Master trifle

  In the 1950s, a story of a master of Chinese painting was circulated in Beijing. Things are extremely small and do not hurt the elegant. Just because it is heard, or let go of the name and not mention it.

  Two European painters came to visit and asked to meet with the master. The master is highly respected and the two are not good enough to go. The translator accompanied the street to the flower shop, and the flowers were all over the place. The two painters looked at the price and did not say anything. Finally, I bought a pot of frozen sea bream, even three or two hairs. There are many varieties of sea otters, this kind of sorrow is poor, the frost is not long, because of the name of the land – frozen sea otters.

  The translation of the heart is not going to go, the introduction of the master not only painted the shrimp, but also often painted flowers, seen countless flowers. Self-cultivation, also many species. The two painters replied: “This sea otter is a precious thing of our nation. It is the highest respect to take this to the elderly.” The translation is nothing to say.

  At the master’s house, the two painters presented potted flowers, and the translator noticed that the master did not look at it. Sitting down and talking, gradually rejoicing. The master picked up a key from a bamboo weaving desk and got up and opened the red lacquered cupboard against the wall. The cabinet is divided into plaids, small cabinets and drawers. There was another plaque on the plaid, and the master picked up the keys and opened a small cabinet. There are also – box in the cabinet, holding twenty or thirty peanuts. The master came out, one-locked; then called the two painters to eat peanuts.
  Translation of a stone fell to the ground,
  helping the hospitality: “Please eat peanuts, this is our highest respect.” Our highest respect. ”


  Beijing Federation of Literary and Art Circles was established at the beginning of the founding of the country. Customized rectangular strips, engraved with copper red letters, don’t be on the chest. Soon, it will not be happy. There may be some regulations, and the work permit of Xiao Bentou is used instead.
  Among the vice-chairmen of the Municipal Federation of Literature and Art, there is a performance master Mei Lanfang. The chairman and vice-chairmen are all honorary posts, and Mei Lanfang has never been able to do so.
  In about 1954, the second literary conference was held in Zhongshan Park. Early in the morning, Mei Lanfang wore an ashes in the tunic suit, which was quite neat and tidy. I don’t know how to think about it, don’t wear a horizontal bar badge. He has a lot of titles, and there are no other social activities. Is it a daily change of wear and wear, so that the system is suitable? The badge of the small city of Literary and Art Circles has long been used, how to keep it? The
  car parked at the gate of the park. Mei Lanfang passed through the promenade, walked through the grass, walked into the venue of the Zhongshan Hall, sat on the podium, and found that the badge was lost. I thought it was not a pin when I changed clothes. He rumored to tell the Secretary-General Wang Yaping that his love affair was eager, and Wang Yaping was inconvenient to answer the waste, and he turned to look for it. The conference team immediately sent someone to do a needle in a haystack.
  At that time, the people of the country had just thought that the new National People’s Congress would be short. At the time of rest, Mei Lanfang succinctly said that there will be elections, how many people will be represented, how many votes will be voted, one will be checked, and two will be lost…
  Cao Yu, who is sitting next to him, said with a sigh.
  Fortunately, look for it, clip it in the ticket box, and pass the ticket.
  When I said slowly, I turned around and looked around. I was humble and bowed. I said, “The difference is two votes. It doesn’t matter. But it is not so perfect.”
  ”Concluded.” Cao Yu gently nodded, as if to put down a heart.
  In fact, this incident has already been reported as a highlight of the venue. Cao Yu is also a representative of the people and is the one who voted on the scene. The masters are modest.
  Complete. hundred percent. Passed the ballot. There are no abstentions. This is Mei Lanfang’s sincerity at the time.

  Body and mind

  In the early 1950s, several new stage documentaries were released, which were screened in the small screening room of the Film Bureau. Twenty or thirty people were invited to watch.
  When I opened it soon, I came in – a fat man with a clean face, and the director immediately stood up and greeted him in the middle of the head. The fat man is stunned and chooses to sit down on the side of the second row. The director will let again, and the fat man will say thank you again. I saw that his smile was awkward, his chin trembled, and he twisted his neck.
  This one is Cheng Qiuqiu.
  Rest between the pieces. Cheng Xiaoqiu sat next to a young boy, bald, wearing a Tibetan youth student dress, a thin-bottomed round-skinned green cloth shoes, was dressed in the pear garden, and asked: “Expensive -” change the mouth – who are you?”
  ”Li Xiaochun.”

  ”Oh!” Cheng Haoqiu slightly tilted his neck and seemed to understand that “the name is common on your newspaper.” This is not fashionable after the founding of New China.
  Li Xiaochun is only Wei. With the question of asking the father and brother about the situation, Li Xiaochun is sitting in a positive color one by one.
  When Cheng Haoqiu was in the right place to inquire about the film, did he first sing along with the painting, or sing and then compare it? Or did it finish together? The
  director heard it and went back and answered: “Or the first action, then the voice. Especially Xiaochun, their martial arts. Or, the effect is not good.”
  Cheng Yiqiu repeatedly said that the fat big face even shook his chin and turned his head and said: “Or, not so perfect…”

  Here, there is another “consummation”.
  He also said: “…the lens is old, sings two words, turns over, and sings and sings…” said: “It’s better to draw than to draw, sing, afraid to sing it down…” The
  director said ‘: “Mr.
  Cheng has a deep understanding.” ‘The original Cheng Haoqiu had already taken a documentary, and Li Xiaochun was the first one. The master has been talking with the juniors all the time.
  There are many legends about Cheng Haoqiu’s drinking. It’s like saying that others don’t have a big cup of chopsticks when he sees him. If he is looking for him to make a toast, he will fight immediately, but he needs a small cup for a big cup; if he wants to have a drink, he has to dry three cups, etc. Wait. This booze skill can’t be seen on the surface. I like to eat the cream cake, but I can see it.