horse, came to the front of the army surrounded by the guards.

General Zhang Zizhong stood with his feet in the stirrup and his right hand on his sword. He shouted in Shandong dialect: ” Brothers, these are the two shameless things. When camping in the town yesterday, he took the umbrella of someone else’s small boss. He not only did not give money but also beat people. Our brothers have not gone to the front to fight the devils. Now I want to kill them first. It’s all my fault. It’s because I didn’t teach them well.” With a wave of his hand, the general’s voice choked.

The two soldiers were led to the field, followed by two clear and crisp gunfire low across the sky, such as the night owl’s low voice.
However, during the night of the execution of the two soldiers, there was also a bad case of rape of civilian women. In the end, it was found out that it was Sun Erhu, the commander of the death squads. No one in the 59th army knew that Sun Erhu was a meritorious military officer under General Zhang. From xifengkou to Lugouqiao, every battle had to be fought with him. The general coldly uttered the words ” in accordance with the law”. The gun rang again. It was still like the low voice of a night owl, and the army went on.

Three days later, the troops arrived in Linyi to block the Japanese army’s Sakakibara division and won a big victory. This was the first real victory the Kuomintang had won since it was facing resistance to Japan.

A month later, General Zhang led his troops to rest. The messenger came in pale and stammered, ” Commander, he, he’s back.” The commander wondered and rebuked, ” Who? Who is back? ” The messenger gasped, ” Yes, Captain Sun is back.”

Sun erhu was brought in, with black carbon on his face, ragged clothes and hair and beard as long as a beard, as if coming from another world.
It turned out that the soldier who was executed that day admired Sun Erhu as a man and his hands trembled a little. As a result, the bullet missed the key. Sun Erhu was also very lucky. He was rescued by the kind people and recovered after several days of recuperation. People urged him to flee for his life, but when he heard that Zhang Zizhong had troops stationed in this area, he hurried back.

General Zhang Zizhong suddenly stood up from the front of the map and gave three successive orders: ” Change your clothes; Prepare wine and vegetables; Lock up and wait for disposal. ” Sun erhu has long been disposed of, and it is the highest level of disposal. how else can it be disposed of?

The next day, the adjutant went to see Zhang Zizhong again. The headquarters was still filled with smoke. It seemed that the general had been up all night again, sitting gaunt in the army tent with cigarette butts in front of him. The table was piled with piles of paper. The adjutant looked at it with his eyes and suddenly found that each piece of paper had a big word ” skinned”.

The Military Advocate General once again came to Sun Erhu and announced Zhang Zizhong’s warrant. Sun erhu seemed to have known this day before. he did not change his face, listened to the orders, and gave a standard salute. However, before Sun Erhu proposed to meet with the general, the Military Advocate General announced that he would give him a farewell dinner with good food and wine. Sun Erhu looked puzzled, and then his mouth twitched.

When the general arrived, the food and drinks were just a few roasted chickens and braised pork elbows. This was also a sumptuous occasion during the war. Several teachers bowed their heads and accompanied him. There was nothing to say during the dinner, and the teachers took turns to give sun erhu a drink. Sun erhu’s eyes were red, but he had to drink every time he advised. After several rounds of drinking, Sun Erhu suddenly looked up and stared straight at the general. General Zhang took the look, as if both sides were going to stab each other.

All of a sudden, sun erhu stripped off his jacket, from the waist plate to the ribs, from the chest to the back, covered with scars, such as copper coins such as stones such as tree tumor, or concave or convex, also such as ups and downs of mountains and rivers, some teachers don’t have the heart to, twisted his head.

General Zhang Zizhong was stunned. He immediately pointed to a teacher nearby and said, ” You take off your clothes.” The teacher took off his clothes in an orderly manner and was scarred all over. The commander pointed to another commander and said, ” Your clothes have been taken off too.” The commander took off, and it was the same uneven and scarred. The soldiers behind him all took off their jackets under the gaze of the general. It was like an exhibition and a review. Each scar was a reconstruction and retrospective of blood and fire. Each scar was a gift and glory of war.

In the end, General Zhang Zizhong tore off his coat and a fatal scar on his chest, red and shocking. Everyone bowed their heads, sun erhu also buried his head, eyes a little wandering dodge, then dong knelt on the ground, ” I’m sorry general!”

