Guardian lover

  In mid-January 2009, the Queensland Tourism Board of Australia advertised in 18 countries around the world, recruiting “Islanders” for the unique island of Hamilton Island, working 3 hours a week, and getting £70,000 in six months. High salary. During the work, “The Islander” can live in a three-bedroom “Invincible Sea View Villa” on the island for free.

  Soon after the advertisement was published, the work was called “the best job in the world” by the media. It attracts nearly 35,000 applicants from more than 200 countries and regions around the world. After nearly four months of competition, a young man named Ben Sausal miraculously stood out. He applied for the job for the beloved, and the romantic exile made him win the laurel in the hands of Lin Qiang…

  Located in the middle of Cairns and the Gold Coast, Hamilton Island is part of the Whitsunday Islands and is known as one of the most beautiful islands in the world. On May 6, 2009, everyone on the island was nervous, and the ultimate interview for “The Best Work in the World” is about to begin. Affected by the financial crisis, this interview was infinitely magnified by the media around the world. In the interview, according to the initials of each competitor’s name, Ben Saul, from the United Kingdom, was placed in a very high position. He sat in front of the judges with confidence in the sun…

  The 34-year-old Sausal was born in Petersfield, Hampshire, England. After graduating from Hampshire University, Sausal gave up the well-paid work of the bustling city, walking away from Africa and being a tour guide and driver in Africa. In mid-January this year, Sausal discovered the Queensland Tourism Bureau in Australia. The global recruitment of the “Islander” advertisement on Hamilton Island is a strong attraction. He quickly made a one-minute video resume according to the advertisement. In the video resume, he played a picture of playing bungee jumping, riding an ostrich, running a marathon, and diving with a respirator at first level, which is extremely dynamic and confident.

  In mid-February, after the applicant submitted the video resume, Sausal’s video resume stood out from 35,000 video resumes from more than 200 countries. He became one of the first 50 candidates. The Queensland Tourism Board hangs the 50-person video resume of the finalists on the Internet. Sixteen candidates were selected by voting by netizens. Sausal made full use of his advantage as a guide and canvassed around the world. In the list of candidates to be announced later, Sausal successfully advanced to the top 16, but the number of votes far lags behind Wang Xiuyan from Taiwan.

  In the face of the questions from the judges, Sosal launched his signature smile: “Mr. Dear, I am explaining my marketing philosophy for Hamilton Island, please allow me to tell a story first, okay? This is a related The story of love is precisely because of the girl in the story, I came here.

  It was a sunny afternoon in October 2004, and Sassar, who was also a tour guide in Africa, hosted a group of tourists from Canada. Among the many tourists, his gaze was deeply attracted by a girl with dark blue eyes. The girl, called Bu Lei, is a fashion designer who is tall and walks lightly, dancing like the rhythm of music. “God, she is the one I have been waiting for!” Sausal felt dizzy, and the only lively and pretty Bulei in the airport was the most vivid, and he was shot by the sudden arrow of Cupid. During the trip, Sassar tried his best to get her attention. However, Bulei always kept a distance from him politely. Sassar, who has always been a slap in the face, did not know how to confess. He only wrote poems for her after the daily tour guide, and condensed her love in the pen.

  After a few days, Sausal took the Canadian tour team to the South African Bushman tribe. Here, he staged a thrilling scene of “Heroes Save the Beauty.” Bushmen love to breed ostriches and use them to carry heavy loads. After the local tourism industry was developed, the Bushmen used it to swear. Bulei was attracted by the ostrich monks and sat on a tall ostrich. Looking at the buds on the back of the ostrich, Sausal is so excited that he likes this beautiful girl more and more. He looked worried and said: “Miss Bry, please pay attention to safety.” Bray nodded lightly.

