China and the world are separated by a sewer

  The four words of the old city transformation have already become familiar.

  The so-called old city transformation is that the original plan is unreasonable. The original building is outdated, the original building is demolished, and the original building is re-planned, designed and constructed. The transformation of the old city has been used as an important driving force to promote GDP growth, and it rarely recognizes its huge consumption and waste of wealth.

  When I left the country, I realized that the old city transformation is unique to China, and there is very little such in the Western world. This issue is very complicated to discuss, so let’s start with the sewer.

  Even if you have never been abroad, you often see such a shot in Western movies: a few people walk side by side in the sewer, whether it is to escape, or to chase, the sewers of people are very impressive. If you look further, those sewers were built more than 100 years ago, even more than 200 years ago. One-time investment will benefit future generations, and the generations will play the role of beautifying the urban environment.

  Look at our sewers again. Do not say that if a pig is unfortunate enough to run into the sewer, the outcome will be very tragic. Needless to say, our sewers are small and the quality of construction is difficult to guarantee. So, three days to dig and repair, clearing the blockage. Every time the sewer is repaired, GDP will grow once, while wealth will be lost in silence. Of course, the efficiency of the city is greatly reduced. Western countries have repaired waterways once and for all. Although they can no longer contribute to GDP growth, they are quietly saving huge amounts of wealth, improving the efficiency of the city and improving people’s quality of life.

  In this way, there is actually a sewer between China and the world.

  A sewer not only reflects the differences in planning and focus, but also reflects the differences in attitudes toward GDP and wealth.

  Walking on the ancient streets of the West, sometimes it feels like walking in a dream. The old city is also a characteristic, rich cultural precipitation and spiritual connotation, so that the old city has awe-inspiring majesty and beauty. Such an old city needs not to transform, or even to protect, but to let it exist naturally, as if it were to treat the sun and the air.

  This is precisely what China lacks.

  For a long time, we have focused on GDP growth and the accumulation of light wealth, focusing on short-term luxury and neglecting long-term planning. Although the old city has been replaced by the new city, people’s sense of belonging is decreasing, because with the disappearance of the old city, the original cultural precipitation no longer exists, and the wealth that has been painstakingly created has also vanished.

  Why can’t we plan our city with a hundred years of vision?

  I have had two big plans in a city that I recently went to. The first leader made an ambitious plan for the development of the Western District. The construction of the Western District was over half, and the leaders were transferred. The new leaders made a big stroke and formulated a more ambitious plan for the development of the Eastern District. As a result, the West End was abandoned and the original investment became a bubble.

  The more busy the day, the more the GDP growth, the faster the GDP growth, and the more the personal wealth of the cadres grows. Get more in one fell swoop. But in such a place, the happiness index of the people is often very low.

  In the West, once the plan is formulated, it has legal effect, and it is not modified by anyone who wants to modify it.

  Therefore, we should also draw on the opinions and suggestions of research institutions and the public in planning, and make a plan with a long-term strategic vision. Once it is passed, it will give its legal effect, and anyone must follow the plan for urban construction. In that case, it will not take long for China’s sewers to be able to walk alongside several people. China can also quietly accumulate wealth and enjoy the soft sunshine of the city.