General Zhang slowly lifted sun erhu up and turned his head to one side: ” you can go at ease. the brothers will kill more devils for you.”
The next day, Sun Erhu was lying in a cedar coffin made of fixed size. Zhang Zizhong shook hands with him to say goodbye.

One year before General Zhang Zizhong died for his country, he came to Chongqing to see Feng Yuxiang, a reclusive scholar.
It was the hardest time for an old friend to come, when Mr. feng, who was depressed, swept away the haze. He gave a banquet in Baxian Middle School to welcome Zhang Zizhong. Zhang Zizhong gave Feng the Japanese saber captured in Linyi Battle as a gift. On September 2, 1945, Japan formally signed the unconditional surrender, and the Anti-Japanese War finally won. Mr. feng was deeply touched, saw things and thought about people. he wrote a sentence on the saber: ” this saber was given to me in the 28th year of the Republic of China by general Zhang zizhong, a Japanese devil who fought in Linyi.”

On the day of the meeting, the two talked together at night. The sky, the earth, the round skull, the square toe, evening rain, and the bloody war were very pleasant. Zhang Zizhong once again said to Mr. Feng, ” I don’t care if guns are inferior to people, but if guns are inferior to people, I always try my best to fight. To be an example to others, I will do my best to serve the country and not humiliate my husband. I want to live as if I were alive, and die as if I were dead! ”

The next day, the two of them said to each other, ” take care of each other.” they said goodbye, and asvaghosa was whistling and falling under the banner of sunshine. Zhang Zizhong walked not far away, but stopped with a heavy heart. Is it a premonition that his life is uncertain? Have a presentiment that it will be difficult to meet Mr feng again in this life?

Zhang Zizhong turned around and went back to the room with the feeling of farewell. He fell to his knees with a thud and kowtowed heavily to Feng Yuxiang. Mr. feng was shocked by the sight and said, ” what are you doing?” I saw tears in Zhang Zizhong’s eyes and solemnly said, ” My husband has nurtured me in my whole life. I live to devote myself wholeheartedly to my country, like a person, like a soldier, and I will live up to the life you have nurtured me. If I die, I will be like a ghost and a loyal soul. I will not disgrace Mr. Wang’s reputation of training troops and leading troops. ”

Feng Yuxiang was speechless with consternation, but his heart knew what it meant to say goodbye to you after this big gift. On such a kneeling, this is a brave general who shocked the history of the war of resistance. this is a symbol of loyalty and strength of famous generals. as a commitment to history and the oldest ceremony, he was moved by the memory of the years.

As a general commander-in-chief who was appointed to the government and directed several army groups, Zhang Zizhong commanded tens of thousands of troops and more than 100,000 troops. However, his personal life remained the same as that of the nationalist army. Except for major occasions, he never wears woolen or serge uniforms, nor does he wear the rank of general. Instead, he wears the same old grey cloth military uniform as the local soldiers and shaves his head. Only a military band can show his identity as an officer. The usual diet is also very simple, with soldiers eating two meals a day.

One reporter who interviewed him wrote that he was not fastidious about food. As long as it was vegetables, green vegetables, green beans, a few steamed buns and a bowl of millet porridge, these could be regarded as a sumptuous lunch for him. Sometimes, he felt uneasy about improving the food due to entertaining guests.

In a battle, supplies were cut off and the headquarters staff and the secret service battalion could not find food for almost a day and a night. the orderlies brought some baked buns and fried beans with them to him to eat. seeing the brothers starving, the general could not bear to eat them and said, ” if we want to eat for everyone, how can we eat alone at this time?” Everyone endured hunger and fought against the Japanese.
At dusk, a soldier was suffering from malaria due to hunger. Zhang Zizhong hurriedly asked the orderlies to take out the little dry food for him to eat. However, the soldier refused to eat and said with tears: ” The commander-in-chief does not eat, nor can I eat. I cannot break the commander-in-chief’s rule of” eat for everyone. ”

” Military attache is not afraid of death and civilian officials do not love money” is Yue Fei’s ideal. As a military commander, Zhang Zizhong is not only not afraid of death, but also does not love money. For many years, he has accumulated a large number of political figures, but few of them are privately stored. After Zhang Zizhong’s death, when sorting out his belongings, everyone rummaged through boxes and boxes looking for his will on family and economic matters, but in the end they found nothing. His nephew Lian Qing said beside him. ” Don’t look for him. He certainly didn’t. If he cared about his family and money, he wouldn’t have died.”

