Moon bear, please forgive humanity

  Moon Bear, good night!

  The small piece of grass hidden in the woods is actually a cemetery. The sun shines on it, sizzling out the ferocious atmosphere of wild grass and wild peanuts, and it seems to be particularly conscious of the reincarnation of life forms – the deadly nourishment is alive. Each of them is a small mound, each with a simple small wood cross and a gray piece of pebbles. Their names and date of death are written on the pebbles with a pen. Their souls should rise directly into this paradise from this small, peaceful meadow – without doubt, they have souls. Although they have experienced suffering, they have been loved, so they are part of our soul – just like the little mermaid written by Andersen. They are not a number when they leave the world, nor are they an unconscious object. Someone will always remember their names and figures.

  Moon Bear, good night!
  This small cemetery reminds me where I am – the Sichuan Longqiao Asian Black Bear Rescue Center, which was established by the Asian Animal Fund to save the bile that was taken by the bile. Obviously, this is also the last of these tortured animals. Rest in peace.
  Most of the guests here are Asian black bears, but most people who love them like to call them with another beautiful name “moon bear” because they have a crescent-shaped white hair on their chest, just like the totem of their family. The moon bears in the fence don’t look fierce, but they look very docile. These kings who dominated the land in the wild are now used to the collective life of the law–the painful days, this adaptation is nothing. .
  Today, the moon bears who come here are only eating, drinking, and sleeping well. Those who know their past are willing to be better and better.

  Gentleman is not guilty,

  One kilogram bear bile 3000 yuan. The effect is clearing away heat and detoxification, treating the redness caused by liver fire, sore throat.
  Gently two lines of words, irrelevant effects, but let the bear pay the price of life for this. Oriental traditional medicine has been using deoxycholic acid for 3,000 years, and people have been killing them for thousands of years because of the need for bear gallbladder. Although in the Chinese Medicine Code, there are 54 kinds of herbs that can achieve the same effect, and the price is cheaper, but people still ask for bile from luxury hobbies, superstitions and blind obedience, but forget that they can be the same as humans. Feel the pain.
  In order to avoid the legal risk of catching wild bears directly in the wild, the bear industry has been born. From the live bears, bile is continuously extracted, and a bear is a living cash cow. In the 1980s, the bear industry developed rapidly, when a large number of wild bears, especially young cubs, were captured and sold to bear farms. In the bear farm, the workers take bile one or two times a day before the bears eat, because the consistency of the bile is relatively high, each time taking an average of 30-160 ml, and some bear farms claim that they can take 4 times a day.
  A 1.5-meter-long, 0.5-meter-high cage, even a big dog can’t stand inside. This is the standard equipment for bears in bear farms. All the positions of the bear’s abdomen and gallbladder are inserted into a steel pipe. Every day, the worker draws bile through this tube, the unbreakable cage, the ever-changing posture, the pain of taking bile every day… the endless torture They are crazy, they grab the bite in the cage, and use their claws, which are too long to rub on the ground and the trunk, to desperately scratch all the parts of their body that can be touched, and the long claws pierce the palm. Some bears kept licking their palms until the flesh and blood were vague and festering; some bears even scratched themselves to open their mouths. In the Middle Ages, there was a torture instrument called “Standing Cage” to torture the heresy of religion, and modern people turned out these terrible facilities just to heat and detoxify the human body. Of course, the bear bears will feed the bears and inject a lot of antibiotics because the dead bears have no bile.
  Due to the harsh environment, many bears have liver cancer, and tumors are swallowing them from the inside. Every bear is Prometheus, enduring the pain of dying, and the bile is rich in blood, cancer cells, and a lot of antibiotics left in the body. It is hard to believe that the medicines filled with pain and grievances drawn from these bears with disease are corresponding to the concept of “Heaven and Man”.
  The ambulance center has a female moon bear named Francis, which is only as big as a pig and cannot be compared to a companion with an average height of 1.6 meters. Because it is 80 centimeters long, 70 centimeters high, and 45 centimeters wide, it has been living in a small cage that people have to retract and have lived for 22 years, and eventually became a small pygmy bear. Not only that, but in order to prevent it from scratching the person who took the bile, the first joint of its four claws was all smashed, unable to climb the tree and could not be grasped. After coming to the ambulance center for a long time, as soon as someone walked gently around, it would be scared and shivering. Francis is 30 years old, the equivalent of 99 years old, and most of his life has passed. It is hard to imagine how crazy it has been. We came outside of Francis’s “dormitories” and lived in a dormitory without grid protection with a few other moon bears that needed special care. Its roommate is called Rupert. Due to long-term bile, bacteria infect the brain and cause mental retardation. The staff said with pity: “It’s just not so smart.” The truth is that it was tortured and stupid. Rupert’s memory has become very short. The other bears hit the power grid for the first time. After being overwhelmed, they will never touch it again, but Rupert can’t always remember, and they always get an electric shock. There are also several moon bears who are blinded by vitamin E deficiency. So this is the only hostel with no grid protection. The staff said that although Rupert’s memory was so bad, the doctors and staff here taught his Francis to listen to the whistle. They would take the “hand” out of the fence according to the whistle and let the familiar breeder trim the nails. The chest will also be fenced for doctors to auscultate.
  Is the animal so simple? They used to live in the hell that humans deliberately built, and they re-start trusting humans so soon? Just came here, every moon bear that was sucked bile, was skinny, the breeder opened the door of the house, they did not dare to move forward in addition to desperately shaking their heads, looking at the sky with dementia eyes for a long time every day. After half a year, most of the bears stopped shaking their heads and began to eat and play normally. The bodies of these Asian black bears have apparently left permanent damage. Cancer and limbs will entangle them until they die. Are these terrible memories the same? Will they forget?

