Dove, for that beautiful love

  First love is as sweet as ice cream

  In the spring of 1919, Princess Charlotte of the royal family of Luxembourg inherited the throne, and she married the prince Felix of the Bourbon family.

  Double happiness, the entire Luxembourg royal family is very lively. In order to meet those guests, the chefs are busy all night long. The 18-year-old boy Leon has been working in the kitchen for four years. At the age of 14, he followed the cook’s relatives from Greece to Luxembourg and later to the palace.

  Leon was busy all these days, his hands were soaking in the water for too long, and almost every finger broke open.

  It was a little idle, and Leon sat at the door and scrubbed the wound with salt water. “It’s too unsanitary, the wound is prone to inflammation.” A faint voice gently drifted into Leon’s ear, and he looked up and saw a girl standing in the sun. The girl sat sat beside him and said, “Is it necessary to scrub with a potion, so it must hurt?” She stared at Leon’s finger and frowned slightly. Just as Leon didn’t know how to answer, a maid ran into it and said, “Princess Bazaar, go, my lady is looking for you!” The girl turned back and rushed? Leon smiled and hurriedly followed the maid. It turns out she is a princess! In the palace, no one has ever cared about him except the relatives who brought him in, not to mention the princess. Her short greetings gave him the illusion of warmth.

  Since then, Leon has learned that the 15-year-old Bazaar is a distant relative of the Bourbon family. Because of helplessness, he was brought over by Prince Felix.

  On one occasion, Leon was busy with his work, and when he turned his head, he suddenly found a head in the kitchen door to explore. When the other party and Leon’s eyes were on, he was happy to wave him. That is the Princess Bazaar. She stuffed Leon with a cloth bag and went away in a panic. Leon opened the cloth bag and there was a healing ointment inside. That night, Leon was lying on the bed, and Bazaar always appeared in his mind because of his distressed frown. The more understanding girl, his heart was warm and sweet.

  A few days later, an earl celebrated his birthday and had a small party in the palace. The ice cream cone at the banquet was just popular at the time. It became the favorite dessert of young princesses and princes. In fact, Bazaar also likes ice cream, but this kind of rarity is not the turn of her. Leon began to try to make ice cream for her.

  That night, Leon sneaked into the kitchen. After a while, an orange-flavored ice cream was made by him. Bazaar tasted the sweet and smooth ice cream, and looked intoxicated, as if in a good memory. Later, she whispered to Leon, her mother was an imaginative woman who liked to give her a variety of flavors of ice cream when she was alive. Leon suddenly realized that there was Bazaar’s memory of his mother in the ice cream. In addition, because the mother is British, Bazaar is also proficient in English, she often teaches Leone simple English, it seems that this can also let her relive the memories of her mother.

  Since then, Leon has often prepared various flavors of ice cream for Bazaar. On a lot of starry nights, they taste delicious ice cream and let the sweetness of love linger in their hearts. However, due to differences in identity and situation, none of them said their love in the heart, but silently buried this feeling in the bottom of their hearts.

  Sad heat is hard to stay in love

  Once, Bazaar said with whimsy: “? Leon, ice cream with chocolate will not be better:” Bazaar’s wish is the driving force of Leon, he has a new goal: chocolate ice cream. How to make chocolate into ice cream and have the best taste makes him very troublesome. Just as he was pondering, a message was blown into the royal palace of Luxembourg like a gale.

  At the beginning of the 20th century, the small Luxembourg had a very low status in Europe. From time to time, some people proposed to abolish the royal privilege. In order to find a backing and an ally, in 1921, Luxembourg and its neighbour Belgium established economic alliances. In order to consolidate the relationship between the two countries, the marriage of the royal family became the best way, and the chosen person was Princess Bazaar. The news blasted the pot in the royal kitchen, and Leon, who was burying his head to make chocolate ice cream, felt his heart twitch violently.

  For three days, Princess Bazaar did not appear at the table. Leon, who is in a hurry, is looking forward to coming soon on Wednesday night, because it is the day they agreed to make chocolate ice cream together. But that night, Basha missed the appointment, until the ice cream in Leon was completely gone, and she did not appear. Leon felt a painful heartbreak.

