Secrets of Language and Mind

The American thinker writer Emerson once said: “Using a knife to dissect a key word, it will bleed.” It is true that language is alive, and it has the ability to create and destroy.

The poet Maya Angelou also talked about the power of speech. She said that words are like small energy bullets that shoot into the realm of life that the naked eye can’t see.

Although we can’t see words, they become an energy, full of room, family, environment and our hearts. She believes that the words around me will infiltrate our lives.

Language is the sound, which speaks hundreds of sentences to thousands of sentences a day, and unconsciously affects your emotions, mentality and destiny.

Some people like to swear, or say bad things about others behind them. He didn’t expect to hear him.

The voice of the monk is like a magic sound, and the person who hears the most is the deepest hurt.

When the evil words become habits, listening and instilling through the ears of their ears, over time, this language becomes the seed of the heart, and sooner or later will create the fruits of bad luck for themselves.

Therefore, we must be honest in any words, and not too heavy in wording.

The words we use when we talk about it directly and clearly affect our thoughts and emotions. The center of the average person’s handling of emotions is the right brain, and the language center is in the left brain.

When the right brain recognizes a negative emotion, it passes over the bottom body and passes it to the language center to speak the corresponding words. Similarly, when our left brain receives a negative word, it will also pass to the right brain, reflecting the corresponding emotions.

Therefore, what word you choose to express is quite important. For example, if someone is angry with you, you can replace “angry” or “anger” with the words “trouble” or “regret”.

Think about it, when you change the word “regret”, will you still be angry?

You can also read the following spells:

Words are portraits of the heart, and we should think and speak more with positive and positive words.

Of course, it is not easy at the beginning, and the long-term accumulated habits are hard to change.

I suggest that you can do this, find a small notebook, write down some beautiful words, you can also write these words on a small card (such as a business card), placed in a wallet.

I read it every morning for ten or so. The next day, whenever I have an opportunity, I use these words in the conversation.

As you repeat these words, you will quickly inject these ideas into the subconscious mind, change your thoughts, words, and actions, and let you become such a person.

The following words can be seen by reference:

Good happiness is full of joy

Really happy with joy

Very happy to be enjoyable

It’s fun and enjoyable.

Good luck, good luck is coming

I also wrote some words and placed them on my desk to encourage myself. On the one hand, I used to motivate others. The content is:

The most important word: good.

The two most important words: very good.

The three most important words: very good.

The four most important words: It’s really good.

The five most important words: It’s great.

There is a saying: good words, three winters, a bad word, a September frost.

Words seem simple, but the impact is quite profound. Each of us is a magician who can use words to curse others, or use spells to help others.

More importantly, every spell you make will eventually return to you, because the spell is from you, you are the center of the whole vibration, isn’t it?

Every thought is like a seed. You can’t see big trees in the seeds, but as long as you sow seeds and continue to irrigate, the seeds will naturally attract what you need. Come and grow and grow stronger.

Material is from thought

The essence of matter is not matter, but energy, which is our thought.

Therefore, no matter what kind of life you are living now, it is a broken down, it is a painful sorrow, it is nothing, it does not matter, what matters is your idea, as long as you often send righteous thoughts, always think good, and Believe it, that’s right!

One of the greatest discoveries in modern physics is that “material is energy.”

This is also the greatest contribution Einstein made to mankind. He revealed to us that matter is only a form of energy.

Everything in this world is made up of energy. Whether it is stone, wood, tables and chairs, you, me, including our eyes, ears, and nose are all formed by energy.

In the Buddhist classic “Plain Heart”, it is also mentioned: “Color is empty, empty is color.” What we see in the naked eye is not real existence, what is invisible to the naked eye is the real existence.

To put it more clearly, we see that houses, walls, and bodies are not real. They are pure energy. Because electrons move so fast that they are invisible to the naked eye, they are considered to be an entity.

Physicists have studied for three hundred years and want to find out the nature of matter. The deeper they explore, the more confused they are. They simply can’t believe it.

