People, the more simple, the more expensive

Tolstoy has a famous saying: “Simple is a necessary condition for beauty.”

When I was young, I didn’t understand this sentence. I only loved the fireworks and the bustling scenes of flowers. As I grew older, I became more and more fond of plain things.

“There is a taste in the world is Qinghuan”: “There is a beautiful world without saying anything, and the still water is deep. This seemingly profound world of heaven and earth is actually simple and simple, and ordinary.”

The beauty of simplicity is Fangmei; the person of simplicity is noble.

Simple appearance, the best look

Tao Li enchanting, but not as good as the empty valley of the orchids; peony rich, but difficult to cut the high rhyme of Han Mei.

The value of flowers is not in the appearance of a beautiful, but in the inner temperament, the fragrance of the fragrance.

Flowers are like this, so are people.

There are countless beautiful women in Jin Yong’s novels. The heroic Zhao Min, the pretty Huang Rong, and the bright Yan Renying, but the most memorable ones are the pure little dragon girls.

A white dress, a plain hair band, without the need for extra decoration, has been poured into the country.

Jin Yong himself once commented on her:

She loves to wear white clothes all her life. It is like a wind and a sapling, and the snow is wrapped in Qiong, and it is also cold and cold. It really deserves to be described as “cold soaked and dissolved”.

It is often said that the beauty is not in the skin. Real beauty doesn’t have to rely on grease to paint yourself, and you don’t have to rely on jewels to show off yourself.

The clothes are not gorgeous, the decent is good; the makeup is not rich, clean is good.

A confident person will show people in the most natural image; a person with inner heart will abandon the external glitz and pursue the simplicity and clean beauty.

As in “Dream of Red Mansions”, Wang Xifeng must wear gold and silver and dress up every time he appears. At first glance, although it looks beautiful, it takes a long time, but it makes people feel vulgar.

Although Xing Yuyan is a sleek skirt, she is arrogant and arrogant. Her phrase “it seems to be an ordinary color, and the shade is made of ice and snow”, which makes people see the beauty of her body.

Hemingway wrote in “True Noble”: “I always believe that people who live more seriously in their hearts will live more plainly on the outside.”

If you are a big fan, you can be beautiful. Only those who dare to wash the lead are the real beauty.

Simple feelings, the longest

Some feelings like flowers, smashed, but quickly withered; some feelings like pines and cypresses, simple and unpretentious, but can last forever.

Qian Zhongshu once said:

In the languages ​​of my own knowledge, there is no more bone marrow than friendship in the ancient Chinese language.

A “su” character describes the essence of pure and simple friendship. It is the foundation of all colors, and it is also the harmony of all colors, like the seven colors in the day. True friendship, it seems that the pixel is light, and it has its own friendship beyond death.

The gentleman’s friendship is as light as water, and the villain’s friendship is sweet.

The true friendship is not intentional draw, deliberately close, but inadvertently you come to me, naturally come together.

You won, I will not be inflammatory; if you lose, I will accompany you to come back. You have to go, I will not send you; you are coming, the wind and rain will be bigger, I will pick you up.

When you have a lot of scenery, you can always gather a large number of people, and you are brothers and brothers, and when you are obscured, the group has long since disappeared.

When the British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was in office, she was famous and had a wide range of contacts. Every year, her birthday received blessings and gifts from all over the world.

After she stepped down, the scenery was no longer there. The number of people who remembered her birthday was getting less and less. On the 77th birthday, she only received 4 birthday cards.

The lively friendship is often dissipated after the excitement; the simple friendship, although not so dazzling, has always been behind you, never far away.

Remember, don’t say too much, people don’t get too fast. How old it was like glue, then how strange it was.

Any feelings are like this, the fine water can flow long, and the plainness is faint. Only when you can stand up to the plain, can you lose time.

Simple heart, the most expensive

San Mao once said: “I like all the peaceful, simple and modest people in the world. No matter how close the personality is, there is not much relationship.”

A simple person, even if the personality does not vote, also makes people feel respectful; a simple heart, even if they know each other soon, they feel trustworthy.

Seeing the face of the greed of greed, I know how rare a simple person is; seeing the sleek routine of the world, I know how precious a simple heart is.

Once a person is fascinated by fame and fortune, the soul will be covered with copper smell.

How many people, in the face of interests, do whatever they want, they do not hesitate to turn against their relatives and friends; how many people lose their nature in the face of temptation, and even do things that violate morality.

A few people can look like the Tao Yuanming, look down on the glitz of the world, fame and fortune can not go on, they will abandon the official return to the field, looking for a pure land to repair the hedgehog.

Others laughed at him stupidly, but he declared with pride: “It is not worthy of being barren, not worthy of wealth.”

Those who pursue their fame and fortune are fascinated for a while, but they are tired for a lifetime; only those who are plain and simple can live calmly and innocently.

A simple heart will not lose faith in life, but will still love life after recognizing the truth of life.

How many people, selfish and hypocritical, sleek and snobbish, will only count the gains and losses, but will not pay their true heart. Others regard him as the only one, he regards others as fools.

In “Dream of Red Mansions”, Baochao is exquisite and versatile, and Shi Xiaohui is good. Although he can buy people’s hearts at first, but after a long time, he found that she and anyone are not close;

Saitama is simple in mind, and things that can’t be used to it are pointed out. People who don’t like it are far away. Once she believes that the other person is a confidant, she will have no reservations and heartlessness.

In the “Chapter 4 of Qinqu” of Saitama, I sang “How is the heart of the moon”, which is the best portrayal of her own.

A simple heart, no disguise, no falsehood, only naked sincerity.

To behave like a person, the routine is not as good as sincerity, and it is not as concealed as it is.

A simple person, without too much instinct, will not fall into the side of the door, in order to walk more stable and farther in the journey of life.

As the pianist Horowitz said: “I used my life’s efforts to understand that simplicity is the most powerful.”

Master Yan Yan said: “Life should be a simple existence, simple wisdom, and a simple attitude.”

In this increasingly buoyant world, perhaps we should really learn to do subtraction from life and make life simpler and lighter.

Less oily powder, more true self; less social, only the most real people; less desire, less routine, let yourself live more calm, more pure.

Because life returns to the truth, the simpler things are more permanent and beautiful.

For the rest of my life, I hope that we can all live as a simple person, a truly noble person. mutual encouragement.