At that time, his headquarters was located in a small town between Xiangfan and Dangyang, known as Happy Shop. When the famous writer Liang Shiqiu was stationed at the front line by General Zhang Zizhong, he was a member of the comfort group and wrote down the visit to General Zhang’s headquarters at that time-

The headquarters is a private house, a real Maoci mud house, one bright and one dark, with a rectangular wooden table outside and wooden benches in the ring. It looks like a conference room with nothing else. The inner room is a dormitory, with a large wooden bed, a thin quilt on the bed, a wooden table in front of the bed, and a telephone and two or three stacks of official documents on the table. The walls are bare and simple enough to make people cannot believe that some of them are living. But clean and tidy, spotless.

General Zhang’s headquarters is simple, but general Zhang himself is simpler. A tall, big body, slightly fat, with a shaven head, a clean shaven face, slightly pale in color, dressed in ordinary grey cotton uniforms, without any rank identification. He is not talkative and even less sociable, but his brow is full of calmness and fortitude. He is not a person of outstanding ability, but a type of Wen Gong and Yun Ji. He entertained writers with an unforgettable meal, four bowls of dishes and a hot pot. The four bowls of dishes are mainly vegetables and tofu, while one hotpot is mainly tofu and vegetables. There are also pieces of meat, meatballs and other embellishments. Each person also adds an egg to boil in the pan. Although he said he was sorry, Liang Shiqiu could see that this was his biggest ostentation and extravagance in the headquarters. This meal made the writers sweat profusely and the two sides enjoyed each other.

In order to wash the dirt of the so-called traitors, General Zhang crossed the river and died. In a place called pumpkin shop on the east side of Xiang river, the general died for his country.

It was about 3 pm, the sky was drizzling and the fighting continued in the rain, leaving few soldiers around Zhang Zizhong. The general could no longer contain himself when he saw his brothers fall one by one. He lifted a submachine gun and roared down the hill. At this moment, the Japanese machine guns in the distance came at him, and the general was shot in several places, with his right chest pierced and blood gushing. Ma Xiaotang saw the general suddenly lean back and rushed forward to bandage him. Blood spattered all over Ma Xiaotang.

Before the wound had been bandaged, the Japanese army rushed up one after another. In an emergency, Zhang Zizhong said to the people beside him, ” I can’t do it, you have to go! I have my own way. ” Everyone was determined not to follow. Zhang Zizhong pulled out the dagger at his waist and wanted to cut himself. The guard was frightened and quickly hugged him to death.

As he lay dying, Zhang Zizhong lay on the ground with a pale face. Then he calmly said, ” I have died so well that I have sought benevolence and benevolence. My conscience is very safe for the country, the nation and the governor. You must go! ”

At this time, the Japanese infantry had rushed to the front. From the data of the Japanese army’s war history, we found the final plot of the battle: Private Fujioka, the first class of the fourth unit, was a sharp knife in the charging team. He rushed at the large officer who looked like the enemy’s top commander with a bayonet. The man suddenly stood up from the pool of blood, his eyes glued to Fujioka. When rushed to the distance of less than three meters from the big officer, rattan okada private from his eyes, feel a kind of say not to come out of majesty, unexpectedly involuntarily stare blankly in situ. At this time, gunfire rang out from behind, and the third mid-team leader, Tomino, fired a bullet and hit the officer in the head. There was a slight uncomfortable expression on his face.

At the same time, Private Fujioka seemed to be awakened by the sound of gunfire. He was also determined to use all his strength to raise his bayonet and plunge deep into his tall body. Under this thorn, the tall body can no longer support, collapsed like a mountain.

