Love and adventure journey

  From Africa to South America, from Paris to Buenos Aires, the flying sand says: It is also a Dakar Rally.

  Nearly 10,000 kilometers of travel, taking half a month, on the way to cross the extremely harsh roads such as sand dunes, mud, grass, rocks and desert, there is no fixed competition line, the drivers can only rely on the route map provided by the organizing committee and Use the CPS Global Positioning System to select the so-called correct route; in addition, they have to withstand the low temperature of 40 ° C during the day and below 0 ° C. If the car fails or gets lost, it may break the oil, cut off the grain, cut off the water or even give up. Racing; even the drivers may be threatened by robbers… However, the annual Dakar competition attracts thousands of entrants from around the world. Among these competitors, amateur cars account for 80%. Compared with those real professional drivers, they do not have their own transportation-motors, and they do not have sufficient logistical support. They do not pursue the rankings, as long as they can stand at the end of the game. On the platform, it represents victory. For them, participating in the Dakar Rally is a dream in the heart.

  If you have already participated in the Dakar Rally, you have to be prepared as if you are studying in the West. The registration fee is 13,500 Euros. So much money is enough to buy a good small family car.

  On this long journey, you will encounter all kinds of “devils.” Life safety has always been the biggest problem in this competition. Due to the long distance of the race and the passage of the vast deserted desert and the Gobi, many local thieves and robbers regard the Dakar competition as a “bumper” every year. In the season, they used the car that was malfunctioning or lost as the object of theft or robbery, and even killed the driver after committing the crime. In 1981, a journalist and three mechanics were killed; in 1990, French driver Kabane was shot and killed in the stage: In 1996, the French driver Ge Gen, who participated in the truck group competition, unfortunately stepped on the mine during the race and was bombed on the spot. In addition, as the game is carried out for cars, motorcycles and trucks at the same time, the crash is also an important threat to the safety of the driver. In the more than 30 competitions so far, 54 unfortunate people have been killed in this event, including racers, mechanics, journalists, staff and even the audience. Almost every year there are drivers who have suffered misfortunes because of crashes. Some of these victims are motorcycles colliding with cars, and some rescue helicopters are injured after the injury… The danger of Dakar competition has even risen to political heights. . Before the start of the Dakar Rally in 2008, the North African terrorist organization Saras Huh and Combat Mission attacked a tour group of five French tourists in Mauritania, North Africa, and shot and killed four of them. Tourists. This incident directly led to the cancellation of the 2008 Dakar competition and the transfer of the game to Argentina and Chile in South America in 2009.

  After moving to South America, the terrorist organization’s harassment is less, but security is still the most troublesome thing for the organizing committee. Chinese drivers Wei Guanghui and Chen Jianguo, who had participated in the motorcycle group competition, encountered a scene in which a gun was pointed at the head of a taxi. In the first stage after the last Dakar race, a female fan was killed on the spot by a runaway car. In the temporary camp outside the stadium, some reporters’ cameras and laptops were stolen. Compared with the vicious robbery, the South Americans are indeed more convergent than the Africans, but in any case, the safety of the game is still the most troublesome thing for the organizers.

  From the history of Dakar, the more dangerous it is, the more enthusiastic the participants are. In addition to those manufacturers with strong support, the majority of drivers have prepared for two or three years in advance to participate in the Dakar Rally, spending a lot of time, effort and money. For more than half a month, drivers can’t guarantee adequate sleep and normal diet, and drive a few hundred kilometers a day in a highly stressed state. – If you are not careful, the car may fall into the bunker or turn down the hillside. If you accidentally hit the rock, it will damage the car and delay the game, but it will be life-threatening. Zaire Sabine, founder of the Dakar Rally, said: “This is a challenge for the participants. It is a dream for those who have not participated.”