Life and survival

The principle of Chinese culture for the highest accomplishment of life is four words: Lotte know life.

Lotte is to know the laws of the universe and to be in harmony with nature. Know life is to know the truth of life, the true meaning of life, and even the value of life. These are all clear, so there is no worry.

Because pain and annoyance, hardship, difficulty and misfortune are all stages of life. So is pride. Every stage will change, because there is no unchangeable truth in the world.

For example, a hexagram becomes different at a certain stage. As for the elevator, it is necessary to reach a certain level at a certain level. Because you know that everything must be changed, you can be happy with the situation, so you are happy with know life, so you don’t worry.

Heroes and Sages

The difference between a hero and a sage is that a hero can conquer the world but cannot conquer himself. Sages do not want to conquer the world but conquer themselves. Heroes are those who leave their troubles to others to pick, saints are those who pick out all the troubles of the world.

This is the traditional spirit of our Chinese culture. If one can fulfill the responsibilities of sages, he can become a great politician.

In other words, heroes can work hard and build their ideals on the troubles and sufferings of others. Sages, on the other hand, do not want to put their troubles and pains on the shoulders of others, but want to bear the troubles and pains of all people in the world.

No meaning, no necessity, no firmness, no me

Zi Jue said: Give me no meaning, no necessity, no firmness, no me.

It is really difficult to achieve these points in the behavior cultivation in this life. Confucius absolutely did all these four things.

The first is ” give me no meaning”, which means Confucius did not have his own subjective opinions on how to conduct himself. He originally wanted to do this. If others had better opinions, he accepted them and did not insist on his original opinions.

The second is ” do not have to”. He does not ask what kind of result a thing must get. This is also the cultivation of philosophy of life. Nothing in the world is ” inevitable”. The so-called I hope to do this, but the fact is often not. If we talk about the merging of literature and philosophy, the Chinese have a famous saying: ” when things go wrong, there are always nine times out of ten, but there are no two or three words with people.

Of the ten things in life, there are often eight or nine that are not satisfactory. However, in case of unsatisfactory things, one cannot complain to others, and one cannot tell one’s parents, brothers and sisters, wife and children. These are all life experiences.

There is another saying: ” Nine times out of ten, you lose everything in the world, and you have no one to fall in love with. ” This also shows that nine out of ten things are frustrated, and one hundred people, still can’t find a real friend.

The third is ” not firm” and not clinging to one’s preconceptions.

The fourth is ” not me”, thinking only of others and things. This is the greatness of Confucius’ learning and cultivation.

You also need a place when you get it.

The best thing in life is to be in the right place at the right time.

The so-called time here is luck. Bit is space, everything in the universe, cannot be separated from time and place, and nothing is useful.

With luck alone, one cannot live without a seat. This is equivalent to a dinner party. You are invited on the invitation. You are in the wrong place. You still cannot eat without your seat in that room.

Therefore, it is not only the time but also the place.