Time seems to have stagnated. history has left a quiet scene. deep red blood is mixed with misty rain, forming an eternal moment-4: 00 p.m. on may 16, 1940

Zhang Zizhong, a generation of famous anti-Japanese soldiers, died with a peaceful conscience at the age of 49. At the same time, more than 500 people were killed for their country. After Zhang Zizhong was killed for his country, gunfire stopped suddenly in the pumpkin shop area and it was very quiet.

Smoke hung over the battlefield and drizzle fell silently on the littered bodies. Blood flowed slowly with the rain. The dyed red soil could not tell whether it was the blood of the Japanese army or the national army.

The Japanese army began to clean up the battlefield. Tominoand Fujioka estimated that the officer whohad just died must be a general.They turned over the body and searched it.Tominodug out the ” No. Alarmed, the two men stepped back and ” snapped” to attention, respectfully saluted the body, then leaned forward and studied the bloodied man lying on his back in front of them. Then they reported the situation to the commander of the 231-member military alliance, colonel Takehiko Yokoyama. Yokoyama ordered the body to be carried on a stretcher to Chen Guji, more than 20 miles north of the battlefield. The 39th Japanese division headquarters asked the division chief of staff who knew Zhang Zizhong, Tian Shengshou, to personally check it out.

Prior to the July 7 incident, Tian Shengshou was a senior staff officer of the Chinese garrison army and had contacts with Zhang Zizhong, then mayor of Tianjin. As one of the Japanese negotiators during the July 7th incident, he met with Zhang Zizhong at the negotiation table many times.
It was already dark when the body was carried into the headquarters of Chen jiaji 39 division. Tian Shengshou held the candle in his hand and stared at Zhang Zizhong’s cheek for a long time. Suddenly he said sadly, ” No mistake, it is indeed Zhang Jun!”

Those present issued a mountain tsunami to celebrate the victory, followed by a suppressed silence and solemn silence. Division Chief Murakami ordered the military doctor to scrub the body carefully with alcohol, wrap it in bandages, and order someone to make a coffin from a nearby carpenter’s shop. The body was solemnly collected in the coffin and buried on the earth slope behind Chen Jia Temple Hall. A tombstone was erected on the grave, saying: The tomb of General Zhang Zizhong of zhina.

Just that night, when General Zhang Zizhong’s body was taken away by the soldiers of the national army, the front-line Japanese army received an order from the headquarters to ” take Zhang Zizhong’s body to Hankou by plane”, but it was too late. Only one tombstone was on the tomb.

On the morning of the 8th, the loyal skeleton arrived at the happy shop, and the soldiers of the 33rd army greeted him with tears. The general’s subordinates looked at Zhang’s injury with tears and found that the whole body was injured in 8 places: except for the right shoulder and right leg, and the bayonet wound in the abdomen, the left arm, the left rib, the right chest, the right abdomen and the right forehead were all hit with one bullet each. the brain collapsed and deformed, and the face was difficult to recognize. only the mole on the right cheek was still clearly visible.
Then the front medical team scrubbed the body again, treated it with drugs, gave General Zhang a breeches uniform, wore a collar badge, wore high-heeled boots, and was buried in a nanmu coffin.

On the morning of the 21st of the month, six trucks set off from the Happy Shop to escort Zhang Zizhong’s coffin to Chongqing. Tens of thousands of people along the way wept and bowed down to pay their respects.

When the bus arrived in Yichang, 100,000 people took part in the funeral. The whole city was shrouded in solemn and stirring atmosphere. Enemy planes circled and roared over the sky, but no one escaped and no one fled. Zhang Zizhong’s coffin changed ships here and went up the river to Chongqing. On the morning of the 28th, the ship arrived at the wharf of Chuqimen. Chiang Kai-shek, Feng Yu-yan, He Yingqin, Kong Yang-xi, Song Ziwen, Sun Ke, Yu Youren, and Zhang Qun led civil and military officials with their arms covered in black gauze, stood up at the dock to greet the spirit, and boarded the ship to circle the coffin in mourning. Chiang Kai-shek ” touched the coffin to mourn” on the ship, which moved all present. Later, people said that Chiang Kai-shek’s desk had been decorated with the portrait of Zhang Zizhong ever since.

