Father is backing me for decades

  On October 1, 1966, I was born in Sutong Village, a market town in Shangshui County. No one expected it. When I was born, I became the father’s “baggage”!

  On the morning of more than 40 years ago, my mother took me to the brigade for a meeting. When I was listening, my mother put me on the floor to sleep. After the meeting, when the mother lifted me up from the ground, I was horrified to find that my legs suddenly became weak and unable to support the body. My mother was so sad that I didn’t know what disease I had. I thought it was the result of God’s work. My mother took me home sadly and told my father about the bad news. Although my parents were very guilty, they decided to cure my illness at all costs. If it is not cured, I will become a burden to my family and not say it.

The key is how to live in the future. When parents can’t take care of me for a lifetime, who will take care of me after my parents return to the West? I grew up as a nephew, growing up is a monk, how to go to school, work, life? How to become a family? Playing a lifetime bachelor is a small matter, even You can’t beg along the street. My father quickly took me to the village doctor for treatment. After three days, it didn’t work. My parents have not closed their eyes for a few days and nights, and decided to seek medical treatment for the “expedition”! So, Grandpa sold the ancestral “Taiping Car” (big wooden car), bronze money and copper cigarette pot; his father sold the newspaper and desk The mother sold the loom and the dowry, and even the golden bracelet that her grandmother gave her was sold…

  From the time I was sensible, my father took me on a long road to seeking medical treatment: from Sutong Village, the hometown of Weihewan in the east of Henan Province, I passed through the clear river and turned over the curved embankment. Back to the village doctors clinics dozens of miles away, back to the county hospitals and regional hospitals … but did not cure my legs. My soft legs are pressed against my father’s heart like two iron bars. His frowning brows are twisted into a cold winter, winter is coming to spring… Year after year has passed.

  My father is carrying me for medical treatment. I am from 2 years old to 6 years old. The disease is the same as when I first got it. The only thing I learned is that my illness is polio. The whole family gritted their teeth and tightened their belts. They sold food and sold firewood every year. When they had money in their hands, they immediately sought medical treatment. On the shoulders of my father’s shoulders, I don’t think it’s clear enough of the meandering rivers and rivers, and I don’t see enough grass on the riverbank to sway with the wind. I don’t see enough golden waves on the banks… I am afraid that my father will finish the road. I am afraid to take a shot at the hospital. My father took me to Zhengzhou, but because of the sick number, I waited for two days and I didn’t hang up. I sat on the side of the road, staring at all kinds of cars, greedily sniffing the smell of gasoline left by the car, which was not enjoyed in the country. In Zhengzhou, my father carried me to several hospitals, each of whom was hospitalized for about a month. During the hospital stay, I saw a lot of evergreen trees in the four seasons. These trees were not in the peasant village at the time. Sitting under these trees and enjoying the cold, there is a kind of scent of the leaves of the trees. I now encounter these trees and still hold my nose…

  The shoulders worn by my father for a few years in the green “definitely” army were all worn out by my chin. In the past few years, my father has gone a long way and how much sweat has flowed. I have not counted it. I have never seen his face on the shoulders of his shoulders. I only look at the scenery. Whenever my father was in a hurry to take off his hat, I saw his head steaming, and there was a sweaty white gas everywhere, a bit like the mother boiled water and opened the lid. Water vapor. At this time, watching my father sweat, I often think of a picture – the poor farmers who were oppressed before the founding of New China were working in the fields, and now I oppress my father. Even in the winter, I was not cold on my father’s back. My father’s back was like a stove, and it was always hot, and I was very warm! I realized when I grew up that my father saw the water on the road. Buying and drinking is for me to warm up.