  Forgiveness and redemption

  ”Andrew’s departure will not make us weak, we are stronger because it is.” This is written for the former star of the Asian Black Bear Rescue Center, Andrew. It is one of the earliest rescued bears in the ambulance center. It is now sleeping here. It was a moon bear who was injured in the wild and was lost to the left forelimb. In 2006, when he died of liver cancer, the doctor took more than 300 tumors from his body. However, in those days when the ambulance center lived, it was so friendly, generous, and mischievous, showing the meaning of tolerance to human beings. The recently-dead moon bear is a horse who spent four years in the ambulance center and died of cancer. Its name means “forgiveness” in Hindi. Until the last days, it was still playful, as if every day was the first day of its regaining freedom. Perhaps it has really left the cruelty behind and forgiving humanity.
  When the founder of the Asian Animal Fund, Ms. Xie Luobin, visited the bear farm for the first time in 1993, who was the “hand” that protruded from the gap of the iron cage, who is the moon bear gently resting on her shoulder? ? The moon bear, who was tortured by humans, did not take this opportunity to tear down a human arm to avenge himself and his friends, but to gently beat her? She is convinced that she understands the help in her eyes, and she may be similar to what I feel today.

  In 1998, Ms. Xie Luobinchen established the Asian Animal Fund for these Asian black bears who were drawn bile, and worked separately in China and Vietnam. In 1999, the Sichuan Provincial Forestry Department, the China Wildlife Conservation Society and the Asian Animal Foundation visited the bear farm. All the people were shocked. They had no idea in the past that bear bile “production” was based on such a terrible reality. In 2000, the tripartite collaboration officially began to implement the Asian Black Bear Rescue Plan. The relevant government departments signed an agreement with the Asian Animal Fund to save 500 bears in the worst-breed bear farm in Sichuan Province, and work hard to eliminate the live bears and promote the Chinese herbal medicine to replace the bear bile. Since October 2000, more than 40 bear farms have been closed by the government, and 260 black bears have come to the Longqiao Black Bear Rescue Center in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, and they have received the care they deserve.
  At the moment, in the boat-shaped hammock that was bent in the Moon Bear dormitory, several big guys were using their fur as a mat and snoring. Will past experiences disturb their dreams? I even hope that they are not so smart. Forget it, you can make them happier. Forget the free life in the wild, forget the terrible iron cage and pain for more than ten years, just need to meet the peace of mind. In the last days of life, they retrieved the dignity that should have belonged to animals.