Cooking is like being a doctor.

Singapore friend He Zhenya has a little wealth and treats people warmly. I stayed at his house when I was traveling in Singapore. The most enviable thing about him is not his money, but that he has a good cook.

He Zhenya’s cook is a Malaysian Cantonese and a single lady. She is tall and has fine features. She is over 30 years old. She can’t easily see any good skills, but she is the kind of person who can cook naturally.

This Liang Mei does not need to do many things like an ordinary servant. Her main job is to do three meals. Where do I live? I got up in the morning on the first day. I had a western breakfast, two poached eggs, two sausages, a cup of coffee, a cup of milk and juice. What is strange is that her method is Chinese-style. The eggs are fried on both sides, with both sides covered with egg white, but transparent as the yolk-this is the Chinese-style ” poached egg”, not the western-style one-while the wurst is made by Liang Mei herself and has a delicious combination of Chinese and western.

While eating breakfast, he zhenya said: ” don’t underestimate this egg. look at this egg. it is almost completely round and the temperature is just right. this is not a technical problem.” Liang Mei is a very strict cook. When she fried eggs, she would eat them if they were a little crooked. She would not serve them on the table. She would fry them until they were perfectly round and flawless. I couldn’t get used to her way at first, but now I admire her attitude for a long time. She is not a cook, she is an artist! ”

Liang Mei is not only this, she often makes a sweet and sour cabbage. If there is no good Zhenjiang vinegar, she refuses to make it. Moreover, most of the leaves of a cabbage are cut and thrown away, leaving only the thick and hard part on the stem, which is cut into squares (each square is as big as two inches square). The fried cabbage is transparent as white jade, crunching in the mouth. It really shows kung fu from ordinary dishes. So it is conceivable that her heart was in making a big dish. Once he zhenya invited a banquet, Liang mei was very busy all day. every dish was so good that people could chew it out.

One of them, barbecued pork, impressed me the most. It was hot when served. Its skin was very crisp and it was chewy, but its inside was very tender. Liang Mei said, ” You have to test whether the masters of Guangdong restaurants are good or not. You don’t have to eat other dishes. Calling a guest to eat barbecued pork can immediately score points. For Cantonese, barbecued pork is the most basic kung fu. ”

Liang Mei comes from the countryside of Malaysia and has little education. When I talked with her, I couldn’t help asking about her cooking. She said she was interested in cooking and thought frying a good egg was also a happy thing.

” How do you do this?”

” I think so. Don’t repeat the same dish for a cooked dish, and cook the same dish again for the second time. I think, how to change some ingredients, or change some methods, can make it taste different from the first time, and want to do it better, then do it well in the end?”

I lived in what house for a week and felt that having a good cook is a quick life. then things in Singapore were forgotten, but Liang mei’s food was the only one that impressed me deeply. I can’t help but think of the former French minister, talleyrand, who was sent to Vienna for a meeting. Louis XVIII asked him what he needed most, and he said, ” Please give me a chef.” Because there is no good cook for the French, diplomacy is out of the question.

Wang Xiaoyu, a former cook of Yuan Zicai’s family, said: ” Being a cook is like being a doctor, so I can treat everything with my heart.” He added: ” if you can be big but not small, you will be angry.” He who can be stingy but not Chinese is weak. Besides, the taste is definitely not between the big and the small, the rich and the poor. A Qin and a Zhen are all very strange. If you can’t, the yellow finch and the catfish will not benefit from three temperatures. ” What a fine theory. celery made by a good cook is definitely better than bear paws made by a bad cook.