Radios and newspapers and magazines continue to report: How did Japan defeat the US military gloriously and win battles one after another.

  How the US and British forces have been defeated one after another, and the time of victory from Japan has become closer and closer…

  However, contrary to these reports, the farmers in the country were finally sent to the battlefield one after another. And those rice fields that were originally harvested are gradually ridiculous because there are not enough males to cultivate them. Finally, even radishes and onions are hard to see on the market…

  Although women and old people in rural areas have begun to work in the fields, their production speed has not kept up with the gradual shortage of food.

  People are desperately saving, but there are fewer and fewer things to eat, not to mention the food for the animals.

  Elephants have to eat 50 times the amount of potatoes and hay in an adult a day!

  So, not only are people’s stomachs filled, but even the animals in the zoo are the same. Because of hunger, the animals are getting thinner and lose their vitality.

  Then, the animals that were used to being raised by humans, because hunger began to fall into violent mood. Whenever there is an opportunity, they will wait for the opportunity to jump out of the barn and pounce on the crowd.

  Even one day, the vulture breeder found that the vulture had eaten his partner into his stomach.

  In order to feed the animals as much as possible, the breeders brought the goats and sheep in the zoo to the park to graze. Then, they collected the leaves from the trees on both sides of the street and transported them back to the zoo with trailers for other animals.

  Sanji Hetian Palace also refused to protest the hungry belly every day, pulled two rounds of trailers and ran around, and transported a car from the street to feed the three elephants.

  Finally, the nearby leaves were picked up and they had to go to the farther streets to collect the leaves.

  ”Sanji, I have left a lot of radish leaves for you. You have gained something today.”

  Even the restaurants and the owner of the restaurant on the street often leave some unwanted potato skin and carrot head leaves for Sanji and Tian Palace.

  The garbage dump in the market is the place where Sanji and Tiangong must go to search every day. As long as they are the remaining leaves or vegetables, they are the food they bring back to the elephant.

  On this day, Sanji also brought some radish leaves to Awu’s wife.

  ”Thank you, there are these leaves, then our side dishes will fall.”

  Awu’s wife took the leaves and invited Sanji to stay and eat.

  ”No, I will go home and eat.”

  Sanji refused, and now the time is not good. Many families have not even had three meals, and there are two children in Awu’s home.

  ”Sanji brother, you don’t be so polite, our rice is still sent by you the day before yesterday. Without your help, my children and I will probably have only some sweet potatoes left to fill the hunger.” Awu’s wife once again saved Sanji to eat.

  In such a difficult time, it is a luxury to have rice to eat. Most families can only rely on a lot of sweet potatoes and potatoes to spend the day.

  ”Just there are no other side dishes in our family, please forgive me.”

  Sanji no longer quit, staying with Awu’s family for dinner.

  I saw that Xiaoxiong and Miyoko were eager to lick the rice in the bowl. On the dinner table, except for the radish leaves brought by Sanji, there were only six pickled sour plums. Sanji’s chest could not help but burst into pain.

  He remembered that these days, everyone’s life is like a cockroach, collecting the leaves that people used to don’t want to eat for children. He began to wonder whether the purpose of the war was right or wrong?

  In the early stage of the war, because of the batch of resources and wealth that were shipped back to China, everyone was so excited that the Japanese felt that this war was correct and for the glorious future of Japan.

  However, as the war progressed, food became less and less, people’s clothing became more and more old, and people no longer have enough extra money to buy things.

  Because of the war, the children’s fathers went abroad for the sake of the country, and then died one by one on the battlefield. They were separated from their families and never returned to their hometowns.

  Many people, like Sanji, began to question the meaning of war…

  ”What are we fighting for?”

  Many people began to think about it, but those who dared to speak their doubts were taken to prison by the military and could no longer return to their families. For the sake of their own lives, everyone no longer dares to question the war.

  Most people are the same as Sanji. Every day, for their own belly, they are constantly looking for more food for their children’s belly. There is really no extra time and energy to continue to think about such problems persistently…

  In such a difficult day, everyone is suffering in pain.

  Soon after, the news of the death of many people was passed back to Japan. Many of the dead people were friends and relatives of the zoo staff.

  One day, the news that Awu died in Nanyang also came back. Sanji and Tamiya are very sad. They desperately hold back their tears and say nothing, but clean the elephants over and over again for Awu’s most loved flower.

  Later, everyone joined forces to donate some meager gift money to Sanji’s family. The director of Kaga also decided to invite some children who lost their father to visit the zoo, so that they temporarily forget the sorrow.

  On this day, Sanji sent a coupon to Awu’s home.

  ”Thank you. I still need to work that day, so…but I will try my best to let the children go. The children and their father, the last time the photo was taken in front of Dongjin!”

  The eyes of Awu’s wife fell on that family.

  She has been a lot of people in these years, but she has never had a slight complaint in front of Sanji.

  Sanji looked at Xiaoxiong, who was eight years old. This little child has a distressed precociousness in his eyes. At the beginning, Xiaoxiong was only seven years old when he came to the zoo. In the past year, Awu’s family had no time to go to the zoo for life.

  ”If you are relieved, I am willing to help you bring your child…”

  Sanji noticed the look of Xiaoxiong.

  ”It doesn’t matter, you will be very busy that day. Isn’t there a lot of children going? Don’t delay your work for us, I will try my best to take the time to take the children.”

  Awu’s wife refused euphemistically.

  Sanji nodded and left some vegetables before leaving.

  That day, more than 400 children came to the zoo. The fathers of these children were all for the country, but they died on the battlefield.

  ”Children who have lost their father must be very sad and very lonely.” Sanji looked sadly at the children who were sad.

  These children, because they saw animals living with their children, could not help but feel the tragic experience, can not bear the grief, and cried.

  The children clearly knew that they had no chance to come to the zoo with their father anymore, and there was no way to spoil their father and ask their father to tell them the names of various animals.

  Sanji comforted the children. He took the children to Dongjin’s side and let them take turns on Dongjin’s back.

  The children broke into laughter and began to rush to line up in front of the house.

  However, this day, Awu’s child did not come…

  The head of Kaga sighed sadly, staring sadly at the children who were happily riding on the back of Dongjin. They temporarily forgot the sadness of losing their father.

  ”Awu’s child has never been to the zoo since that time. I still remember his son’s name is Xiaoxiong, a very brave child!”

  The director of Kaga remembered Awu and remembered the little boy who was respecting the military ceremony at the farewell party in Awu.

  Sanji was silent, watching Dongjin…