  Suddenly, I didn’t know where to make a loud noise. The taming ostrich was suddenly frightened, broke the control of the birdman, and ran forward. The buds who had never rode the ostrich were so scared that they screamed again and again, and hugged the ostrich neck tightly. In front of this scene, everyone in the room is stunned. The ostrich can reach more than 60 kilometers at the fastest speed. If it falls from above, it will endanger life. Sosal had no time to think about it, took off his T-shirt and rushed to the frightened ostrich. Because the frightened ostrich bears the weight of a person, plus the beginning of the run, the speed is not very fast. Sassar tried his best to catch up with the ostrich being thrown, and quickly covered his head with a T-shirt, and the ostrich, who was blindfolded, slowly stopped. After the ostrich stops, the dizzy buds are swaying from the ostrich’s back. On the occasion of the millennium, Sausal stepped forward and reached out and hugged her. Despite this, Bulei fell and sprained his ankle.

  Sosal was distressed. He quickly went back to his place to find the potion and gently applied it to the cloth. Looking at Sausal, who was so busy with sweat, Bulei’s heart was filled with an unprecedented touch. Inadvertently, she saw a few sheets of paper on the desk and wrote poems. Then she asked, “Do you still write poetry?” Sausal’s love poem was discovered by the heroine, and she felt a fever on her cheek. He wanted her. Seeing, afraid of her seeing.

  For a long while, seeing Sassar has no reaction, Bulei said with a smile; “I don’t see it if it is inconvenient!” Sosal was in a hurry and blurted out: “Look, the poems were originally written for you.” “He said to himself in his heart: “If Bulei ends the journey, I have no confession, she may not have the chance to see these love poems. Now, since God wants to give me such an opportunity, why should I miss it?”

  The sun that slanted in from the window fell on the Bulei, who focused on reading poetry, making her look more beautiful. Sosal can no longer suppress the passion of the heart, “Bray, are you willing to let me accompany you for the rest of your life?” Bulei was moved by the passionate burning of Sosar’s poetry, but these days, In addition to knowing that he is from the United Kingdom, she is a tour guide, likes to explore, and the other knows nothing. Therefore, she hesitated and could not immediately respond to Sosal’s courtship.

  This romantic hero beauty love was not staged in time. Sosal had not waited for the answer given by Bulei and left. His tour guide team temporarily took over a group of American tourists, and an emergency call made him unable to bid farewell to Bulei. More than ten days later. When Sausal returned from the Kalahadi desert, Bulei had already returned to China. Fortunately, Bulei left her e-mail, Sosal quickly sent her a warm letter of courtship. A week later, Sausal received a reply, and she called him “The Ostrich Man”, saying that she had been in contact with him since the moment she was rescued from the back of the ostrich. After Canada, she always Think of him. Sosal is ecstatic: “Let me do your life: “ostrich”!” So, the two began a Platonic love.

  “Two months later, one of my friends lost their life in the tsunami in India. I decided to go back to the UK and participate in a fundraising event called Char’s Fund. Since I was very serious, I was promoted to charity soon. After the season, the project manager. I am in the UK, but Bulei is in Canada, between the vast Atlantic Ocean, which makes us feel very helpless.”

  The judges began to wonder: “You tell the story of you and Bulei, is this related to our theme today? Mr. Sausal, your time is only 20 minutes.” Sosal’s eyes are very firm: “What I did Everything is for her, he and I have a close relationship with the marketing plan for Hamilton Island.” The judges saw that Sosar continued…

  Three years later, Bulei’s family began to oppose their almost impossible love. This is, a handsome rich man also began a fierce attack on Bulei. In December 2007, in order to comfort his girlfriend, Sausal took time off to Vancouver, Canada. Seeing her boyfriend’s Bulei burst into tears, Sausal gently hugged her and said: “Dear “Ostrich” will protect you forever!” This time, Sassar took a long time to stay in Dalat, The two met and went to the Rocky Mountains to play. Bulei was fascinated by the snow-covered Rocky Mountain, and ran in joy in the woodland, like an angel. Sausal behind her reminded her that the snow was too slippery, be careful. But the words did not fall, only to hear a “plop”, Bu Lei fell into the trap of poachers. “Catch my hand, I will pull you out.” However, the Bulei who was injured in the foot could not reach his hand.

  Looking at his girlfriend who was cold and trembled in the cold cave, Sausal jumped into the cave dug by the poacher. Bulei was shocked. “How did you jump down? Isn’t that both of us going out?” Sosal held her tightly and said, “How can I let you alone?” Well, “ostrich” will definitely save you.” Looking at the high hole and the heavy snow, Sossar knows that he must find a way to get out, otherwise the two will be buried in the cave by heavy snow. in.

