Fengyun Chengji Hall

During the Republic of China, there was a time-honored shop called Chengji Tang in the Chengde government of Rehe prefecture under the Beiyang government. The old shopkeeper of Chengji Hall is surnamed Yang. He is kind-hearted and eager for public interests. It happened that his son Yang Ji is a black sheep. People nicknamed him ” Yang Padan”.

This period of time, Lao Yang shopkeeper to Mukden do medicine business, Yang lay eggs like a loose bridle donkey, scattered around. On this day, he gambled all night, and after settling accounts, he lost ten thousand dollars. After coming out of the casino, yang pudan’s intestines were all regretful. fortunately, today is the day for his father to go home. he hopes his father can make more money from this business so as to repay his debts.

Yang Padan arrived at the door and did not dare to enter the house for several rounds. He was thinking about how to explain to his father when he saw Liu Shu, the old housekeeper of Chengji Hall, running out of the house in a hurry. He cried at the sight of Yang Padan and said: ” Master, you can come back. Please enter the house quickly. The old shopkeeper … can’t do it.”

” Not anymore?” Yang lie prone eggs with Liu Shu into the room, the scene in the room stunned him-I saw Lao yang shopkeeper lying on the bed, already dying, his hands wrist each have a deep cut, blood seems to have dried up. Next to the bed stood a strange girl, in her early twenties, dressed neatly. Although she was frowning, she looked unusually calm.

Lao yang shopkeeper heard yang lie prone eggs come in, slowly opened his eyes, looked at yang lie prone eggs, and pointed to the girl next to him, said a sentence off and on: ” after I leave … you marry her, later everything must listen to her.” Then he died. Yang threw himself on the kang and cried.

The human sentiment changes in temperature and the world changes in temperature. On the night of Lao Yang’s shopkeeper’s death, the account office took the money from Chengji Hall and ran away. Liu Shu and the girl brought back by the old shopkeeper were busy at home and abroad, taking care of their affairs, but yang lie prone on the egg only sat in the corner and cried.

After the funeral, Hou San, the casino’s creditor, brought a group of people to collect the money. In this group of people who want to pay the bill, there is one of Chengji Hall’s former assistants, Yan Liu. This Yan Liu often did some sneaking around, but he was later dismissed by Lao yang’s boss. unexpectedly, he defected to Hou San.

At this time, Yan Liu triumphantly said to yang lie prone eggs: ” if you don’t pay, you will take chengji hall to pay for it!” The old shopkeeper died, this ChengJi hall in your Yang lie prone eggs, lost is not sooner or later? It would be better to hand it over to our Lord Hou San and bring benefits to the people. ”

Hou San took out a written document, held it up in front of yang’s egg and said: ” black and white, red handprint, casino rules, defaulting chop, handing over chengji hall or chopping a hand, you can think clearly.”

Yang lay eggs frighten daylights out, trembling couldn’t say a word. Yan Liu looked at it with a grimace of a grin and came forward to pull yang’s collar. before his hand touched the edge of his clothes, he was drenched with cold water from an oncoming basin. Then, I heard a slender but calm voice: ” Give me the written evidence.”

The crowd looked in the direction of the voice and saw the girl brought back by the old shopkeeper throw away the copper basin filled with water, take out a piece of paper from her bosom and say to Hou San: ” no cash, this is the deed to the house of chengji hall. the bill has been settled. bring the written evidence and we will settle the matter.”

Yan Liu flustered and wiped away the water from his face. He dashed to the girl and shouted, ” Are you tired of your mother’s work …”

” Pa!” I saw that the girl waved her hand with a mouth and slapped Yan Liu violently in the face. she scolded, ” dog slave, no matter how big or small, I’m talking to your third master Hou. what are you talking about?” This slap can put Yan six dozen leng, looked at her straight.

Hou San was also one leng. He looked at the girl carefully and saw that she had beautiful eyes, snow-white skin and seemed weak, but her facial expression was different from ordinary people’s stubbornness and calmness. Hou San did not dare to look down upon it. he thought for a moment and said, ” with chengji hall as it is now, the lease can only cover 2,000 dollars. what about the remaining 8,000?”

” Two thousand is two thousand.” The girl was in no hurry. ” The old shopkeeper has just left. Now the account cannot be opened. If Chengji Hall can make a comeback in the future, I will return the rest of the money.”

Hou San laughed: ” Make a comeback? Who does not know that your account office has run away, leaving Chengji Hall with an empty shell? I changed my mind. If I can’t get ten thousand dollars today, I will follow the rules of the casino. ”

The girl said flatly, ” Master Hou, since you don’t know what to do, I’ll throw caution to the wind. Smell the smell around Chengji Hall.”

Hou San noticed that the basin that the girl spilled was not water but kerosene. The girl said with awe, ” Lord Hou, I have poured oil on the inside and outside of the Chengji Hall, including the one you stepped on. Today either you take the deed of house or you take the ashes of Chengji Hall and our soul. ” At this point, the girl rubbed the foreign fire and ordered the deed.

This scene shocked Hou San. he couldn’t help asking the girl, ” then what, who are you and who are you?” It’s up to you to make the decision about Chengji Hall. ”

The girl stared at Hou San and said, ” listen carefully, Mr. San. my name is Zhang Xiaoyu. from now on, I am the housewife of chengji hall.”

Three days later, Zhang Xiaoyu and yang lie prone eggs moved out of chengji hall. all the medicinal materials in chengji hall arrived at Hou San. yang lie prone eggs only took a box of relics and plaque of chengji hall from the old shopkeeper. Apart from some medical books, this box of relics has only one gong. According to the housekeeper Liu Shu, when yang jiazu was a doctor, he knocked on this bronze gong when walking through the streets. after he started his family and established his career, the innkeeper of chengji hall used it as a treasure of the town store.

