Life in desperate

  During the Second World War, the German Nazis invaded the hometown of Zabak with a war, a poor southern Polish town, burning local Jews, numerous refugees displaced, and skinny refugees and hunger-dead bodies.

  Zabak is a Jewish businessman who has just married his wife and children. For the elderly mother and his wife and children, he has to venture out of business every day. Unfortunately, Zabak was taken away by Nazi soldiers on the way home, because he looked at them with a look of disgust.

  Zabak was sent to a concentration camp that was responsible for building the railway in the jungle. After coming here, Zabak couldn’t put down his mother and wife and children who stayed at home. Every moment, I thought I had to leave here as soon as possible. He thought of it. Got away. So Zabak consulted some of the older partners who came earlier, but the partners in the same room just laughed at his idea too naive: “The people who came to this place have never really been able to live out!”

  The jungle is full of huge mosquitoes with germs, biting each and every friend, disease, hunger and overloaded labor, making these friends die one by one. Every time someone dies, the Nazi soldiers will call several people in the same cell to take off the clothes on the body, so that they can keep others dressed, and then throw the body into a deep pit in the jungle dedicated to the body. .

  In the deep pit, hundreds of bodies have been piled up in a row! For the prisoners, this is simply a hell, symbolizing the hell of despair and death! The hard-working friends told Zabak that everyone here can’t live well, and the only destination is this deep pit!

  On one occasion, two people in the cell where Zabak was located also died. The German soldiers ordered four people to carry the two bodies onto the car. It was just that Zachak was one of the corpses. The Nazi soldiers carried them to the deep pit and let them throw the two bodies into the deep pit. . “Have you seen it? This is our final result!” The roommate who once laughed at Zabak told him in a very sad and desperate tone, “You still work honestly! So maybe you can live a few more day!”

  After returning to the cell, Zabak lying on the bamboo bed once again thought of the old mother and wife in the family. It seemed to be a fire in his heart, which gave him all the courage and strength. Zabak thought that he must be as early as possible anyway. Going out to live, but where is the way out? Zabak thought of the deep pit of the pile of corpses, which could only give people a desperate hell! Suddenly, he had an idea in his heart…

  Soon after, the opportunity is coming! That time they came to work in a place not far from the deep pit. Zabak squatted at the moment of work at dusk, climbed into the deep pit of the pile of corpses, and then stripped off his clothes and got under the bodies, completely ignoring the thorns. The stench of the nose and the bite of the mosquitoes were pretending to be dead, and the Nazi soldiers who were looking for him were looking around for a long time, but they never came here. Until late at night, Zabak was convinced that no talent had climbed up from the deep pit, put on clothes and ran for 70 kilometers, and finally returned home!

  The concentration camp was soon attacked by a disease. All the soldiers and prisoners died in a few days. Only Zabak survived the disaster because he managed to escape. He became the concentration camp. The only survivor!

  Later, Zabak told people this way: “There is no absolute despair in the world. Sometimes, the destiny itself contains vitality. The key is whether you have chosen a positive attitude!”