  In Zhengzhou. The treatment options given by several hospitals are basically the same. I am the only one of the tens of thousands of children treated in several major hospitals who don’t cry. In the operating room facing the disinfectant, facing the slashing scalpel, some children were scared, and some children cried hysterically. Only when I was undergoing surgery, I was still eating candy. When I feel the pain, I will recite the famous words such as “I am not afraid of suffering, I am not afraid of death”, “I am determined, not afraid of sacrifice”. The medical staff is very surprised: the same environment, the same condition, the same surgery, other children are frightened and heartbreaking, although I am a little nervous, but can endure the pain, do not make trouble. They all said that they saw such a strong child for the first time! The mother judged me to be a fool. In the fall of my fifth year of treatment, when I spent my 7th birthday in the ward, my left leg was healed and my right leg was partially restored. I was able to support my body slightly, although it was still weak. However, it is barely able to move on the left leg and the body. When you are walking, the right leg kicks one by one. When you lift your legs, the trajectory that passes over the lower right side of the body is like a semicircle, and the right foot is at the center of the circle, forming a unique circular circle point. When you open your left leg and leave the ground The right leg alone supports the body, the left leg does not fall within 2 seconds, the body will fall because the right leg alone is difficult to support, so when walking, it will pass, and when it is slightly longer, it will fall. I have thrown down countless times, often because the left leg is caught by an obstacle and the right leg is too long. I can walk like this, and I have dispelled a lot of clouds on my parents’ faces. After all, my life can take care of myself! Through the “Long March” of the past few years, my father’s waist is squatting, his back is also rising upwards, and his head is habitually extended. When the empty hand is standing, it is like carrying a heavy object. Maybe it is fate and fate in reading. At the age suitable for admission, I can walk into the classroom and enter the classroom.

  As I grow older, my parents start to worry about my physical strength. A healthy middle school student can help parents do farm work on Sundays and holidays, but I can’t. I heard that the disabled were not allowed to take the university at the time, and even if they were admitted, they would not be admitted. At that time, the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Protection of Disabled Persons had not yet been introduced. For this, my father once again made up his mind to rule my leg.

  I heard that the provincial city pediatrician came to the local health school for a consultation. My father left the farm and took me on the road with a shelf. Although the father’s back did not have me, but the sling of the shelf car made a 2-inch wide purple-red mark on his shoulder. When the left shoulder hurts, he put the sling on the right shoulder. As a result, both shoulders have Red and purple imprints, overlapping red and purple, condensed into old. My father pulled me to the outpatient department of the health school hospital. The specialist asked me to take two walks to observe and found that my right leg was bent backwards when supporting the body. After the expert diagnosed, the bending was considered to be because the knee was “biased” outside when the force was applied. Two wooden clips were made, and the right leg was clamped to prevent the knee from bending outward, and the force was not available for one month. So even though I am 13 years old, I still can’t live without my father’s shoulders.

  This time, most of the patients who are treating leg diseases are from Yudong. They are bigger than me and smaller than me. They are crying and crying when their legs are caught by wooden boards. Only I clench my fists without snoring. There was a fine sweat on my head… Through this treatment, my slender right leg became thicker, and the circle was stronger than before, and the time for the ground was also extended. Although I have three professional university degrees, I have achieved it at home. In the 1985 college entrance examination pre-selection exam, I was brushed down due to physical defects. My father asked the relationship to go to the back door, and asked the grandfather to tell my grandmother. I finally let me participate in the college entrance examination, but I left the regret that the score was on the line and the physical examination did not pass. In the summer of the same year, I returned to my hometown and became a private teacher. My father’s biggest concern is that I can’t ask for a wife. As early as 1983, I asked my relatives and friends to find a match, and I gave me a gift, and then I got married in the same year. After worshipping the heavens and the earth, I entered the cave room and feasted the guests. Regrettably, I did not say a word to her at all, and there is no common language at all. The day before, I had a happy event at home and went to school the next day. When I go home on Sunday, she often goes to her family to go relatives. We become: couples who don’t meet each other. The scorpions laughed at me and often rushed to the “back set.” Later, she heard that I became a private teacher and a child king. I spent the rest of my life studying and writing articles all day long. I decided that I couldn’t make a big climate. I simply stopped coming back and went to the field to find love. A few years ago, I I heard that she has married eight husbands and has been a new wife for half a lifetime.