Zhang Xiaoyu rented two small rooms near Chengji Hall with the jewelry she brought. When they were all settled in, Liu Shu asked, ” Miss Xiaoyu, don’t blame this old thing for being too oversensitive. I have something to ask you.”

Zhang Xiaoyu put down her work and said, ” Liu Shu, ask.”

Liu Shuqing cleared his throat and said, ” I have been in Chengji Hall for several decades. Although I do not prescribe medicine, I can still see the way out. The knife mark on the old shopkeeper’s wrist before he died looks like he cut it himself from the trend of the blade. What happened to the old shopkeeper? Where did you come from? ”

Yang Pudan also interrupted: ” Yes, yes, how did my father die?”

Zhang Xiaoyu was silent for a moment and said: ” Liu Shu, boss Lao yang has already left. I will slowly tell you what you asked. now we should think of some way to live our life.”

Liu Shu said awkwardly, ” But we don’t even know your origin …”

Zhang Xiaoyu laughed: ” Liu Shu, Chengji Hall is gone. What else do you want me to do? I am the daughter-in-law that the old shopkeeper found for the yang family. if you don’t mind me, I’d like to live with him wholeheartedly. ”

Liu Shu nodded, at this point, he can only abide by the old manned will, identified the housewife. A few months later, Liu Shu set out to make yang lie prone and Zhang Xiaoyu pay homage to each other.

2. Poison apricot
Not long after their marriage, early in the morning, Liu Shu and yang lie prone eggs were awakened by a ” jingling” sound in the courtyard. The two men came out of the house and found Zhang Xiaoyu working on the gong left by the old shopkeeper in the yard.

Yang lay down on the egg, rubbed his eyes and asked, ” Xiaoyu, why did you bring this out?”

Zhang Xiaoyu smiled and said: ” I thought about it all night yesterday. the reason why you have so many disasters is that you have made a little mistake. The more people say you can’t do it, the more you really can’t do it. This unlucky evil spirit will come to you. If you want to turn over, you have to let others say you can get up. ”

” I’ve laid my eggs, how can I get up?”

” I have read some books since I was a child and know some ways to break little people’s language.” Zhang Xiaoyu picked up the gong and said, ” This gong is the treasure of Chengji Hall. It has a name called Gongde Gong. Starting from tomorrow morning, when the sky is just turning white every day, knock on this gong in the street. This is the most vulnerable time for evil spirits. A fierce knock on the gong can drive away evil spirits and break the little people’s language. ”

After Hou San’s incident, yang pudan had taken Zhang Xiaoyu with special respect, thinking that he would not lose money anyway, so he would try.

For the next few months, yang’s eggs were laid every day as Zhang Xiaoyu said. as soon as the sky turned white, he knocked on the gong and made a circle in the street. Many people were suddenly awakened from their dreams by the sound of gongs and broke out in a cold sweat. Slowly, the street began to talk: ” I don’t know what happened to yang’s eggs. he didn’t take the kang until the sun shone on his buttocks. why did he get up so early now?”

After another period of time, everyone got used to it. Every morning when the gong rang, people would mutter in their dreams and waking: ” Yang is laying eggs.” ” Don’t worry about him, it’s Yang who is laying eggs. Let’s go back to sleep.”

Chengde is a poor mountain. The valuable things on the mountain are not long, but it is full of poisonous apricot trees. Every morning when Yang’s eggs are knocked out, Zhang Xiaoyu takes him to pick apricot trees. Yang Pudan asked incredulously, ” Xiaoyu, this poisonous apricot is bitter and astringent. The apricot kernel is also poisonous. What are we doing picking it every day with such great efforts?”

Zhang Xiaoyu laughed: ” As long as you knock merit gong every day, poisonous apricot can become gold ingot.”

Zhang Xiaoyu brought Yang’s eggs to his home in bags every day to carry poisonous apricot. The poisonous apricot carried home was dried in the sun and almond was taken one by one. People all said, ” this yang lie prone egg won’t lose heart crazy, will it? He didn’t want to harm us when he picked poisonous apricot, did he? ” During that time, when many people were fetching water from wells, they would carefully check whether there were any poisonous apricot kernels in the water. I’m afraid they would be poisoned by accident.

On this day, a group of people suddenly appeared in the street, led by several businessmen dressed up. They went into a pharmacy and asked, ” Is there any apricot kernel here?” The shopkeeper of the pharmacy was confused: ” apricot kernel? Chengde’s apricots are poisonous and can’t be eaten. You see, we have good Scutellaria baicalensis and Angelica sinensis … ”

The passer-by did not wait for him to finish and asked, ” Is there no one to take all the apricots in the mountain?” The shopkeeper was even more puzzled and pointed to yang paodan’s house and said, ” it seems that there is something in his house.”

The next thing surprised everyone, this group of people actually paid a high price to buy all the poisonous almonds in Yang’s family. Looking at a pile of ocean and silver tickets, yang lie prone and giggle assiduously, while Liu Shu frowned and asked, ” housewife, what do you think these people do when buying poisonous almonds? shouldn’t they do anything bad?”

Yang put in an egg and said, ” oh, uncle Liu, why do you ask? These people are the God of Wealth whom I have recruited with merit gongs! ”

Zhang Xiaoyu laughed: ” Liu Shu, don’t worry, listen to my explanation. At present, wars are raging and various warlords are expanding their territory, but the most troublesome thing for warlords is that their soldiers are holding two guns, one is a war gun and the other is a smoking gun. Opium smoke has turned those soldiers into sickos. How can they fight? Therefore, the warlords were cruel enough to break the smoking gun of the soldiers. ”

” What does this have to do with poisonous almonds?” Liu Shu still doesn’t understand.

