My wine through my nerves

  There are indeed many problems in this world, but if Bao Jia said that we have had a little drink, we still have a good idea and we are doing our best. For some people, two glasses of wine may be just a small amount of small high, while others are only afraid to taste the dizziness and the taste of the river.

  Pharmacists have classified the degree of drunkenness into four levels based on the concentration of alcohol in the blood: Dizzy and Delightful, Drunk and Disorderly, and Dead Drunk. , and the Danger of Death. Alcohol in the blood breaks down in the liver, where there are alcohol dehydrogenase, acetaldehyde dehydrogenase and coenzyme NAD, which converts ethanol into acetic acid and eventually into carbon dioxide, water and fat (see BOBO for details). Who can get a thousand cups without drunkenness & the skinny “Animal Addict”). The speed of alcohol conversion determines the size of our alcohol consumption. Therefore, if someone invites you to make a drink, you don’t have to swear to regard it as a super male contest. Maybe you are almost more than a drinker. “Enzymes”, but the same is absolutely pure man.

  In fact, those who don’t like drinking very much may have a more sensitive taste. There is evidence that people who are not sensitive to bitterness will feel that alcohol tastes sweeter. Usually alcoholics are people who are less sensitive to bitterness. Unfortunately, relatives who suffer from alcoholics are also insensitive to bitterness. . Valerie Duffy of the University of Connecticut and others found that this may be related to genetic variants encoding taste bud receptors. They divided 84 tested moderate and light drinkers into bitter taste hypersensitive, based on a variant of the bitter taste receptor TAS2R38 gene. Among the moderately sensitive and insensitive categories, they found that they ate 133, 180 and 285 glasses of wine each year on average.

  Dennis Drayna of the National Institutes of Health told us that if we look at the TAS2R38 gene alone, about half of the world’s people are bitter-sensitive and insensitive potential alcoholics. This is very sad, but when you think about it, even if the “enzyme” function is not complete, even if you have the top sensitive bitter feelings? We often meet people like them. They should have been carefully built alcoholic insulators, but they are either drinking alone or staggering. They are red-faced and licking their teeth. They are suffering from headaches and often vomiting, but they still insist. Minor injuries can not be done. Yes, since life is full of cups, toiletries, and tableware, it is naturally full of wine, and people will drift in the rivers and lakes, and they will always drink some wine.

  For example, sometimes we need to drink some wine to increase some of the fun of life or to be strong and courageous. A survey report from a British cosmetic brand shows that about half of women have the habit of drinking a little before OOXX. They think that alcohol can help them get rid of restraint and relaxation. I don’t know if the things observed through the intoxicated eyes are full of mysterious beauty, or the alcohol meets some of the expectations of our chaotic brain. The experience of countless people tells us that the world in the eyes of people after drinking is really beautiful. a little. The research team led by Marcus Munafo of the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom found that the subjects who were tested had an increase of about 10 percentage points on the appearance of others after drinking alcohol. They would feel that the people around them were more attractive.

  However, Vincent Egan of the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom and Giray Cordan of the University of Exeter have different opinions. They think that by drinking alcohol, YY seems to be only a female patent when “XX”, and the disorder of alcoholism for men It is more like an excuse for sin. The feelings of drinking are just like “I made mistakes that men make all the world.” It makes men feel at ease, but the test results of Vincent Egan and Giray Cordan tell us. Even the most drunk men who drink drunk will not hesitate to face the photos of beautiful women who are treated into low age groups and processed into high age groups (men always prefer “Loli” …), they can even accurately determine the age of the characters in the photo. Of course, even if the people around you don’t look more beautiful, alcohol will still give men a redemption in the tragic world. When faced with stress and anxiety, women usually go to talk with their girlfriends or turn into a body. Shopaholics vented, roaring, a US survey found that at this time, men usually do not hesitate to pick up the wine glass as their soul’s exit. These phenomena actually reflect the effects of alcohol on all aspects of our brain.

  When the blood flows through the brain, alcohol is also brought to the brain. Our brain was originally a good leader who strictly adhered to the coexistence policy of “jujube” and “stick”. It passed the excitement (mainly Glutamate Receptor) and inhibition (mainly It is the perfect balance of the two management schemes of GABA Receptor & Glycine receptor, which controls the human body. Excessive alcohol ruthlessly kills the “jujube” and enhances the strength of the violent institution. Under the pressure of the “big stick” policy, all parts of the brain area are either passively completed or fail. Our cerebral cortex is in charge of our feelings and thoughts. Its activity is inhibited, which makes us lose our judgment, blind arrogance, chatter, or become dull and drowsy, so someone will drink themselves after drinking. It makes people angry and sorrowful. When someone finishes drinking, they will quietly find a corner to sleep. The cerebellum controls our fine movements, including the coordination and balance of our whole people. Alcohol can make people lose their movements. Therefore, the drunks walk. It’s stumbling, and everywhere in the world, no matter where you are, the police uncle will tell you “prohibition of drunk driving”; the brain stem controls our heartbeat and body temperature, which is our respiratory center, therefore, excessive drinking can be life-threatening; Our hippocampus and other areas called the limbic system control our learning memories and emotions. Alcohol may cause emotions to go out of control and lose memory. So we often find that the drunkard who was in the big palace last night got up in the morning. I feel that I am the most docile monkey in the world and even in history, or someone who wakes up to see the pillow can’t remember it. What has been done last night; the hypothalamus is the “sex” Fen and “sex” can be related to alcohol, ruthless, evoke your inner desire can not oblige.

  Even so, we are still so obsessed with alcohol, cut and continually chaotic, it activates the dopamine reward circuit in our brains, let us appreciate the joy and pleasure, but also let us squander the wine The fallen angels of addiction, so people madly seek to hangover, but who can really drink alcohol like Qiao Feng, while using internal force to force alcohol out of the body? Scientists’ findings in mouse experiments are not known to be good news. The researchers found that blocking the dopamine reward circuit in mice can reduce the preference of mice for alcohol and block another substance in the brain, neuropeptides. The signaling pathway of Y (which stimulates appetite) can also make alcohol-loving mice not drink for a long time. These are the only alcohol-acceptable withdrawal treatments that can only be obtained from experimental mice. When can we use them for human beings, but we At least it is no longer blind to be told that we have no medicine to save. Just as some people have heard that blocking the neuropeptide Y signaling pathway can change mice from “big belly” to “small waist essence”, and the beads wrapped with neuropeptide Y are buried under the skin, and the beads grow around them. When you are fat, you are ecstatic and imagine that reducing your breasts will be as simple and convenient as applying a mask. I think we can expect that we will be able to easily overcome alcohol addiction one day.

  Baudelaire said: “Liquor and man are two fighters friends, sometimes fighting, sometimes speaking. The defeated always embraces the victor.” Fighting, speaking and hugging or hugging are too advanced, I only hope that occasionally “呷A flower carving, chewing a piece of tender bamboo shoots, and friends who are in love with each other, “eat three cups, open the heart and window, true love, swear.”