  I have a nerd, a disabled person and a two-shoulder bachelor, and I have become a special poor family. In order to let me get married as soon as possible, my father once again decided to cure my leg disease and took me to Baoding pediatric hospital for treatment. This time, the treatment of the disease is to wrap the sick leg with hot plaster, to straighten the bent leg straight, to straighten the kick, and then the gypsum is cooled and fixed. In this way, I can’t walk anymore, and I have to lie on my father’s shoulders – going to the toilet, going to the station, getting on the train… when I was treated, I was doing a surgical acupoint embedding, and plastering was used to correct the deformity. I haven’t lost a tear in the case of numbness. The patients were moved by my son. I smiled and said to the patients in Inner Mongolia, Guizhou and Tianjin: “I have suffered many times, my heart has become like cotton wool, and my tears have been drained!” Although I am already an adult, I still have not left my father’s shoulders.

  I will never forget that on the evening of August 20, 1999, after school in the afternoon, I was on my way home. Suddenly I saw the old mother who had been sore and sore, and was running to the village clinic and running. I told my father about my father’s heart attack. I walked back home in three steps and two steps. I saw my father lying on the wooden bed in the hall, his head slightly raised, his shoulders, his back, his right hand in the air, his eyes on the roof. I stood up and watched the three brothers who had just returned home from school listening to their father’s last words: “You must work hard to get into college… After you grow up, you must help your brother to do something because your brother is disabled. I can’t cure his leg. The one I care most about is him… I heard that there is a famous doctor who can cure it. You will accompany your brother in the air and look at the roof with both eyes. I stand and look at me. The three brothers who came home from school were listening to his father’s last words: “You must try to get into college… You must help your brother to do something when you grow up, because your brother is disabled, I can’t cure his legs. I am most concerned about him… I heard that there is a famous doctor who can cure it. You will accompany your brother. After the operation, you carry him…”

  I just walked to my father’s side, my father stopped talking about anything, shrugged and raised his hands and stiffened there… The village doctor rushed to the bedside and turned his father’s eyelids to look at it. Disappointed: “The pupils zoom in, The man has broken his breath and is ready for the future.” I rememberedly when I was young, I heard the mother whispering to my father: “Take this child to the side of the road or in the crop field. Someone picks up his life.” Big, no one picks up and starves to death! You carry him everywhere to see a doctor all year round, dragging your body and running out of money!” My father heard no snoring, and still took me on the road of seeking medical treatment after dawn. . There was no bridge on the Weihe River at that time. My father only took me when he crossed the river. Instead, he picked me up and went to the depths of the water to lift me up – I fear that the cold river water soaked my legs and feet. The patient is most afraid of being affected by the wind. Crossing the river, my father dried the clothes and carried me on the road. I am in a hurry, seek medical insurance, seek medical treatment, bend and bend, and take my father’s heart year after year…

  I fell on my father’s shoulder and fell into tears for the first time in my life.

  The past is like a cigarette, and my father has been dead for 11 years.

  How many people in the world, one person out of the road. I have taught me for 3 years in a row, and Su Hailiang, who has been carrying me for 6 times to participate in the competition, said to me with great enthusiasm: “Jianguang, you have won the championship in the middle school junior high school language competition. You are moved when you take the college entrance examination. The scoring teacher, you also participated in the preparation of the “Chinese language problem 300 questions” and other books, published more than 1,000 articles, won more than 60 awards, won the model of the whole district for two consecutive years! If your father knows these things, it should be full of laughter Jiuquan !”

  I was filled with emotions at the commemoration of the 10th anniversary of my father’s death, co-sponsored by my brothers and sisters. Under the heavens, fatherly love is the most ambitious, most selfless, and most touching. The father’s shoulders are so solid and powerful that he has been backing me for decades, but his old man has never regretted it.

  Father, my dear old father, if there is an afterlife, I will definitely carry you back… Cheng…