Identify your body

  In life, a few lucky people have got rid of their troubles and accepted the strengths and weaknesses of their bodies. If you are still unwilling, expecting a miracle to appear, and let yourself become slim or full, so that life can be taken to a new height, then please take a moment to try to figure out the meaning of “true identity.”

  The essence of “identity” is “to face life with a good attitude.” Now let’s start by facing our own body. Unless you are familiar with the separation of the gods, you can’t live without your body when and where. Do you want to get it in good faith, or do you want to use it as a burden for a lifetime? It’s all about your choice, and the right choice comes from your understanding of “identity.”

  Many people measure their own value by appearance, and the requirements for external appearance are very demanding. They carry the standards that ordinary people can’t reach, and they don’t allow their bodies to be a little embarrassed. Our eyes can only see the appearance of people, perhaps this is the root of the appearance. But I believe that as your understanding of “identity” deepens, you will make a fresh judgment on yourself.

  Be aware that people who demand the appearance cannot enjoy the diversity of life. Many times, when you stroll on the waterfront, you missed the beautiful scenery just because you were suspicious of your swimsuit. Think about it, if you can let go of your mental baggage and walk happily on the beach, how free! You have a lot of things you want to do, but you are not willing to do it. You may always think, “How can I do this now? Wait until I am perfect again.” One of my friends dreamed. Learning to dive, but she is worried that her body is too bloated, and the wet diving suit is not good on her body, so she has not even had water. If she, or you, truly agrees with herself, then there will not be so much hesitation.

  I have also been obsessed with this, thinking that my legs are not beautiful enough, and they are competing with them secretly. Even on a hot summer day, I have to wear a cropped trousers to cover the knees. At that time, I firmly believed that if I could have slender legs, my life would be much more happy. I hope that my legs will work together and become what I want, otherwise I will not recognize them. But they are not obedient at all, stubbornly keeping the same. Oh, I seem to be caught in the heat.

  In the end I decided to end this “cold war” and I vowed to change my attitude and recognize my legs. This is really easy to say. For the attractiveness of the appearance, we naturally take care of it, but those places that are not flattering are really difficult to accept. Well, they used to be my imaginary enemy, but from now on, I have to spend a few minutes a day to pay attention to them. I started to apply a fragrant vanilla lotion to my legs every day. I painted it and thought, “My legs are not so bad.” Then I persuaded myself: “They are actually good.” I felt this attempt a few weeks ago. Ridiculous. Gradually, my mentality has changed. Although I couldn’t bear to look at my legs under the bright lights in the bathroom, at least I wouldn’t hurriedly cover them with a bath towel as I used to.

  Day by day, I really realized the advantages of my legs. They are strong and strong, and I can only run 3 miles (4827 meters) a day. What makes me even more gratified is that my legs seem to return my good intentions and gradually become stronger as I wish. My body will not change for the sake of taking my heart. It is my mentality that has changed. I agree with the body so that the wish coincides with the development of the body.

  The facts show that the body and mind interact. If you agree with your body, it is not only good for your mood, but also good for your health. The more you pick the body, the more your body loves to go wrong. The best way to maintain health is to be kind to the body, and the modern medical community also values ​​the value of self-identity.

  Can you accept what you are doing? If you can, it’s right. “Really agree” means no need to modify, no need to change, no need to cater to who’s taste – especially your own taste – what you appreciate is the “you” at the moment.

  Does that mean that we don’t do anything, even if the current state of the body is not satisfactory, and we are not trying to improve it? Of course I don’t mean this. Pursuing health and beauty is human nature. What I want to say is that when we are not healthy enough and not beautiful enough, it is not advisable to blame and toss. Why should we be sincere and fearful to repair our body in order to reach certain standards? What the body needs is a beneficial development, and we need to treat it with a heart of love. “I want to change a hair style… I want to have a shape on my upper arm… Are these wishes good enough?” You can ask yourself: “Is it necessary to achieve these wishes (such as changing body shape and hair color, Buying a new wrinkle cream and wardrobe… enough to list a long list) Can I get happiness?” If the answer is “yes” – it doesn’t matter, but it doesn’t matter – then we invest time and money To find happiness outside, it is better to cultivate the feeling of “self-identity” in the heart and create happiness for yourself.

  I often say to customers and friends: “Love every part of your body. If you find it difficult to do it, change the part you don’t like. If you can’t change it, you can only accept reality.” As you grow older, There are some irreversible changes in our bodies. The most cruel situation is suffering from chronic diseases and even disability. This kind of reality is unbearable, but many people have the courage to bear and not give up their bodies.

  How do we start the journey of “self-identity”? It’s very simple, what it is like, the key to unlocking the spirit of shackles is in our hearts. We can continue to fight with the body and confide in the resentment of our hearts; we can also make the mind undergo subtle changes and gradually identify with our own body. Our mind can’t control our appearance. If so, why should we lock our brows? Come on, let us look at ourselves happily!