” If they want to stop smoking, they will definitely give soldiers a medicine-correction pills.”

Liu Shu listened to a clap of his head and suddenly realized: ” the supplement pill in the” good medicine for the fans “! There was once a famous Qing doctor who was entrusted by Lin Zexu to develop 18 kinds of smoking cessation prescriptions, including this supplement pill. I’m really crazy! ”

Zhang Xiaoyu said approvingly, ” Liu Shu is indeed the old housekeeper of Chengji Hall. In this supplement pill, there are drugs that blindly attack poison with poison, namely, poisonous apricot kernel. This kind of apricot is only grown in the north, and Rehe is the most prosperous and has the strongest medicinal properties, so they will certainly come here to harvest it. ”

” wealthy family, you are not human!” This time Liu Shu really really admire Zhang Xiaoyu. Yang lay down his egg and listened to it. He said excitedly that he would not have to do anything in the future. He would just pick the poisonous apricot. But Zhang Xiaoyu told him that the supplement pill can only treat the symptoms but not the root cause. No one will come to collect the poisonous apricot next year.

Zhang Xiaoyu used the money he earned to buy a large area of land on Tongbao Mountain and grow herbs. A year later, she rented a facade and reopened Chengji Hall.

On the opening day, all the regular customers of Chengji Hall came. Zhang Xiaoyu said happily to yang paoban: ” from today on, you will not call paoban. you are the new boss of chengji hall, the boss of yang jiyang.”

3. Black gold
Zhang Xiaoyu is good at management, coupled with Chengji Hall’s reputation, and recovered in a few years. In addition to seeing a doctor and taking medicine, Chengji Hall also deals in medicine. The Jehol banditry is serious, and the medicinal materials of other merchants are often robbed, but as long as they are the medicinal materials transported by Chengji Hall, no matter how valuable they are, they have never been robbed. The largest bandit gang in Jehol is the bandits on the top of Montenegro. The gang leader is called ” all hands are tied”. The provincial government has offered a reward of 6,000 cash to arrest him, but even they cannot rob Chengji Hall. Others said that it was because the Yangs’ merit gongs were in the town, and the Yangs’ medicines were covered with invisible symbols, so the bandits could not find them at all.

What people don’t understand most is ” contentment”, especially for Second Ancestors like Yang Ji. On this day, a group of people came to Chengde with strange instruments to work on the mountain. Finally, they dug some stones in the Yang family’s Tongbao Mountain Herbal Garden and left.

It soon spread to Yang Ji’s ears, and only after many inquiries did he know that there was an unusually rich ” black gold” in the depths of Tongbao Mountain. Yang Ji was really excited when he found out, and he told Zhang Xiaoyu about the idea of opening a coal mine. Zhang Xiaoyu said, it is still necessary to run Chengji Hall well first, instead of going around. I didn’t expect Yang Ji to get angry. He shouted loudly, ” I am the shopkeeper of Chengji Hall. If I don’t do it, this godsent wealth will fall into the hands of those foreigners.”

Zhang Xiaoyu bit her lip and said, ” In fact, the old shopkeeper knew about the black gold before his death. Before he died, he told me to keep the black gold in Tongbao Mountain anyway. Now mining can only be done for others. ”

Yang Ji did not understand: ” You mean those foreigners, what’s so terrible about that?”

Zhang Xiaoyu shook his head and said, ” Those are not people at all. They are hungry wolves.”

Yang Ji didn’t take Zhang Xiaoyu’s words to heart. Before long, he did the mining certificate to prepare for the start of the spring next year.

In the second year, Yang Ji’s coal mine failed to open and Chengde Prefecture was not safe. In the warm spring season of March, Jehol welcomed a group of Japanese cavalry. Only more than 100 Japanese cavalry occupied the entire Chengde prefecture, without any resistance along the way, and the entire area of Jehol became the Jehol province of Manchukuo.

After the Japanese arrived, the first thing to do was to eradicate the bandits in Chengde. At that time, all the bandits, large and small, in Chengde were wiped out. Even the bandits on the top of the most difficult black mountain were scattered. The whereabouts of the bandit leader was unknown.

The second thing the Japanese do is mine. However, the Japanese soon came to the Yang family. To Yang Ji’s surprise, Yan Liu was the leader. Yan Liu is now working for the Japanese and is specifically responsible for land acquisition from ordinary people’s homes. When Yan Liu came, yang Ji was still drinking tea leisurely. he heard Yan Liu proudly say that the Japanese wanted to expropriate tongbao mountain and let himself clean up the tongbao mountain herbal garden. he jumped up at once: ” we bought the land from chengji hall. why do you say that we expropriate it?”

Yan Liu grinned and said, ” This land is yours, yes, but the black gold in this mountain belongs to His Majesty the Emperor.” He took out a piece of paper from his pocket and said, ” This is the mining license approved by the Japanese.”

Yang Ji was anxious and said, ” We first issued the mining license. What are you doing?”

Yan Liu sneered, ” What is it? I tell you, you were sent by the government of the Republic of China. Now this is Manchukuo. You are openly against His Majesty the Emperor. ”

” Manchukuo is also the ruler of China.” Only Zhang Xiaoyu came out of the room. She said to Yan Liu, ” You said that this Manchukuo is Japanese and you are against the Manchurian emperor. If this word comes to the emperor’s ears, you will be convicted of treason! Do you know the penalty for treason? In the end! ”

Yan Liu listened to Zhang Xiaoyu’s words and broke out in a cold sweat. he hurriedly said, ” don’t give people a dirty lie. look at what is written on my mining certificate.”

