I saw her when I was watching a movie at the theater. She waved at me, and when I had a break between the curtains, I walked over and sat down next to her. The last time I saw her was a long time ago. If someone didn’t mention her name, I think I can’t recognize her this time. She pulled me up in the spring breeze:

  ”Oh, I haven’t seen you for many years, time flies! We are all old. Do you remember the first time we met? You invited me to have lunch.”

  How can I not remember.

  That was twenty years ago, when I lived in Paris. I have a small apartment in the Latin Quarter that overlooks the church’s cemetery from the window. My income is just enough to keep my soul and body apart. She read a book I wrote and wrote a letter to me about it. I am grateful for your reply. After a while, I received another letter from her saying that she would go through Paris and wanted to talk to me; but her time was limited and she could only take some time next Thursday. She went to Luxembourg Park in the morning and asked. I would like to ask her to have something to eat at the restaurant in Foyote at noon. Fuyote is a restaurant frequented by French parliamentarians. It is far beyond my financial ability, so I never dare to ask. But the compliments in her letter made me feel itchy, and at the time I was too young to learn to say “no” to a woman. (I might as well add that a few men have learned to refuse women. When they learn to say that they are insignificant, they are too old.) I still have 80 francs (gold francs) to maintain before the end of the month. Overhead. A light meal will not exceed fifteen francs. If I don’t drink coffee in the second half of the month, I may be able to deal with the past.

  I wrote back to my friend and I met at the restaurant of Fuyote at 12:30 on Thursday. She is not as young as I thought. Her appearance is not so much a fascinating trend. In fact, she is already forty years old (an age that is quite confusing, but not an age that can make you excited and strong emotionally). She gives me the impression that her teeth are more than actually needed. Neat, white, and relatively large. She is very good at talking, but because she seems to be inclined to talk about me, I am ready to be a dedicated listener.

  I was shocked when the menu came up, and the price was much more expensive than I expected. But what she said told me to let go.

  ”I never eat anything at noon,” she said.

  ”Oh, don’t say that!” I replied generously.

  ”I only eat one dish. I think people are eating too much now. Maybe I can order some fish. I don’t know if there is any squid.”

  The season of eating squid was a little too early, and the dish was not written on the menu. But I still asked the waiter. Yes, I have just entered a first class squid, this is the first time they have entered this shipment this year. I called a copy for my guest. The waiter asked her if she was waiting to cook the squid to eat something else.

  “No,” she replied. “I only eat one dish for lunch. Unless you have caviar. I don’t object to eating caviar.”

  My heart sank slightly, I knew I couldn’t afford caviar, but I couldn’t explain this to her, and I still told the waiter to take a caviar. I picked the cheapest dish on the menu for myself – a steak.

  ”I don’t think it’s wise to eat meat,” she said. “I don’t know how you can work after eating greasy things like meat. I can’t call my stomach too heavy.”

  There was a drink problem after this.

  “I never drink anything during lunch,” she said.

  ”I am the same,” I can’t wait to make up.

  “Except for white wine,” she continued, as if she hadn’t heard what I had just said. “French white wine is not too bad at all, it is very helpful for digestion.”

  ”What do you want to drink?” I still asked diligently, but it was not so slick.

  Her white teeth flashed and I smiled diligently.

  ”Except for the citron, my doctor absolutely forbids me to drink other wines.”

  I think my face must have become a little pale at the time. I called half a bottle. I mentioned in a casual tone that my doctor did not allow me to drink incense.

  ”So what do you drink?”


  She ate caviar. She ate the squid. She talks and laughs about art, literature and music. But I have been wondering how much it will cost me if my bills add up. When my lamb chops came up, she taught me very seriously.

  ”I can see that you are used to eating a lot of food. I think this is definitely not good. Why don’t you learn to eat only one dish? I am sure this will be of great benefit to you.”

  ”I only eat one dish.” I said, when the waiter came with the menu again.

  She waved him aside with a hand.

  ”I don’t like this. I never eat anything in the lunch. I only eat a little bit. I also eat this for the convenience of chatting. I can’t eat anything anymore – unless the big dragon must be served. If you don’t taste it, It’s a pity to come to Paris this time.”

  My heart sank. I saw the asparagus in the window, I know it is too expensive. My mouth is often screaming because of seeing them.

  ”Madam wants to know if you have Long Sola,” I asked the waiter.

  I pinch and sweat, I hope he said no, a happy smile passed the waiter’s godlike brain. He told me that they have some big, so good, so tender dragon must, it is absolutely unique.

  I called one.

  ”Don’t you?”

  ”No, I never eat asparagus.”

  ”I know that some people don’t like Long Xulai. The truth is that the meat you eat has destroyed your appetite.”

  We are waiting for the dragon mustard to come up. I was scared and scared. Now it is not a question that I can live with a few dollars left, but whether I have enough money to pay for it. If you find that you are missing ten francs and have to open your mouth to the guests, it would be too shameful. I can’t lose this ugly when I say something. I know exactly how much I have. If I don’t pay enough, I am determined to stretch my hand and then scream in a dramatic way. I jumped up and said that I was shackled. Of course, it will be an extremely embarrassing scene, if she does not have enough money to pay. If so, the only viable option is to leave my watch as a mortgage and then redeem it.

  The asparagus came up, big and thick, and it was a bit of a bit of water. Its squeaky creamy scent flew into my nostrils, as the Lord smelled the devout Hebrew offering a deliciously savory offering. As I watched the indulgent woman smack into the eyes of the blind man, she talked politely about the status quo of the Balkan peninsula. She finally finished eating.

  ”Coffee?” I asked.

  ”Well, one ice cream plus coffee,” she replied.

  I have now put everything out of the way, I also called myself coffee, and asked her for ice cream and coffee.

  ”You know, I believe this truth,” she said while eating ice cream and coffee. “When a person eats, he must eat only 80%.”

  ”Are you still hungry?” I asked weakly.

  ”Oh, not hungry; you see, I don’t eat at noon. I have a cup of coffee in the morning, then I have dinner. I only eat one dish at most. I am also advising you.”

  ”That is, I must listen to your advice.”

  Then a terrible thing happened. When we waited for the coffee, the waiter waited for us with a pleasing smile, and a basket full of peaches on her arms, red like the face of a pure girl, with a beautiful color like Italy. Peach is definitely not yet in the season of listing. Only God knows how much money one. I also know – it was after a while, because my guests continued to talk while they were absent-mindedly taking one.

  ”Look, you stuffed your stomach with meat,” – she is referring to my poor steak – “You can’t eat anything. And I just eat it like a snack, I You can also enjoy a peach.”

  The bill came, and after paying the bill, I found that the rest of the money was not enough for a decent tip. Her eyes stayed for a moment on the three francs I left for the waiter. I knew she must think that I was embarrassed. But after I walked out of the restaurant, I took a mouth and a belly, but the pocket was nothing.

  ”Learning me,” she said as we shook hands, “I only eat a dish for lunch.”

  ”I will do better than this,” I replied loudly. “I have nothing to eat today.”

  ”Humor!” She shouted happily and jumped into a carriage. “You are a full humor!”

  But I finally regained my hatred. I don’t think that I am a must-see person, but when the immortal god intervenes in this matter, you can still forgive me for seeing this result. Today she weighs three hundred pounds.