Fallen leaves

  Every October 20th, the frost begins here. In the city, only when the winter comes to Musashino, which is full of arable land and flat cultivated land, can you see a thin, pleasing micro-frost. You are familiar with these things, I really want you to take a look at the frost on this mountain. The mulberry garden here, if you come to the three or four games of frost, then look at it, the mulberry leaves will suddenly shrink into rolls, like burning, and the clods in the fields will quickly open loosely… read this This kind of scene is really a little scary. It is the frost that shows the great power of winter! At that time, you will feel that the snow is feminine, and the thick snow gives a feeling of peace.

  One morning at the end of October, I walked out of my back door and looked at the leaves of persimmons that had been dyed by the rain in late autumn. I was happy to fall to the ground. The leaves of the persimmon tree are rich in flesh and fat. Even if they are beaten by the autumn frost, they are not ruined or distorted. When the pilgrimage rises and the frost is turned into water drops, the leaves can’t stand the weight, and they become brittle and fall off. I stood for a long time and looked at the scenery in front of me. I thought, this night, it will be a rare frost.

  Entering November, the cold suddenly increased. In the morning of the Tianchang Festival, when you look up, the hoarfrost is everywhere, the mulberry garden, the vegetable garden, and the roof of every household, the next color, can not see the margin. The persimmon leaves at the back door suddenly fell, and the roads were buried. There is no trace of wind. The leaf is a piece, two pieces, quietly drifting down. The birds on the roof are screaming, which sounds brighter and more pleasant than usual.

  This hazy weather is filled with gray rain and fog. I really thought of the warm, cold hands in the kitchen, and the toes on the cloth socks felt cold. It seems that the terrible winter is approaching. People living on this mountain, from November to March next year, will spend almost five months of long winter, they have to prepare for the winter.

  The cold north wind has blown up.

  This is mid-November, one morning, I was awakened by the tidal sound of the galloping. It turned out that the wind was whistling at high altitude. Sometimes it gradually subsided, and sometimes it blew, and the windows and doors shook. Especially in the south-facing window, the leaves are smashing the window paper, and the sound is ringing. The thousand Quchuan River waters sound more close to the sound.

  Pushing open the window, the leaves fly into the house. The weather is fine and the white clouds are long. The willows on the bank of the creek behind the house stood up in the violent north wind. In the dry mulberry garden, the yellow leaves that were blown down by the frost swung left and right.

  On this day, I went to school and went back and forth through the road in front of the station and met many pedestrians. The man wears a silk hat or wraps his head in flannel; the woman’s family wears a towel and shrinks both hands in the sleeves. People come to me, runny nose, red eyes, and some tears. Everyone looked pale, only the cheeks, ears and nose were red, and they bowed and bowed, and they shrank. People who follow the wind, like a fly, people who are against the wind, step by step, as if the load is heavy.

  Land, rock, and human skin have become gray in my eyes, and even the sun is grayish. The cold wind rushed in the mountains, the call sign, violent and majestic! All the trees were blown with leaves and roots, and the roots were shaken. That willow tree, bamboo forest, is like a wild grass generally pitching with the wind. The persimmon remaining in the treetops was scraped off. Plum, plum, cherry, scorpion, ginkgo, etc., between the day, the leaves are off, and the fallen leaves are flying along the wind. When the time came, the scenery of the mountains suddenly became desolated and clear.