Yang Ji took a look at the certificate and couldn’t help being shocked. He saw that it said ” the mining certificate of Dadeshan Mining Company”. After thinking for a long time, he did not think of where Dade Mountain was.

Yan Liu said, ” I tell you, the Manchurian emperor has issued an imperial edict. this tong Bao mountain will be renamed as da de shan from now on, and the small sunny slope next to da de shan will be renamed tong Bao shan. If the imperial army serves people with virtue, you can still mine in Tongbao Mountain. ”

Hearing this, yang Ji was beside himself with anger: ” I can’t mine a fart! The little sunny slope is full of stones, and no one wants to raise pigs. ”

” then I don’t care. the imperial army will give you one month. if you don’t move then, you will have to bear the consequences!” Yan six finished and roared off.

4. Wanted
During the relocation of Tongbao Mountain Herbal Garden, the business of Chengji Hall was not very good. The Japanese always arrested people on the street, saying they were fighting bandits. Yang Ji was afraid of the Japanese and did not dare to go out. He stayed in the backyard every day.

Zhang Xiaoyu is stubborn by nature. Ever since Yan Liu made such an uproar, there has always been an anger in her heart. That night, Yang Ji was already asleep, but Zhang Xiaoyu couldn’t sleep over and over. She remembered that she hadn’t been to Chengji Hall in the front yard for several days and wanted to take advantage of the sleeplessness to see. Since the Japanese came, the lights were blacked out at night, and Zhang Xiaoyu dared not light the lights, so he walked to the front yard by moonlight.

Stroll to the pharmacy door, she wanted to push the door into, but pushed the door, startled to find the door locked from the inside. When Zhang Xiaoyu was surprised, he knocked at the door and asked, ” Who is in there?”

There was no response. Zhang Xiaoyu knocked on the door again and asked, ” Is anyone in there?” After a while, the door slowly opened a small crack, leaned out a head and stammered, ” little … housewife.”

Zhang Xiaoyu looked at it by moonlight and found it was Liu Shu, the housekeeper. he asked, ” Liu Shu, what are you doing here in the middle of the night?”

Liu Shu looked flustered and stammered, ” No … it’s okay, I’ll come and see … housewife, please go back.”

Zhang Xiaoyu is a wise man. Knowing that the situation is wrong, he pushed the door and was about to enter. Suddenly, a dark object came out from the crack of the door and pushed it onto Zhang Xiaoyu’s head. A deep voice inside said, ” Don’t yell at your mother.”

Zhang Xiaoyu immediately react, the top thing on his head is a gun! Then, a big hand pulled Zhang Xiaoyu into the room and closed the door. There was no light in the room. Zhang Xiaoyu felt that there were more than three people in the room. who was the newcomer? Having ruled out all possibilities, she suddenly came up with an idea and tried to ask, ” friend, dare you ask whether it is the Buddha of the west temple or the monk who ran into the kiln hall?”

Although the other party did not speak, Zhang Xiaoyu felt that this group of people in the dark still had a reaction. After a long time, a low voice across the street said, ” Wow, are the fruits of thousands of families still relatives?”

Zhang Xiaoyu, who seemed very weak, continued, ” Please ask your friends to pull the lantern higher. This place is not as good as the Qing Wa kiln.”

The other said, ” Have you seen him?” Zhang Xiaoyu said: ” There are no tiles on the house.”

The other side said, ” side by side, all right.”

Zhang Xiaoyu said: ” The cylinder is not tight, the ladle is not hard, it is elevated.”

The other is a silence. At this point, Liu Shu has collapsed in fear, thinking, originally this wealthy family was a bandit, has been in the yang’s tread, today the bandits to the home.

In the darkness, there was no movement at all. After a while, the other side whispered a few words, then rubbed the fire wick and clapped the lamp. A bright light in the room, Zhang Xiaoyu rubbed his eyes, this just found that there are four people across, in front of a person gaunt, sitting in a chair, behind stood three big fellow, all holding two guns. Zhang Xiaoyu looked familiar to the people sitting there, but he could not remember where he had met. Suddenly, Liu Shu cried out in surprise: ” Hou San?”

Zhang Xiaoyu looked at it carefully before he recognized that it was Hou San who had ruined the yang family. At this time, Hou San was pale and his stomach was tangled with a large circle of white cloth, oozing blood.

When Liu Shu saw Hou San, he looked like he had met his enemy and said angrily, ” Good for you, Hou San. When you cheated the old Chengji Hall, now you bring a gun to rob the new Chengji Hall. Today I’ve fought my neck out and won’t let you succeed!” Zhang Xiaoyu stopped him and said, ” Liu Shu, Hou San has been seriously injured. if he is not treated, he will not survive tonight.” Liu Shu heard this and quickly said, ” Yes, Madam Shao, you are still smart. We don’t need to do it ourselves. We have to bury him and let him die here.”

Zhang Xiaoyu said, ” Go to the pharmacy and get some gold sore medicine.”

” Okay, I’ll go right away …” Liu Shugang was about to turn around when he suddenly felt wrong and turned around and asked, ” What did you say to take, madam?”

Zhang Xiaoyu said unhurriedly: ” It is the patient who comes to Chengji Hall. Chengji Hall has no rules of from ruin.”

Liu Shu looked at Zhang Xiaoyu with a serious face, hesitated for a moment, and finally walked to the pharmacy, but in his heart he thought, isn’t housewife really turning outsiders to calculate chengji hall?

Liu Shu is the old housekeeper of Chengji Hall. He has also developed a good medical skill through exposure. After taking the medicine, he found Hou San was seriously injured, with both knife and gunshot wounds. some wounds were infected, and he gouged out the rotten meat bit by bit. This hou three also calculate a man, unexpectedly without saying a word.

