Playing is an amazing thing

  This is a dangerous topic. This is a politically incorrect topic. This is an outdated statement.

  The savvy modern man carefully hides his true heart among the various ambiguous words. They have long lost their own standards, but they are diversified in taste. They rejected the Liangshan heroic seat, but they were keen on the various charts.
  No, not Heifetz, not Horowitz, not Rubinstein… They will say that in almost any instrument field, masters gather, there is no best, only better, turnip greens, hard to distinguish.

  Is it difficult to distinguish because there are too many masters, or because there are too few real masters?

  However, there is actually a kind of musical instrument, there is a man, who dominated for 60 years, without any controversy, became the absolute boss, the recognized king, the only master. He not only conquered all the people in terms of skill and music, but also the innovator and producer of this instrument. He pioneered and created new songs. In the twentieth century, almost all the most important masterpieces of this instrument were made by world-renowned composers. He pioneered a new generation of playing methods and textbooks. He brought the instrument to the Carnegie Hall and almost all of the most important concert halls in the world.

  The secular king was proud of being able to please him at the coronation ceremony.

  Casals said: He is the greatest musician in our country.

  Stravinsky said: his music is not loud, but it is very far.

  The New York Times said: No concert hall has ever been quieter than his concert.

  George Harrison of the Beatles said: He is the father of all of us.

  - But he replied that the music of the Beatles is too bad, even if George is his illegitimate child, he will feel very shameful.

  He certainly took the first class of the plane forever, and he always had to book two seats, one for him and one for him.

  He always refused the good intention of the flight attendant to place the instrument for him.

  Never leave, and his silver cane.

  How can the king have no scepter?

  The war and the turmoil allowed him to move 14 times. Finally, the Spanish king sealed him as the Marquis of Salvador and gave him a picturesque territory. I am optimistic, this is the real title, not the kind of thing that Elton John has got.

  When he was a baby, he was sent to his uncle and aunt because he was poor.

  When the mother gave him from his arms to him, he was crying. At this time, his uncle made a song in his mouth, and at the same time he made a fake accompaniment with his guitar.

  The action of this accompaniment comforted him, amused him, and opened an era.

  When he was 10 years old, his uncles moved to Granada. He bought a guitar with the only pocket money, and he caught it and threw it. At that time, the guitar was a musical instrument that only played on the street. He did not know at the time that this kind of river and lake musical instrument had been brilliant for hundreds of years and was once a pet of the royal family. But in the second half of the 19th century, due to the rise of pianos and concerts, it was completely degraded and marginalized.

  One day, he heard a retired colonel playing a prelude to Talega’s composition. The colonel was very amateur and slapped, but he was struck by lightning. He later said: “I want to cry, I want to laugh, I want to kiss the hands of the two playing the piano, how can the world have such a wonderful voice! My love for music exploded at that moment, I was shaking. I suddenly The so-called ‘music’ that knows how to groped around is a mess, I have to learn that song.”

  However, if you don’t have money, you can’t afford to be a teacher. He still has to teach himself. The juvenile enters and exits the public library to find a stack of music that is dusty, yellow and forgotten. Then he has to learn to recognize the pitch and practice the scale. Soon, he designed some short Etudes for himself.

  He met a girl who played the piano. From the girl, he knew that in the world of music, in addition to the guitar, there are Beethoven, Schumann, Chopin…

  Then they got engaged.

  But quickly broke up, because the girl asked him to give up the guitar, a promising instrument, to find a fixed job.

  Then there is another girl, the same request, the same breakup.



  He later said: A woman is like a guitar and needs the gentlest caress. He is loyal to his guitar and loyal to his woman. However, women are always as self-willed and unmanageable as a guitar.

  By the time he was 16 years old, he was a little famous in the local area, and he often opened some concerts or something. But what kind of concert is that? He later said: It is like a church meeting. Some old people are snoring, some are reading newspapers, and there are six or seven people left listening. Their faces are scornful and indifferent. But the boy is not afraid, he is going to Madrid to go to the world.

  Like all the great swordsmen in the world, the teenager knows that he needs the most powerful weapon. He put on his best clothes and crutches to the workshop of the most outstanding guitar maker in Spain, Ramirez.

  He said: I want the best.

  Ramirez smiled. Some kind of temperament in this boy touched him. He took out his best guitar.

  The boy started playing, and when he was finished, Ramirez said, take it, and in the future you will pay me back with something other than money.

  One night after many years, when he played the guitar in the concert hall, the strings suddenly broke. Back home, he learned that on that night, Ramirez, the greatest (no one) guitar maker in Spain, passed away.

  He slowly began to become famous. The world began to know the name: Andres Segovia.

  In 1928, he performed for the first time in New York, and he was scheduled to perform one performance. He is like a kebab, he wants to eat two strings, and he wants two strings.