There is nothing in the matter of matter. The essence of matter is not matter, but energy.

Your body seems to be made up of solid matter that breaks down molecules and atoms.

But according to quantum physics, 99.9999 percent of the interior of each atom is empty, and the subatoms in these spaces are moving at lightning speed.

It is actually a bunch of vibrational energy. These energies are not randomly vibrating, vibration is actually carrying a message, and the entire message field will transmit the message to the universe quantum field to create the real world we see in the material world.

The great scientist of Eddington said: We always think that matter is something, but now it is not something; now, matter is more like a thought than something.

Thoughts, yes, matter comes from thoughts and comes from our thoughts.

If it weren’t for the idea of ​​an airplane first, technology couldn’t create an airplane; if it weren’t for the idea of ​​writing this book first, the book would not appear in front of you.

If you dissect a picture, you will find it consists of a canvas and some pigments.

But the reason why a painting becomes a beautiful picture is not the sum of things such as canvas and paint. It comes from the idea of ​​drawing and coming from the drawing person.

Without that idea, there would be no such painting.

Burning a cube of sugar on a gas will only produce a burning, hot, and greasy carbon block, but if you eat it into your stomach, you can create many things. Why?

Yes, because thoughts and thoughts have turned the energy provided by sugar into Van Gogh’s famous paintings, Taipei’s 101 Building, Chopin’s Polish Dance, and Milton’s narrative poem Lost Paradise.

These are the fruits of thought; the creation of material by thought, the writing of this book comes from thought, but also from a thought. As for what influence you have, you must also look at your thoughts.

Everything you see in life comes from thought and the result of your thoughts.

Your body, bones and muscles can be reduced to 70% water and chemicals of little value. However, your thoughts make you yours.

One mind and one world

Each of our thoughts and ideas is loaded with incredible energy that will practice ourselves in all its forms.

Your thoughts will create diseases and cure diseases; your thoughts will make you suffer, and you will be happy.

Thought creates good and evil, beauty and ugliness, success and failure, wealth and poverty, heaven and hell…

All kinds of life experiences are created by your thoughts.

The so-called “one mind and one world.” We are the creators of our own destiny, and everything we see outside is the presentation of our inner world.

British poet Milton has a famous saying in “Paradise Lost”: the heart is in its place, only in one thought; heaven becomes hell, hell becomes paradise.

Don’t underestimate a small idea, any of your “hearts and minds” may change the whole world.

Modern physicists say that there is enormous energy in tiny atoms.

The atom is so small that it can’t be seen even with a microscope. It is just a corollary, but it has changed the whole world. Japan’s Nagasaki and Hiroshima were destroyed by atomic energy.

Just as the same atomic energy has such a huge energy, your thought energy is the same. Similar energy attracts similar energy and forms a similar “energy mass.”

When these similar “groups” shuttle and touch each other in the universe, they slowly form together and form a substance that forms our world. This is the principle of the material formed by thought.

Every thought, even a small idea, becomes a thing, and every thing is just an idea at the beginning, just from a small idea.

The so-called “do not be evil, but don’t do it because you are small.”

Don’t ignore your evil thoughts and say: I am just bored, I just talk about it, I think it should be fine. Even a trivial spark can burn the entire forest.

Don’t underestimate your good thoughts and say: It’s just a small thing, nothing.

Even small water droplets can finally fill the entire pool. People are good and evil, and they are getting better and worse in one mind. In fact, they are in a small thought.

The Buddha knows the influence of his mind.

So remind everyone to say: Do not ignore the evil; sparks, even if small, will burn haystacks as high as mountains.

Don’t neglect Xiaoshan, thinking that they are useless; even small droplets can be filled with large containers.

Life is made up of small things, nothing big, but the accumulation of small things becomes a big deal.

A little good thought alone may seem nothing, but the idea is a big blessing.

A small action may seem nothing, but the action is great.