After treating the wound, Liu Shu walked up to Zhang Xiaoyu and said, ” young lady, if you are finished, it depends on luck to live.” Zhang Xiaoyu nodded, and Liu Shu went on to say: ” young lady, don’t forget Mr. dongguo’s story …”

Zhang Xiaoyu smiled and said: ” Liu Shu, it is calculated that when Chengji Hall owed Hou San Ye 8,000 yuan, it was paid off today.” Liu Shu remembered that when he used the old chengji hall to pay for gambling debts, he only paid 2,000 dollars. he angrily said, ” why is his life worth so much money?”

” Value!” Zhang Xiaoyu said heavily, turning to Hou San, ” when the Beiyang government offered a reward of 6,000 cash to arrest you, now the Japanese have risen to 8,000 cash. Today I saved your life, and we’ll be clear, won’t we, Master Tong?

” Where is the arm?” Liu Shuzhang two monks confused, ” wealthy family, you said rehe giant bandits arm which is Hou San?”

Hou San squeezed out a smile and said, ” Grandma Yang Jia is smart! Dare to ask how do you know that I am all-armed? ”

Zhang Xiaoyu said: ” This ape with a full arm is originally a monkey. It is the same as you. I guess Master Hou is the monkey with a full arm. It was confirmed as soon as I saw him today.” Hou San nodded and said, ” Grandma Yang Jia Shao has courage and insight.”

Liu Shu heard this and ” plop” knelt down in front of Zhang Xiaoyu and said: ” young lady, please have a long heart. you know clearly that he is a master of medicine. you still save him. he is our medicine dealer’s enemy!”

” His grandmother’s!” A big fellow behind Hou San couldn’t listen. ” you old thing, feel your own conscience, our boss can move a dime of your chengji hall’s goods?”

Liu Shu ” Bah” said: ” That’s our merit gong town, you can’t watch when bandits …”

The big fellow was about to continue to scold, but Hou San stopped him. he said to Zhang Xiaoyu, ” today I had no choice but to break into chengji hall to ask for medicine. To say your store’s goods, I really despises, rob your family a car of medicine, it is not as good as I a shuttle bullet worth … ”

Liu Shu did not like to say: ” What are you talking about? Our Chengji Hall’s medicine is one of the best in the whole Jehol …”

” Liu Shu, the goods that Third Master wants are not really in our family’s possession.” Zhang Xiaoyu interrupted Liu Shu, ” Are the goods of Third Master black leaves?”

Black leaves are opium. At this moment, a man wearing a felt hat next to Hou San said: ” Grandma Yang Jia Shao has really seen the world and knows everything. Since you have saved our life as the head of the household, then I am innocent for our head of the household.”

This felt hat-wearing bandit is the strategist of the Heishanshan bandit gang. He saw some greedy merchants in Chengde secretly trafficking opium in medicinal materials under the guise of doing serious business, and suggested Hou San to rob these medicinal material merchants of their ” medicinal materials”. The opium seized was not sold to the common people, but to those soldiers. The money was given to them happily, and those who had no money were exchanged for some guns and ammunition.

After hearing this, Liu Shu was speechless. Zhang Xiaoyu thought for a moment and asked, ” I don’t know how the Third Master got to this point?”

Bandits wearing felt hats scold a way: ” It’s not Yan Liu’s dog yet. He colluded with the Japanese and became a dog traitor …”

Hou San coughed and said, ” Well, don’t say these are useless.” Turning to Zhang Xiaoyu, he said, ” Grandma Yang, I have never owed any favors to Hou San. If I can survive, I will repay you double what I owe you in the future.”

Zhang Xiaoyu hesitated for a moment and said, ” There is really one thing to ask for your help.”

Liu Shu did not hear what Zhang Xiaoyu and Hou San talked about. When the two spoke, Liu Shu stayed outside for an hour in fear. On this day, Zhang Xiaoyu didn’t let Liu Shu tell yang Ji.

Some time after the incident, Zhang Xiaoyu and yang Ji discussed: ” in today’s world, if we don’t strengthen ourselves, we can only let the Japanese bully us. I think we should build the tongbaoshan mining industry.” Yang Ji was confused: ” But our Tongbao Mountain has become Dade Mountain …”

Zhang Xiaoyu said: ” It is built on the side of the small Yangpo.” Yang Ji did not understand: ” there is nothing there!”

Zhang Xiaoyu said mysteriously, ” Have you forgotten that I have studied XuanHuang Zhi? As long as there are merit gongs from the yang family, poisonous apricot trees can become oceans and small sunny slopes can become golden hills. ”

Yang Ji asked Zhang Xiaoyu what to do. Zhang Xiaoyu said, although the small sunny slope is barren, it is close to Tongbao mountain. you are the golden life. you only need to knock gongs on the street at noon every day, then the black gold in Tongbao mountain will naturally flow into the small sunny slope.

Yang Ji believed in Xiaoyu’s magic and from that day on, he knocked a gong on the street every noon. When people heard the gong, they talked noisily: ” what kind of wind does yang Ji smoke?” ” I heard that it seems that as soon as black gold is dug up, gongs are played to celebrate.” ” Hey, this boy really has a rich life, I heard that his wife can spell, can bring the Japanese mine under the black gold …”

Sure enough, the Yang family really dug up black gold continuously from the small sunny slope. The incident soon reached the ears of the Japanese, who reprimanded Yan Liuyi, who was in charge of land requisition, for not requisitioning the small Yangpo nearby. Yan Liu said that he was not to blame because Yang’s wife had witchcraft. Hearing this, the Japanese gave him a dozen big mouths in a row.