When General Zhang Zizhong died for his country, the calculation method used by his hometown in Shandong was that he was only 50 years old. His wife, Li Minhui, heard of the pain and wound and refused to eat rice all the time. Seven days later, she closed and died. Perhaps the death of the wife is beyond outsiders’ understanding. Men are loyal to their country and women are martyred for their husbands. But what do we want from Li Furen? Is there a better ending than the death of a devoted husband? I don’t advocate martyrdom for men, but I am moved by the martyrdom of Mrs. Li. The person I love dies, and I will never be the only child in the world.

Although most of the entire army under General Zhang died in this battle, the enemy paid a higher price. The number is cold, but behind the number is the general’s blood dyed, bleeding five steps of the general, making the enemy bleed more than a hundred steps? A group of figures show that after the general died for his country, from may 1 to 16, he killed more than 45,000 enemies, captured more than 60 cannons, 2,000 horses, 70 chariots and 400 cars.

General Zhang Zizhong is dead. If we attribute the general’s death to the murderer only one sentence: Japanese, it would be too light and clever to fade the fog of sadness into clouds. After the July 7 incident, the general stayed in his old capital and said tearfully, ” I’m afraid you have become national heroes, and I have become a traitor. I’m afraid only blood can compensate for this. this is the internal reason why a top general can feel at ease only when he dies in the cry of blood and fire. but death is easy. others cannot understand his forbearance and tears before he dies.

Bamboo slips are green and perishable. Blood is red and fades easily. However, bamboo slips written with blood are stronger than gold and stone. The words on the bamboo slips have the effect of making golden sounds and jade.

The word ” conscience” often appears in general Zhang’s warrant and conversation. my hometown and the general’s hometown belong to the yellow soil plain of western Shandong province and the old route of the yellow river. they are less than 200 miles apart. I know that these two words are words that show the heart and weight in Shandong dialect. People in Shandong often beat their chests and said: ” to be a man, one must speak conscience and” seek comfort from conscience “. that is to say, one must shed the last drop of blood for the country and the nation. only when Chinese blood is shed at one’s feet and on the yellow soil that gave birth to one’s own, can one’s conscience live up to the country and be at peace. This is exactly a solemn and stirring realm that Zhang Zizhong, as a traditional military man who sticks to his bones, would not hesitate to ask for his life when the nation is in danger. As the old saying goes: forget his family on the day of receiving orders, forget his body when fighting a battle, and the military virtue of a soldier will be exhausted here.

History of Song Dynasty. It is recorded in the biography of Yue Fei that when Yue Fei was imprisoned, Qin Gui and others secretly discussed with He Zhu for interrogation. Yue Fei’s righteous words and his efforts to fight the Jin army are very strict. What is the crime of patriotism? And in front of he Zhu, ” split the petticoats to show the casting on the back, with the four big words” dedicated to serving the country “, deep into the skin”. Integrity makes He Zhu blush. Yue Fei’s loyalty was engraved in the flesh, while Zhang Zizhong’s loyalty was engraved in the koo.
One thousand years ago in Yue Wumu, and one thousand years later in Zhang Gaochen, they all overlapped under the coordinate of serving the country faithfully. They were all men fighting foreign invasion. They died and died. But who said: the veterans never died, they just gradually disappeared. Yes, these endless veterans of the Chinese nation did not die. They just took a nap in our blood. The bird nest slept, the bird woke, the blood vessels slept, the blood woke, the veterans slept, and his eyes were still awake.

Nowadays, the poetry anthology of the traitor Wang Jingwei and the prose of Hu Lancheng are all the rage in the world, corroding the bones of some Chinese. Perhaps this nation has Wang Ching-wei and Hu Lancheng, and Japanese pirates will only regard the Chinese as worms and pigs and dogs. However, General Zhang Zizhong died for his country. He has supported history, balanced the nation, and saved our posterity from shame. When someone asked me, when millions or more traitors brought shame to the Chinese in Japan’s invasion of China, did the nation still have a clank of ” bones” and courage?

Meihua Mountain in Chongqing has plum trees planted by General Feng Yuxiang. This section of ” bone” is enshrined there. I want to walk to Meihua Mountain of my nation, where there are ” bones” stuck in the throat of my opponent, making him unable to spit out a section of ” bone” that he cannot swallow.