Don’t let the house price kidnap your dreams

  In any case, a person should be established in addition to becoming a family.

  In the Chinese cities under high housing prices, the house and the occupation are a pair of conjoined infants. Dealing with the relationship between the two can make a person safe and stable for a lifetime.

  Regardless of whether you buy or not, you will always have to do a lifetime; no matter what you do, there is always a place to put your bed.

  After all, when people live forever, they will be happy. Being able to realize your dreams should be the most joyful. Whether you are born locally or from another country: whether you are from the city or from the countryside; whether you are at the peak of your career or approaching the peak, the house always lives, but the dream is the foundation that supports our happiness.

  Life planning is greater than financial planning

  Because she didn’t buy a house, Piana easily left Beijing to work in Shanghai, and fortunately got to know her husband. They bought a house together when they bought the house, only bought an affordable house. In seven years, they changed two suites, and the better the day.

  Diana thinks the key is how to look at whether buying a house is overwhelming. “I have friends around me who have always said that house prices are high. I said that I couldn’t afford it in 2003. I still didn’t hold it up in 2008. I bought it with my teeth.” Diana thinks that buying a house is a natural thing. After buying the second suite, she and her husband used to have a loan for two houses. “Although the mortgage once accounted for half of the common income of the two of us, but soon the income of both people has also increased, the burden of mortgage has not affected our lives? Okay,” she said.

  “I think a lot of people exaggerate the role of the house and put personal insecurity on it. There is no confidence in future housing prices, and it is not the same thing to have no confidence in yourself.”

  ”Who knows what will happen in the future? When Beiyuan has 2,400 yuan per square meter, who knows that it will rise to 10,000 yuan in the future? But when you think that Beiyuan sold 1,000 yuan per square meter, others bought it every month. Still 2,800 yuan in loans, are you still laughing at people? Are you stupid? Look at the distance.”

  Diana is most afraid of people who have no plans for their own life and financial management. They don’t know why they want to buy a house. “They said they want to buy a house, but they don’t care about house prices, they don’t read the news, they don’t save money, they don’t communicate with people around them, they know that they complain about high prices,” she said.

  ”Actually, whether you buy a house or not, you don’t need it.” Diana thinks that “need” is based on life planning, at what stage of life, whether it should be settled in this place, or whether it should be shared with someone. To bear the house is a life issue that needs to be considered. As for whether the house will appreciate in the future, where to buy the most cost-effective, these are within the scope of financial planning.

  If life’s planning is exactly the same as financial planning, of course it would be better. However, if there is a contradiction between the two, Diana feels that she still has to take her own life plan first. If people, life ideals can not be achieved, empty housekeeping a house is expected to appreciate, how boring.

  ”I often think that if I bought a house in Beijing early after I graduated, I would not accept the task of sending a new company to Shanghai. I would not meet my favorite person at that company, then I may now I still live alone in a small house in Beijing.” Think about it, the house should only be bought when it is bought.

  Li Yuan’s story of buying a house

  Li Yuan was the editor of a magazine and was only married in September 2009. It was the marriage that made her suddenly entangled in the problem of the house.

  ”In the four years of my love with my boyfriend, I have never wanted to have a house in Beijing so strongly. Soon after work, there is very little savings. The house has no investment meaning for me, just a pile of bricks.” Say. Like most people in the editorial department, Li Yuan didn’t feel anything about the house. It seems that people in this profession are born with such a strong desire for the house. For example, the editor Wang Shujing thinks that people are living things, where do you want to go, why do you let the house limit yourself; even the intern Guo Pengfei feels that buying a house will make him “embarrassed”, not to mention Wang Xiaofeng and Xu Zhiyuan. People, “They are still renting a house.” Li Yuan said.

  Li Yuan rented a one-bedroom, one-bedroom house in Jiuxianqiao a few years ago. It was very comfortable to live in. The landlord was very good. The rent of 1,300 yuan was not raised even during the Olympics. Although the office is in the far northwest fourth ring, more than 20 kilometers away from her home, but because of the media industry, sitting is not an extremely necessary thing, so the distance has become a tolerable thing. Li Yuan did not want to buy a house, but after 2007, the soaring house prices made her completely desperate to buy a house. “But it’s more practical. Living in a rented house, you can still work hard, and people must be content with the music.” Li Yuan had already found a solution, but the problem was – she got a marriage certificate…

  The marriage certificate does not change her life, but it changes the parents’ requirements for her lifestyle.

  ”I don’t have a clear feeling about being married. My parents and relatives are already planning for my life after marriage. Since humans have created marriage, it is for social stability. So they think that family should express a little determination for stability. Come, like a house.” Li Yuan is a Sagittarius woman, that is to say, she can say “buy a house is a fart” after getting up in the morning, but she is also a Chinese-style filial daughter. She understands what parents call “living and living.” “The painstaking heart: “Young people come to Beijing and care about opportunities and dreams, but parents are most concerned about risks. What do children do in the future? What should I do if I am unemployed? What if I am divorced? There are so many problems in the future.” Why are you still wronged to stay in Beijing?”

  What made her most embarrassed was how to convince her mother: “On my wedding day, my mom told me, ‘I don’t have to worry about you starving to death this time, there are people taking care of you.’ According to her thinking, I don’t have a house that will be on the streets. Li Yuan squeezed out a complicated expression and seemed to feel that it was a bit funny and felt helpless.