The Yangs’ mine is getting bigger and bigger, and the small Yangpo is like a cornucopia that cannot be dug out. In less than three years, the Yangs’ Tongbao mining industry has become the largest mine in Chengde Prefecture, while the Japanese Dade mining industry next to it can’t even recruit miners, and it was soon abandoned.

During this period, Chengji Hall also welcomed a happy event-Zhang Xiaoyu gave birth to a big fat boy named Yang Chengan. Since Zhang Xiaoyu became a mother, she has put her mind on her children and stopped asking about business matters.

Gradually, Yang Ji became domineering and liked to listen to flattery. Some scoundrels and even traitors became friends with him. He is rich and likes to show off. He has donated a lot of money for the past few days.

The story of Yang Ji’s fortune has also been told by people. They all say that the Yang family has a precious bronze gong. As soon as it is struck, the Four Sides God of Wealth will gather with him. Others say that Zhang Xiaoyu is the reincarnation of a jade rabbit. If it weren’t for the fact that giving birth to a child hurts one’s vitality and can’t use magic, she can make the Japanese go back to their hometown. These words slowly spread to Yan Liu’s ears.

Peter said this Yan 6, since the fall from grace in Japan, has been frustrated. This day, Yan Liu was drinking in a tavern when he heard people at the next table talking about yang Ji. After several drinks, he suddenly began to think: since Zhang Xiaoyu’s demon mother-in-law was unable to cast spells when giving birth, I might as well take advantage of this opportunity to destroy the merit gong.

In the middle of the night, Yan Liu touched Chengji Hall with the help of wine. The newly-built Chengji Hall covers a large area. Yan Liu turned around for a long time, but he could not find a place to put merit gongs. Turning round and round, he turned to the warehouse of Chengji Hall, saw the lights on inside, as if a figure was shaking, and secretly gathered up. Yan Liu was so surprised that he almost bit off his tongue. it was none other than Zhang Xiaoyu and Hou San, who had been wanted by the Japanese for several years.

Zhang Xiaoyu said to Hou San, ” Mr. 3, you can rest assured that you live here. yang Ji has a good relationship with the Japanese and is safe here.”

Yan six listen to, couldn’t help pleasantly surprised, hurriedly turned to leave. Along the way, he said, ” No wonder Zhang Xiaoyu is so crazy. She not only has witchcraft, but also bandits help secretly. I don’t know when Zhang Xiaoyu hooked up with Hou San. Why don’t you tell Yang Ji about it?” At that time, Yang Ji will definitely turn against Zhang Xiaoyu. Without Zhang Xiaoyu, it will not be easy to control Yang Ji, the second grandparent.

The next day, Yan Liu contacted yang Ji. in order to please yang Ji, he specially contracted one of Chengde’s top restaurants. Yan Liu was a master of flattery, and they both helped the Japanese to suppress bandits. A few words resolved the contradiction and Yang Ji was elated.

After three rounds of drinking, Yan Liu pretended to be drunk when he saw that the time was almost right and said, ” Boss Yang, you have been in lucky strike for several years. All this money is chasing you.”

Yang Ji said proudly, ” This is called the virtue of ancestors. My father doesn’t know where to bring me back a fairy wife, and he has the merit of his ancestors, Gong Zhen Zhai. Why not?”

Yan Liu quickly agreed: ” that’s it, that’s it, but … I’ve heard some whispers recently, saying that sister-in-law is her …”

Yang Ji recognized that there was something in the story and asked, ” You said Xiaoyu, what happened to her?”

Yan Liu embellished what he saw that night and made up some words that both of them hugged and kissed. Yang Ji with a grain of salt, face flushed bright red, a head of sweat.

Yan Liu smiled and said, ” boss yang, madam Shao can’t hide these things from one person, but I just don’t know if he would like to testify.” Yang Ji quickly asked, ” Who?”

” Old housekeeper Liu Shu!”

On striking the table, yang Ji said, ” this old thing, it turns out that he is also lying to me!” Turned back and let the attendant man rushed to call Liu butler.

Liu Shu heard the summons and put down his work to catch up. When he saw Yan Liu, he felt disgusted. yang Ji said Yan Liu was not an outsider and asked Hou San about it. Liu Shu had no choice but to tell the story of his first meeting with Hou San a few years ago. yang Ji was shocked after hearing it.

Liu Shu went on to say: ” I also advised the wealthy family not to contact bandits. in recent years there has been no news of Hou San. But just last month, one night, I was already asleep when my wealthy family woke me up and took me to the warehouse. At that time, I realized that there was a secret room in the warehouse and I saw Hou San again in the secret room. This time Hou San looked very flustered. there were still several people with gunshot wounds lying on the ground. the housewife told me to go and let me help them heal their wounds. ”

When yang Ji heard this, he was furious and scolded: ” this woman who eats inside and picks outside really wants to unite bandits to take over yang Ji’s estate …”

Yan Liu said, ” boss yang, this Hou San is one of the most important criminals of the Japanese. harboring the most important criminals is a capital crime! As long as we catch the current situation, we are still afraid that we will not be able to cure the dog men and women. ”

Yang Ji ” eh” said: ” Liu Shu, you will arrange the dog men and women to the secret room tomorrow and how to deal with them when you see them.”

Liu Shu knelt down quickly and said, ” Master, let me see and persuade the young lady to forget it. Are you really cruel enough to kill her?”

Yan Liu insidious smile said with a smile, ” I said housekeeper Liu, are you crazy? To go on like this, the Yang family’s property will have to be surnamed Hou sooner or later. Perhaps the young master of Yang’s boss is not his own … ”

On striking the table, yang Ji shouted, ” hurry!” Liu Shu had to answer and went out.