  Sosal found that the height of the two people combined far exceeded the cave. Therefore, he let Bulei put his hands on his shoulders. Bulei knows the intention of the lover and says with anxiety: “I am going out, what do you do?” Sosal gently kissed her forehead and said, “Dear, you can go out and call people!” Bulei does not Willing, Sosal is angry: “Otherwise we will all die inside.” Bulei couldn’t help him. He only stepped on Sausal’s shoulder and climbed out of the hole with his full help.

  A few hours later, the Budaidai returned to the cave. At this time, Sausal has been obscured by the ice and snow. After the ambulance rescued Sausal from the cave, Bulei only hugged him tightly. He hoped to take his own cold from his own question. She shouted in her heart: “No matter what happens, I can’t let you leave you!” ”

  Until then, the judges finally understood how this active big boy suddenly became deep, but everyone only had 20 minutes. Is he just to tell a story? Sausal also realized that time was not enough, but he still said slowly: “The ostrich accident and the cave accident made me and Bulei very strong. The loved ones can’t be separated for a long time. As a man, I should I have given Bulei a home. I hope that after I get the job of this “Islander”, I will talk about it as a wedding offering for my sweetheart. Hamilton Island is a place that makes people feel very romantic, my girlfriend will be It is a romantic rejuvenation for it, and it is hoped that Hamilton Island will be the first choice for lovers who are looking for a romantic and eager loyalty.”

  Listening to Sausal’s embarrassment, the judges were deeply touched by his love for his girlfriend and began to appreciate this ordinary but very frank boy, but as a professional interviewer, the judges must have all-round Know the contestant, “Your girlfriend knows you are here?”

  ”Of course I know, but she doesn’t know my plan. This is the best job in the world, and I can offer her the best wedding proposal. If it can, it will be our honeymoon.” I smiled sincerely.

  ”Why do you get this wedding offering? You can’t give it to you because of your lover! What do you think is the difference between doing a volunteer tour in Africa and doing “Islanders” on Hamilton Island?” The judges continued to die.

  Sausal said without hesitation: “Going to Africa is my dream. I am afraid that I have traveled every inch of land in Africa and completed my adventure. I also know Bulei and let love find a destination. Being a volunteer in the UK is for the help of every victim. This is love and responsibility. However, the island guardian of Hamilton Island transmits the beauty of human love and nature to everyone in the world. “”

  After the interview, the jury agreed that his plan to work with his girlfriend on the island coincided with Queensland Tourism’s plan to make Hamilton Island the most romantic resort, while long-term enthusiasm for outdoor activities. With years of experience in charitable fundraising and media dealing, Sossar has a complete set of ideas for promoting the Great Barrier Reef. Coupled with previous swimming, snorkeling, barbecue on the beach, dip in the mineral springs, and blogging competition, Sassar’s performance is also very good. “Sassar may not be the best, but it is indeed the “protector” for Hamilton Island.” He and his girlfriend Bulei will become the “protector” of Hamilton Island.

  The first time the results came out, Sosal called his girlfriend on the phone: “Dear, I have succeeded. Now I officially invite you to come to Hamilton Island and work with me to “protect the island.” He called his girlfriend. The splendid smile was captured by many media reporters. The media published the news that he invited his girlfriend to protect the island. The gift that Sosal dedicated to his girlfriend is the most romantic gift in the world. Bud in Canada is going to be the happiest woman in the world, and the whole world has witnessed their love. And they can spend half a year in the most beautiful islands in the world. For so many years, the two have only complained about each other in the telephone, e-mail, and MSN. Their Platonic love did not receive the blessings of their friends, but now they have received the blessings of the whole world.

  On July 1, 2009, Sausal and his girlfriend Bulei officially started a six-month “Islander” work on Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef. In the largest coral reef islands of this time, in the magical underwater world where more than 1,500 species of fish and various colored corals are echoed, Sassar will definitely spend the most beautiful romance with his girlfriend, Bulei. Time.