Famous anecdotes

Among Peking Opera buffoons, Guan Shengji’s style is relatively high. His performance is unique and is called ” consistent school”. His reading is very special, every sentence is high and low, like a child’s muttering when forced to do something he is unwilling to do. He is a ” cold-faced clown”, so-called ” sullenly funny” in Beijing. He didn’t mean to amuse people. His ” kuang” is subtle, not what Beijingers call ” tickling people” but what Shanghainese call ” hard and funny”. His jokes, after making people roar with laughter, can still be considered and remembered. Someone asked him, ” why are you so funny?” He said, ” I’m not kidding. I’m telling the truth.” ” To tell the truth” is the only way to clown art. To tell the truth and make people laugh is a real clown. The soul of comedy is life and reality.

Not only on stage, but also in life, Guan Shengji is so funny. When he died, he was still amused.

When he died, he was only forty years old, which is too bad.

He died of heart disease and was ill for a long time.

Knowing that his illness had died, his family had prepared for his funeral and bought a ” shroud”-the shroud. He asked his family to dress him one day. All dressed up, he said, ” Bring me a mirror.”

He looked at himself in the mirror: ” well, that’s it!”
One day, he asked his family to hire him a monk and put a flaming mouth in front of him.
He said to his friend, ” alive, listen to Yan kou, who has done this? -No.”

One day, he was very ill and his family was busy, afraid that he would not be able to make it today. He said in a low voice: ” Don’t be busy. I’m not leaving today. It’s raining outside today. I don’t have an umbrella. ”
It is really not easy for a person to maintain a lively sense of humor when he is critically ill and to ” tease” with death. This is a real clown. He will be a clown all his life.

Mr. Jiang (Jiang Miaoxiang) is really gentle and sincere to his family’s happiness.

When his students go to his house, he always stands up, holds the fan in his hands, and bows slightly: ” here you are!” When leaving, be sure to send out the gate.

He never gets angry. Once accompanied Mei Lanfang to sing ” Qi Shuang Hui”, his Zhao Chong. I always feel weak when I wear my boots. ” Well, today is how to make, how always feel a foot higher than the soles of the feet? Is there something wrong with my leg? ” Stretch out your feet to see, two boots thick bottom one is 2 inches thick, one is 2 inches 2. His heel bag is Shen si. He called Shen si to him: ” old four, are we taking the wrong boots today?” Can you guess what Shen Si said? -” You can make do with it!”

Mr. Jiang once met the robber at Beiliu Lane, west of Liulichang, when the enemy and puppet troops were fighting. Mr. Jiang took the ” part” and went home. At that time, singing and playing were held on the same day. When the play is over, the person in charge will divide the share. Mr. Jiang made two ” bags” on this day, Hua Le and Chang ‘an. In winter, he sits in a foreign car with a cotton curtain hanging in front of him. ” Stop, take out all your money!” -he also don’t know who is inside. Mr. Jiang got out of the car unhurriedly and took out a wad of bank notes from his left pocket and another wad from his right pocket. ” This is my part today. This is from Hua Le and this is from Chang ‘an. They are all here. One is quite a few. Please order some. ”

The one who doesn’t know if he has ordered. Probably not.

I also met once in Shanghai. ” Stop, take out the things (things) worth twinkle (money) and things (things) that are worth twinkle (money)!” The public stripped Mr. Jiang of his body and drove off. Mr. Jiang shouted at the back: ” come back, come back! I still have a watch here. Do you want it? ”

After the event, the acquaintance asked Mr. Jiang, ” you are really, he has gone away. why did you call him back? He took everything from you and you asked,’ I have another watch here. do you want it?’ ”

” He is not easy either,” replied the gentleman.