Just for peace of mind

  One evening in January 2007, Sennaon drove a Volt car from Portland to Sheridan to sign a contract. Because this was the result of more than three months of arduous negotiations, Sennaon was very happy and flew all the way.

  When parking, by light, he found something different on the right front wheel. He looked closer and looked like blood. In order to be cautious, he touched it with his hand and smelled it in front of his nose. It was a pungent bloody! Seine was suddenly nervous. Did he quickly hit the road? He repeatedly recalled that there was no impression of a car colliding with any object. Seine was not at ease, set up the car, started the engine, turned the front of the car, and prepared to look around. At this time, the business partner waiting for the signing call called and urged him to hurry. Sennaon explained to him that he was in a hurry and hoped he could wait another few hours. The other party was very angry and shouted: “Go to hell, you are a non-punctual guy!” Then I hung up. Sennaon groaned, it was a $300 contract! However, he still drove on the road.

  In the heavy fog, he watched as he drove. Finally, on the side of the highway, he saw a person lying there and hurried to stop. Lying on the ground, unconscious is a 13-year-old girl. Her head was hurt and the blood flowed far away. He didn’t think much, took the child into the car and galloped to the city hospital. After the rescue, the child is out of danger. But still awake.

  The police contacted the child’s parents, who screamed at the loss of reason. Sennaon did not argue and silently endured. Everyone in the family said that he was too stupid. Since there is no evidence to prove that he is a perpetrator, why bother to take responsibility to himself? Even if he was in trouble, he did not know it. Why bother? Senna did not explain much. He put down the business at hand, accompanied the girls in the hospital every day, and paid medical expenses in time.

  The girl was unconscious for 26 days, and Sennaon guarded for 26 days and spent $38,000 on medical expenses. Fortunately, on the 27th day, the girl finally woke up and told the truth of the facts: On the day of the incident, she went to the suburbs to sketch and returned. On the way back, she crossed the fence and got on the highway. An oncoming motorcycle crashed. It turned out that the blood on the wheels of the Seine was only rolled up by the blood flowing to the ground when the girl was around.

  The truth of the matter was revealed, and the local TV station invited him to be a guest news program. The host asked why Sennaon didn’t want to evade responsibility at the time, and asked him if he regretted losing money, time and energy for no reason. Sennaon said: I just thought that if I didn’t return to see it, I wouldn’t feel at ease in my life. And from the beginning of the matter, my approach makes me feel at ease, what will I regret?

  Indeed, peace of mind is the starting point for a person to be a man, but also a destination. When our conscience is uneasy, all the high-level skills of being a human being can only be regarded as a show. Only seek peace of mind, just like the Sinai in the story.