6. Hiding place
Besides, Liu Shu stumbled all the way home. Although he could not bear it, he was, after all, an old servant of the Yang family and finally acted according to Yang Ji’s orders.

The next night, on the way to the chamber of secrets, Liu Shu had been in a flurry. Arriving at the secret room, Zhang Xiaoyu pressed several times on the wall, and a secret door opened. She turned around and asked, ” Liu Shu, do you know where this door leads?”

Liu Shu shook his head and Zhang Xiaoyu said, ” Hou San will not come today. let’s go find him.”

” Don’t come? Where to find him? ”

” Where can I hide my arms?” Zhang Xiaoyu said and strode into the secret door.

At this point, Yang Ji and Yan Liu were ambushed outside with dozens of puppet troops and Japanese soldiers of the Gendarmerie. They were even more excited when they heard that Hou San still had a hiding place. They saw the two men go far away and followed them.

Behind the door was a long secret road. Zhang Xiaoyu and Liu Shu had nothing to say. A little while later, they came to a huge underground cave. Just north of the cave is a plush chair. There is a person sitting on the plush chair. Although the light is very dark, Liu Shu recognized it at a glance. The person is Hou San. Hou San saw the two men, smiled and said to Liu Shu, ” I said the old stuff. I have recently stopped reading medical books and changed to the art of war? Can the ambush be set up? ”

” So you already know!” Liu Shu the words sound just fell and Yang Ji and Yan Liu surrounded with dozens of Japanese and puppet troops. Yang Ji said angrily to Zhang Xiaoyu, ” are you really with Hou San? What else do you have to say now? ”

Zhang Xiaoyu glanced at yang Ji, sighed and asked, ” do you know why the Japanese wanted to arrest Lord Hou?”

Yang Ji snorted and said, ” Hou San, this bandit has done a lot of evil …”

Zhang Xiaoyu shook his head and said: ” Do you know that three years ago, after being wounded by the Japanese, Lord Hou San defected to General Sun, who fought against Japan and saved the nation in Jehol. It’s a pity that General Sun died in the battle of Maoshan not long ago, and he brought the disabled soldiers here. ”

Yang Ji was skeptical: ” Then why did you mix with him?” As he said this, he looked around and asked, ” What is this place?”

Zhang Xiaoyu said calmly: ” To tell you the truth, now we are standing under the small sunny slope.”

When this was said, all the people present were stunned. Yan looked down on June 4 and asked, ” isn’t there all black gold under the little sunny slope? How can it be such a big cave? ”

Hou San laughed, ” Yan Liu, in fact, there is nothing under this small sunny slope. black gold has always been in tongbao mountain! When Tongbao Mountain was forcibly taken away by you, Grandma Yang’s family had planned the plan for a long time, but she suffered from no help. The plan could not be implemented until Hou San appeared. The Tongbao mountain is high and the black gold is buried deep. For a moment there is no black gold to be dug out. However, the small sunny slope is short, which is just the right place to make a tunnel in the small sunny slope and dig out the black gold from Tongbao mountain. ”

Hearing this, yang Ji looked at Zhang Xiaoyu in surprise: ” didn’t you say that black gold was attracted by merit gongs?”

Zhang Xiaoyu shook his head and said, ” I only asked you to strike the gong to hide your eyes and ears. People believe that when black gold flows to Xiaoyangpo, workers will come to Xiaoyangpo to find jobs, and Japanese mining companies will not be able to recruit workers. ”

Yan Liu took a tumble and said to Zhang Xiaoyu, ” everyone says you can do magic. it was a trick! But how can you, a woman, do things so seamlessly? Do you have any associates? ”

Zhang Xiaoyu smiled contemptuously and said: ” What kind of partner was there? It was just that my wife took care of the affairs of Zhongxing Coal Mine for a while and I learned a little from them.”

When this was said, all the people present were shocked. Who does not know, Zhongxing Coal Mine is one of the largest mines in the country, and the scale of Tongbao Mountain is only a hair of a cow.

Yan Liu muttered incredulously, ” You can just blow it. Who the hell are you?”

Zhang Xiaoyu ignored him and turned to yang Ji and said: ” don’t you always want to know the origin of me and how the old shopkeeper died? Today I will give you a clear explanation. ”

7. That year
Zhang Xiaoyu sat down in a chair and said slowly, ” in fact, I am just a girl combing her hair beside Mrs shou in the big command office. In those days, the Japanese set up their ambush in Huanggutun, and the old commander died of serious injuries. In order to prevent the Japanese from taking advantage of the situation, Mrs. Shou made a decisive decision to keep the whole government secret from mourning. Who knows, the Japanese actually sent the consul’s wife to spy on the old guard’s life and death that day. In order to hide from the Japanese, Mrs. Shou sat down on the dresser specially and asked me to dress her before going out to meet the guests. The Consul’s wife, seeing that Mrs. Shou’s makeup was bright and cheerful, and her heart was uncertain, offered to visit the old guard. Mrs. Shou rejected the old guard on the grounds that he lost too much blood and needed rest. But unexpectedly, just as Mrs. Shou was preparing to see off the guests, the consul’s wife suddenly took out a pair of medicine from her bosom, and it was on this medicine that the matter arose. ”

Yang Ji hurriedly asked, ” medicine, what medicine? What does this have to do with my father’s death? ”

Zhang Xiaoyu went on to say that the medicine brought by the Japanese consul’s wife was very strange and was made by Japan’s national ghost doctor. If taken by people who have lost too much blood, this medicine can immediately stop bleeding and relieve pain, and has the effect of bringing back the dead. However, if the medicine is taken by the uninjured person, it will randomly cross the meridians in the body, causing blood coagulation and death.