  Bazaar appeared in Leon’s sight a month later, and that afternoon he accidentally saw Bazaar at the table. She lost a circle and the whole person looked a lot more. Only in the moment when she saw Leon, her eyes burst into two strong lights, which pierced Leon’s heart like a sword. He wanted to rush over and grabbed Bazaar’s hand and asked her, hoping she told herself that everything was fake, she would not marry, because she really loved him. But he is a servant, she is a noble princess, and Leon cannot open her mouth to confirm her love.

  On this day, Leon’s dessert for the princess and the princes is still ice cream. Since the real chocolate ice cream has not been successfully prepared, he is in a hurry to write a few English letters “DOVE” directly on the ice cream of Bazaar. “, is the abbreviation of “DO YOU LOVE ME”. He believes that if Basha has a heart, he will definitely understand his voice. Leon stared nervously at Bazaar, watching the ice cream with the letters turned to her, but until the hot chocolate melted, Bazaar did not look at the letters carefully, she just made a long time Stay, then tears to eat the last ice cream he made for her.

  A few days later, Basha was married. Leon sat on a high hillside and watched the car carrying Bazaar heading into the distance. The ice cream in his hand melted, and the beloved girl went away. He shed tears of sadness.

  Injured feelings on every piece of chocolate

  In the second year of Bazaar’s marriage, Leon left Luxembourg and came to the United States to find a job in a fine dining restaurant. He was hard-working, humbly and honest, and the boss appreciated him and gave him his daughter. A few years later, Leon moved to Chicago with his boss. In Chicago, Leon became a confectioner again. Since Leon could not forget Bazaar, his wife had to divorce him.

  Since then, Leon has been carrying his son alone and running his candy store. One day in 1946, Leon saw his son chasing a car selling ice cream. When he stopped his son, the son told him with disappointment that there was delicious chocolate ice cream on the car. Leon’s closed heart was suddenly knocked open. After Bazaar left, he did not have an ice cream. This time, Leon decided to continue the work that was not done for Bazaar. ?

  After a few months of careful development, an ice cream enriched with cream and wrapped in fragrant chocolate was born with four letters on it. My son asked Nai innocently what the letters “DOVE” mean on ice cream. Leon said softly: This is the name of the ice cream.

  At this time, Leon unexpectedly received a letter from Luxembourg. Leon learned from the letter that Princess Baza had sent people back to the country to inquire about his news, hoping that he could visit her but was told that he was Go to the United States. What happened to Bazaar? Is she okay? Leon’s heart seemed to return to the same year, still so urgent and eager.

  After many hardships, Leon finally came to Belgium. Bazaar is not in the palace, but lives in a dilapidated villa in the suburbs. To meet his servant’s grief, Leon had an ominous premonition. Basha is old, she is lying weakly on the bed, and she has become gray like a clear-eyed eye. Leon plunged at her bed, tears could not help but drip on her pale back. Bazaar reached out and gently stroked Leon’s hair, calling Leon’s name in a voice that was almost faint to inaudible. Then she struggled to tell the whole story.

  When I was in Luxembourg, Basha also deeply loved Leon. She refused to marry with a hunger strike. But after being sent to the outside of the palace for a month, she knew that she could not escape the fate of marriage, let alone Leon. Never said that she loves her, and she has no promise. In those days, a woman who had to break with the whole family had to pay a heavy price, and she had nowhere to go. She can only compromise to fate, but she hopes to return to Luxembourg for an afternoon tea before leaving Luxembourg because she wants to make a final farewell with Leon. She ate the chocolate ice cream he gave her, but did not see the melted letters.

  When I heard this, Leon was crying, and the past misunderstanding finally got the answer. But everything is late. Three days later, Bazaar passed away. Leon listened to the maid and said that since Bazaar was married, she was depressed all the time, causing illness. She sent someone back to find Leon, and learned that he left Luxembourg and had already married in the United States, he could not afford to die.

  Leon is very sad. If the hot chocolate on the ice cream did not disappear, would Bazaa change his mind and elope with him if he understood his mind? He thinks it will be. He began to regret his stupidity and negligence, why write on hot ice with ice cream. If the chocolate is solid, the words won’t melt, and he won’t lose the last chance. Leon decided to make a solid chocolate that would last longer. ?

  After careful preparation, the unique Dove chocolate was finally made. The four letters “DOVE” were firmly engraved on each piece of chocolate. Leon used this to commemorate the love he missed with Basha.