  In the world of classical music, the guitar is definitely an alternative instrument. Its sound is weak, the sound range is narrow, the harmony is limited, and the polyphony is difficult. It was able to be favored by the princely grandfather’s secret room, but after the rise of the piano and the big band, the demeanor was inevitable.

  But he brought the guitar back.

  The music critic said that when he started playing, you forgot the existence of the instrument, and the only thing left is music. He seems to be beyond the limitations of the instrument.

  Segovia said: The guitar is an orchestra. But this orchestra is seen with the inverted telescope: mini, concentrated and refined.

  When God created people, in order not to make people lonely, they specially chose two things that match the size of people to accompany him: one is the guitar, the other is the dog.

  When he was traveling in Germany, he met the famous German violin maker HAUSER. He commissioned HAUSER to make a guitar for him with the Ramirez guitar as a prototype. After careful research, HAUSER made it. But Segovia threw it back when he heard it: no, no soul.

  HAUSER returned to Germany and gave him another one and brought it to Segovia. Lao Sai still threw it back.

  that’s it. Repeatedly throwing and throwing, HAUSER has been reworked for 10 years. Finally, HAUSER was in a hurry, taking a piece of wood from a 17th-century piano and making an unprecedented guitar for Segovia. This time, the old stuff is satisfied. This piano has been used for 25 years until it is used up.

  In 1947, the young Julian Bream was taken by his father to the London Hotel where Segovia was located. Brem trembled as he played the SOR Etude. Segovia took the guitar gently and demonstrated it for him. Brim said that the language is hard to describe the feeling of playing Segovia in a distance of 1 meter. The dreamy sound of Nass’s signature, extremely subtle and moving colors. He had only one idea at the time, that is, God himself personally demonstrated to him.

  One day in 1987, I took a look at the China Book Import and Export Corporation of Yan’an West Road. At that time, I went there to see it every week. Suddenly I saw an LP with a huge figure that I was familiar with. Poor me, I have been learning guitar for 4 years, and I have never heard the voice of the most master of this field, whether it is tape, CD, or radio. Look again, the offer price is 20 yuan, and the graduate student grant is 40 yuan per month. Nothing to say, I took the 71 road to the 55th road and went back to the Fudan dormitory. I took the money and took the 55 road for the 71 road to return to the middle map. I took this picture in the past 10 years. A guitar LP encountered was taken. Looking back now, that is the words of Liu Sola: You have no choice.

  It’s easy to buy it with a hot head, but I don’t have a record player. Fortunately, there was a very good friend who had a pioneering stereo at home and could put LP. I gave the record to him “good”, but he asked me to copy a tape for me. Listening to LP with a stereo, today’s fans will laugh at the big teeth. However, I clearly remember the feeling of listening to this record at a friend’s house. This is the most memorable impression in my life. The tracks include Bach’s dance music collection for the wife Anna (commonly known as Little Bach), Sol’s Marlborough Variations, Granados’ poetic waltz, and Albeniz’s reverie. This record should be recorded around 1980, which is the most intriguing interpretation of Segovia in his later years, and the most singer of LP recording technology. Like me, when I started listening to music in the 1980s, my ears were completely paralyzed by inferior tape recorders and radios. For the first time, I heard the soft, warm voice of velvet, and people had a feeling of fainting. In particular, I heard the revus of Albeniz, a very slow interpretation, and the progress of each chord changed into a non-worldly color. At the moment, my feelings are connected to Brim.

  I later heard the tape, my friend went abroad, and the record didn’t know what to do. Today, I bought all the Segovia records I could buy, but only the one I missed the most, not only without traces, even in his various catalogues, as if There has never been a world.

  Segovia’s career is a slowly rising straight line, which is a long process, but once it rises, it never declines.

  There is no contingency in it. At the age of 80, he has to practice two and a half hours a day.

  Like every great performer, he is very scared.

  The manager said: In the first two days of the performance, he began to be nervous, closed the door and pushed all the entertainment. On the day of the show, I always got up early and practiced until noon, taking a nap. On the day of the performance, he basically did not eat anything. In the afternoon, he would eat a piece of cake and drink a glass of milk. By 5 pm, he was so nervous that he was in a mess. By 8 o’clock in the evening, he looked very scared. Then he slowly walked onto the stage, and once he sat down, he would calm down again.

  When he was in his seventies, he had more than one hundred concerts a year. At the age of 76, he also had a son with the 31-year-old wife.

  At the age of 84, he performed 17 tours in the United States and performed at the White House for the inauguration of the US President.

  A person, when he was nearly 80 years old, was still healthy like a cow, and he was able to play concerts all over the world. His career was still rising steadily, he could have children, and he had a beautiful young wife and a happy family. No, here we are not talking about another person.

  Can you expect to have a better life than this?

  On the morning of June 2, 1987, 94-year-old Segovia practiced the piano as usual. At 2 pm, he quietly passed away while watching TV.