The consul’s wife asked the old guard to take the medicine immediately, but the old guard was long gone. Mrs shou could only use all her strength to refuse, but the consul’s wife kept pestering her. Just as Mrs. Shou was at her wits’ end, suddenly there was a scolding voice from the old guard’s room: ” If you don’t get the panacea, it hurts me to death.” Then, a medical officer hurried out of the room and took the medicine. Just now, the voice was almost the same as that of the old guard. Mrs shou herself was surprised. she looked under the door to find out that it was boss Lao yang leaning on the bed.

Hearing this, yang Ji exclaimed, ” my father? Why is my father there? ”

Zhang Xiaoyu said that Chengji Hall was famous in those days. Lao Yang, the shopkeeper, would personally deliver medicine to Da Shuai Fu every time he went to Fengtian to do business. He happened to be present on that day. Coincidentally, Lao Yang’s manned height was seven or eight times similar to Lao Shuai’s. The consul’s wife could not tell from the crack of the door.

The doctor took the medicine to the bed. Lao Yang, the shopkeeper, ate it without blinking an eye. The consul’s wife was really calculating, dragging a cup of tea at the door before leaving. As soon as the consul’s wife left, shopkeeper Lao yang immediately cut off her wrists and bled for emergency treatment, only to find that there was not a trace of blood flowing out, and knew that things were not good …

Hearing this, Liu Shu, who was on the side, cried out with tears streaming down his face, ” old shopkeeper is kind and kind!” Yang Ji could not help but shed tears.

Zhang Xiaoyu glanced at Yang Ji and said, ” It is because the old shopkeeper is kind that I know how to repay kindness and kindness. The old shopkeeper knew there was no hope of survival at that time, and the most worrying thing was your son. Mrs. Shou thanked the old shopkeeper for her kindness and made a matchmaking to betroth me to you. Before I left, my wife accepted me as her adoptive daughter and told me that I must do my best to keep the yang family’s 100-year-old inheritance. I will not do anything wrong to you, but I can’t watch the yang family become my accomplice, so the old shopkeeper died for nothing … ”

Zhang Xiaoyu spoke these words slowly. At the same time, her deep eyes were staring at Yang Ji. Gradually, her eyes were full of tears. Yang Ji was so embarrassed by her stare that she dared not look up.

Yan Liu looked at this and smiled and said, ” The story of the wealthy family is really wonderful. Let’s see. When you and Hou San get on the road, I’ll find an opera singer to write operas for them to sing.”

At this moment, Hou San laughed: ” Yan Liu, don’t rush to do it, we cannot father’s account still has to be calculated.” Yan Liu snorted, ” Yes, you can go out alive today, whatever you want.”

Hou San ignored Yan Liu and said: ” When this small sunny slope was opened, there was such a big natural hole. Although there were no millions of soldiers to hide, it was enough for a hundred and eighty people to eat, drink and scatter.”

” What do you mean?”

Hou San smiled and said, ” you sold out your brother from heishan mountain. now look carefully. do the decorations here look familiar? Is it similar to the Heishan Dingjuyi Hall? ” Yan Liu’s hair stood on end and said, ” Is this …”

Hou San smiled and said, ” It is Lao Zi’s bandits’ lair!” His voice down, immediately rushed out from all sides hundreds of bandits armed with double guns, surrounded Yan 61 pedestrians.

Hou San took a step forward and said, ” here are the old brothers from the black mountain top and the old department of general sun, Yan Liu. all of these people have deep blood feuds with you!”

Yan Liu shivered and scolded: ” so you bandits are all hiding here, no wonder you can disappear!”

” Yes!” At the moment, Zhang Xiaoyu’s expression was as cold as ice. ” In normal days, guns and ammunition are mixed in the medicine of Chengji Hall and transported to the warehouse, and then transported here through secret passages.”

At this time Yan Liu was stunned for a long time. Several puppet troops could see the situation clearly and surrendered their weapons and knelt on the ground. The Japanese soldiers saw someone surrender and said a few words of ” blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah As luck would have it, with the sound of gunfire, I don’t know where there was a gust of evil wind blowing out the lights, followed by gunfire everywhere …

The gun went off that night. As soon as it was lit up the next day, the Japanese soldiers were seen rushing to Xiaoyangpo. All the streets and lanes are talking about: grandma yang jiashao went down to earth as a jade rabbit, attracting heavenly soldiers and heavenly generals. last night, she fought with the Japanese in Xiaoyangpo, rounded up the devils, and then disappeared with the heavenly soldiers …

Curious people went to Chengji Hall to find out, only to find out that Chengji Hall’s boss, Yang Ji, was a little strange: he kept banging on the gong and still mumbled Zhang Xiaoyu’s name …

Before long, Jehol recovered. The National Government punished the traitors. Yang Ji donated money to the Japanese and should have been severely punished, but now he is crazy. No one wants to deal with a madman. After a while, yang Ji’s gong was not heard in the street. some people said he was dead, others said that was the third trick Zhang Xiaoyu taught him before he left-to play the gong and pretend to be mad and escape the law of the land …

Many years have passed, the sea has changed and the situation has changed. It is the year of reform and opening up. On this day, a large pharmacy, also called Chengji Hall, was opened in the bustling area of Chengde. The pharmacy owner is about forty years old and distinguished. On the opening day, many people came to watch the scene of bustle. An elderly man asked, ” Is this the same as the old Chengji Hall? Is the boss still surnamed Yang? ”

On the cane chair at the entrance of the pharmacy, an old lady was lying in the sun. she smiled softly and said, ” the boss is not yang, he is my son, Zhang, Zhang chengan.”