  Obviously know that you are not particularly need, but still have to buy, let yourself carry the burden that should not be carried. Li Yuan said that this is her biggest trouble. She can solve her own problems, but she can’t change her parents’ minds, and she can’t resolve the contradictions. “If a house can make them feel better, then buy it. The problem that can be solved with matter will not be a big problem,” she said. Li Yuan’s college classmate Xunzi suddenly passed the life of the elderly because of the house: “At the beginning of 2009, when the house price was low, he bought a 120-square-meter house in Tiantongyuan outside the North Fifth Ring. The average house price was less than 9,000. Yuan/square meter, the down payment is only 200,000 yuan, the loan is 30 years, and the monthly repayment is nearly 3,000 yuan. The scorpion gets up at 6 o’clock every day and rushes to the subway to go to work. At 9 o’clock in the evening, he can gather with his wife at home and chat in a hurry. It’s time to sleep. On weekends, we told him to come out to drink. Every time at 10 o’clock in the evening, he was going to go home. Since buying a house, he has no habit of staying up late. I heard that I will be happy at 12 o’clock in the evening. Dishes, he is so proud of this thing…”

  ”When the scorpion is so crazy in the current property market, he can still be willing to be on his own for 30 years. We are less than 30 years old. What makes him have the courage to wear such a long chain for his future 30 years? More exaggerated is that other friends have heard about the price of the house to buy a house, have said that cost-effective, but also let the blind man help to see if there is such a cheap house around the community. No one doubts his practice. In such a noisy market In such a crazy crowd, how can I believe my judgment?” Li Yuan said.

  She also hopes that she can be like a friend who can see her, such as Feng Zai, who works in a newspaper office. She still feels that the house is “indifferent thing” when she is married. There is no house to change jobs at any time, and she does not make money for several months. Repayment can also go abroad. “She even said that she is very happy because of the high price, because it is not memorable. I hope that I can be as free and easy as her.” Li Yuan said, “But I am probably the most hesitant and most entangled among the buyers.” One – in addition to my own desires, I have to satisfy the desires of others.”

  Finally, Li Yuan told a story: She chatted with a driver in her 50s in a taxi a few days ago. The driver told her that when they got married, they didn’t consider the house. They squeezed with their parents. As long as they had a bed, they could get married. “I asked him if he didn’t have a good room at the time or couldn’t afford it now. He thinks it’s still good now, because welfare housing often leads to some people having no room. Although they can’t afford the house now, they give hope and let you I feel that you still have the opportunity to choose. The house in this era can be the destination, the confidence, the gold, the chip, the saw, the hope, the grave. Only these rich meanings are enough to reverse the sentient beings.”

  Some people love to rent a house, some people love to buy a house.

  Whether it is renting a house or buying a house, it is not so happy to mention this matter recently: people who rent a house feel that they are far away from their dreams; people who buy a house feel that they are on the road to dreams, but rely on them. I found that my dreams have changed.

  The person renting a house regrets that there is no money to live in his house and open the door to the toilet. It is uncomfortable to live in a six-bedroom room separated by 100 square meters. It is troublesome for the various noises and water and electricity in the next door. Living in a relatively close to the city center, defending the balance of the account, fighting every day with information on rising house prices; struggling with the cues and condolences of parents and parents, girlfriends or daughter-in-law.

  And buy a house? Selling stocks, taking deposits, plus the pension from my mom and dad, I chose a small apartment that is far away from the city, is located in the urban-rural fringe, and goes to other provinces than to the city; I only eat the company canteen every day or the leftovers of the first night, and I have to take a taxi from my colleague after work. I have quit the meal, the bar, karaoke and travel, and have lived a two-point and one-line retreat.

  Renting a house does not understand buying a house, and buying a house does not understand renting a house. But there is one thing that both people can understand: renters have rents for the next three months, and buyers buy punctual mortgages for the sake of vacation. In the office, they are also learning to converge, and then they are so tired. I dare not easily fire the boss.

  Therefore, they feel that they are far from the life they want.

  People with houses are not free, material restraints separate the freedom of the soul; those who have no room are not safe, and freedom is guaranteed, but it is impossible to say that one day will suddenly change like a sword at the top of the head threatening them.

  People who have a room dream of real life at first, but they slowly discover that their dreams have changed, their dreams should be more virtual and have a larger scope. The people who rented a house dreamed of a rich experience. They slowly discovered that their dreams have changed. The dreams should be more realistic. The realization of dreams should be verified by something that is tangible and tangible.

  People who have a house find that the mortgage is really like a robber, kidnapping the life and dreams of the buyer. If you don’t, it will tear up the ticket. The mortgage is a Shawshank prison. When you are finally finished, you are free. Just like the old man who came out of jail, you want to re-adapt to the world of flowers. However, “At first you hated it, then you got used to it, and eventually you depended on it. “. How will you squander your freedom? Want to regain your dreams? I am afraid that it has disappeared without a trace.

  People who rent a house find that freedom is illusory. Without the pressure of rhythm, there is no motivation to make people feel bad. Although you can easily give up a company and choose another company, moving from one location to another seems to be easier. Deciding your career development, but where is the real place and role? Can’t really invest, and how can you think about it? Although you have mastered everything about luggage and wallet, but in the urban life where everything is consumed, In the long river where everything is farewell, temporary happiness and freedom are too much like writing on the water…

  Whether renting a house or buying a house, the house rushes to run, just as the future runs with the dream.

  There is no house to pursue dreams, and to have a house to talk about dreams. The dream seems to be the first love lover forever, looking behind him, actually in front. The house seems to be the wife of the old man forever. If you look at it, you will leave it to the future to take care of yourself. In fact, it will give support behind you. With this hope, this is the norm.

  I only hope to use the entanglement of identity to eliminate the entanglement, and use the “experience” that people have come to look at to ease the difficulty of making decisions.

  I only hope that the renters will live freely from then on, and the buyers will live a solid life. Everyone can think of it. After all, to stop complaining, to be happy, and to solve problems is the wisdom that supports the realization of dreams.